10 Must-have tools for web programmers in 2020

The year 2020 needs a new approach to virtually everything that has been done in the normal ways, in previous years. Digital marketing is taking a new turn, so is web programming also.

As a professional web programmer or an aspiring programmer, here are the best tools to use in 2020 to improve efficiency and productivity.

As you may already know, the web development world frequently experiences tech evolutions. You must adapt to the cutting-edge techs of the moment to deliver the best-in-class web programming services to clients. Also, #WebDevTools for front-ends and back-ends designs are included here.

10 Must-have tools for web programmers in 2020

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The website must be no less than amazing, so they can maintain their epic achievements.

For that to happen, they need a strong developing team and not less important, the best tools that can be used in web development.

Here are the 10 must-have tools for web programmers in 2020.

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That explains some of their huge success in the Indian gaming market. Here we are going to look at the tools that were probably employed in the making of their website.

  1. Visual Studio Code (VSC)

The Visual Studio Code Editor lets you write codes at ease. It is handy for coding with various programming languages. VSC is, however, designed to be a source-code editor for popular computer OSes; Windows, Linux, and macOS.  This editor comes with a variety of programmer-friendly features including support for debugging codes, intelligent code completion, as well as embedded Git control and GitHub.

Visual Studio Code is different from Visual Studio, even though both apps are the same developer – Microsoft; Visual Studio Code (VSC) is strictly an editor but with extensive features, while Visual Studio is a full IDE – Integrated Development Environment.

  1. PyCharm

PyCharm is a good tool that must be found in a Python Programmer’s toolkit. It is a complete IDE for python developers to find tons of handy tools to increase productivity and efficiency. This web programming tool is specifically for the Python language; thus, it is best for python programmers and developers. PyCharm is developed by JetBrains. More so, it is free, open-source, and supports HTML, JavaScript, CSS, CoffeeScript, and TypeScript.

  1. AngularJS

This framework is important to web programmers in 2020. Programmers will have more to do in 2020 than just writing and debugging codes all day long. Thus, the AngujarJS framework is a great tool to add to your box. However, this tool is based on JavaScript, and it’s mainly for the front-end development of web apps. AngularJS’s built-in features are pretty handy for a programmer of any level.


Bootstrap will be very much useful to programmers in 2020. The reuseable HTML, CSS, and other codes provided by Bootstrap helps to simply the time and energy required to write new codes from the first line. This is equally a great tool for a full-stack web developer in 2020; Bootstrap’s framework is very easy to manipulate. More so, Bootstrap is arguably the most popular front-end component library for developers and programmers. Being a free and open-source application, you should quickly add this tool to your 2020 web programming kit.

  1. Sublime Text

With Sublime Text editor, writing or editing codes are very much easier. Thanks to the distinctive interface and built-in handy tools for code completion, syntax highlighting, and much more. The Sublime Text editor is the closest alternative to Visual Studio Code, and you may just like ST over VSC.

Well, Sublime may just be the best option for python guys; it features a Python application programming interface, but natively supports many other programming languages. Irrespective of your system, Sublime Text is available across platforms. Sublime Text editor can be used for markup languages. Plus, you can install plugins to get more features.

  1. Code::Blocks

For programmers that work with C, C++, and Fortran, this web programming tool can be very useful in 2020. Code::Blocks is a free IDE designed to solve the demanding needs of C programmers. It comes with support for extensive usage, as well as work across platforms. This open-source IDE supports multiple compilers, including GCC, Clang, and Visual C++. The capabilities of this web programming tools lie solidly on its plugins.

  1. Emacs

Emacs is a great tool for web programmers. Actually, this is like a hub that conceals a couple of text editors arranged according to their extensibility. This tool is described by GNU Emacs as “the extensible, customizable, self-documenting, real-time display editor.” Emacs is a tool that should be missing in your catalog of #WebDevTools for 2020. Features of this app include content-aware editing modes, syntax coloring for different file types, and more programmer-friendly features. This tool can be used to replace any Unix text editor you’ve been using to work.

  1. Stack Overflow

You probably must have been on Stack Overflow as a programmer. However, if you are yet to join the platform, it is important that you do so in 2020. Stack Overflow is a place to meet millions of other programmers, share ideas, as well as get detailed answers to most issues you’ll likely face as a programmer.

This platform is the world’s largest community for developers and programmers of all sorts. For as long as you can write and read codes, Stack Overflow is most apparently a compulsory community you need to join. Definitely, the programmers’ best friend.

  1. Java Development Kit – JDK

The Java Development Kit – JDK is also one of the must-have web programming tools for 2020. This IDE works for everything Java and it comes with a whole lot of built-in tools and features. JDK includes all the tools for Java development or programming; there’s a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) available on this kit, as well as a compiler – javac. Other built-in tools include an archiver (.jar), as well as a documentation generator (JavaDoc).

  1. Brackets

Finally, programmers should consider using Brackets for source-code editing in 2020. This professional editor is programmer-friendly and makes web development easier to achieve. The Brackets editor makes editing HTML and CSS look so easy and simple using visual tools. This web programming tool is written in JS, HTML, and CSS. However, it supports a variety of programming languages.

What more?

These must-have tools for web programmers in 2020 will help to promote productivity and ease of much stress in writing new codes. Also, these apps are open-source and available across all platforms.

Samuel Jim
Samuel Jim

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