BusinessWhy You Should Use SSL Certificate for Your WooCommerce Store

Why You Should Use SSL Certificate for Your WooCommerce Store

Right goes the adage, ‘where there are pros, there are cons as well.’ All the simplicity and quick accessibility of WooCommerce will not come at zero price. Due to its ease, it is now a favorite destination for hackers and cybercriminals. In such a case, it is the need of the hour to get yourself an SSL certificate if you wish to steer away from the melodrama of hacking and insecurity. 
The level of security on your online presence speaks a lot about your brand. It is of high pertinence that you learn how to safeguard your site from third party sites and other information leaks. This article will walk you through the nitty-gritty and unveil the best uses of a cheap SSL certificate.

  • What is an SSL Certificate?
  • Improved SEO results and ranking 
  • Adds enhanced credibility to your site 
  • Gives you the authentic stamp 
  • Dive from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Link to major payment gateways

What is an SSL CertificateWhat is an SSL Certificate?

SSL is an abbreviation for secure socket layer. It runs on cryptographic enabled modern technology. Also, it aids in keeping digital communications safer and more secure. This takes place on an HTTPS protocol.
Having an SSL certificate shows that the site runs in a secure and trustworthy environment. Further, all your customer’s payment details and transaction history stays safe with you and cannot be hacked. Let us now see why you must use SSL for your WooCommerce store. 

Improved SEO results and ranking 

When your club in an SSL certificate to your site, your rankings automatically take a notch up. It might not come as a surprise to you, but Google, too, gives greater preference to sites that are SSL certificate enabled.  
Aside from this, the WooCommerce platform is SEO friendly and has plenty of optimizable tools. This includes updating meta descriptions, product pages, URLs, and other page elements as well. Be it whichever genre of website and audience you are catering to, protecting it with a super powerful SSL certificate will instantly help your site rank better than usual. 

Adds enhanced credibility to your site 

For all your online activities, an SSL certificate adds an extra layer of security to your site. Not only that, but it also adds more trust, reliability, and credibility to your site. This, in turn, accelerates the revenue bar. In a way, all the personal data that a user shares will be protected from external sources. 
An SSL certified site shows that the store and the buyers are secured in the virtual podium. Over and above, there are zero risks of any digital theft from the site. Long story short, adding the certificate brings a tremendous amount of credibility to you as a service provider. 

Gives you the authentic stamp 

What sets you apart from the rest of your competition is the kind of customer service you provide. To provide a stellar customer experience, you must know what a customer wants and what they wish to steer away from. Aside from some of the essential factors such as convenience, price, and quality, they delve into the security aspect. 
You will soon see a customer churn away from your site if that customer does not feel secure at your store. Ensure that all the transactions that occur and all a customer’s details stay safe and almost unhackable. Nothing will hurt more than to see a customer of yours choose competition over yours due to security reasons. Therefore, before it is too late, get yourself an SSL certificate right away. 

Dive from HTTP to HTTPS

Without the presence of an HTTPS sign at the beginning of your domain name, a customer might just permanently bid goodbye to you. A site having HTTP in its domain name shows that the site is not secured. And browsing or giving your personal information is a big no. The last ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for security. That ‘S’ signifies to the users that the store is encrypted, and all their details are adequately immune to the unnecessary and unwanted hurdles that come their way. 
Also, who knows, when a customer sees the ‘site not secured’ sign at your site, there is every chance that the customer might never revert. And if they go on by the ‘word of the mouth’ technique, you might end up losing a little more customers than you would have deemed. Therefore, grab one of those SSL certificates and show the users that you can shop your heart out with all. They need to worry about shopping, and you will take care of the rest. Additionally, the extra ‘S’ will help in providing better ranks to your site than usual. If you want to migrate your Website to HTTPS

Link to major payment gateways

One of the best ways to safeguard security is by linking your WooCommerce store to the top payment gateway sites. Once you acquire an SSL certificate, try installing it on your service provider. This way, you will almost seal the chance of having no data loss or theft. Each of your customer’s financial payments and transactions is now encrypted and is immune from any hacks. 
It becomes incredibly easy for cybercriminals and hackers to break into your site if you are not provided with an SSL certificate. This will help them to snatch away all the private details that you have on your card. And in the worst-case scenario, if you are making a mobile payment, the chances are even high. 
Therefore, it is recommended not to go for a payment that takes place over a mobile. At the same time, avoid jumping on the free public Wi-Fi zone as well. The second you see the word ‘free,’ it becomes difficult for you not to use it. But you must know that using free public Wi-Fi adds the chances of getting hacked. And it becomes convenient for hackers to hack into your devices, even without you knowing it. 

That is a Wrap 

In the times when COVID hits you, almost all the retailers are choosing an online presence. An e-commerce store provides you all the hassle-less shopping, which was once a dream to surface reality. As I mentioned, where there are pros, you should be a little more cautious about the con’s aspect. Adding another zone of authenticity and security to your site shows your customers that you are serious about the business. And that all your services are imbued with sincerity and devotion. When a customer sees that, it might be tough for them to churn away from you and pick a competition instead. 
Your website speaks for your online reputation. Providing a site that does not correctly safeguard will cut down on the revenue and the retention quotient. Therefore, the earlier you guarantee yourself with an SSL certificate, you ensure that your customers stay and stick around. Show them all that you have got, and they will revert with some loyalty, and in sooner times, they might convert into brand advocates as well. 

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