10 Teacher Picks for Best Tech Tools

Being a good teacher requires you to be creative enough to make your lessons enjoyable and ensure your students have an enjoyable learning experience. As a teacher, you must have at one point borrowed, begged, or stolen ideas from other teachers or used termpapereasy.com for ideas on your teaching methods. Here are some tools highly recommended without restriction on your student level or your delivery methods in teaching that you should try.

  1. Learning management system

Such a system reduces stress for the teacher, student, or parent. With such a system, you can organize all your materials into a one-stop shop. Such a system is like the Canvas that promotes organization in school.

  1. Slido and Mentimeter

Slido and Mentimeter are most effective in collecting group feedback. Slido is free and easy to use as it allows asking questions. Mentimeter allows data collection based on questions in the form of ranks and scales. 

  1. Gimkit

Such a tool makes it easy for students to learn and review materials. As a teacher, you can create question sets that can be used when the students are competing and, through repetition, grasp content. It has various ways that students can earn points while keeping them engaged. 

  1. Mural

The mural makes collaboration easy for all collaborators in the learning process. The teacher and student can collaborate by organizing and reorganizing virtual sticky notes in real time. It is created in the art that makes it capable of summarizing a discussion or meeting, making it more desirable. 

  1. Screencastify

Screencastify is most valuable in reducing cheating as it is more than just recording answers for the students. The teacher can observe how students work on a problem and explain themselves until they reach their final answer. 

  1. Prezi

Prezi is virtual presentation software that can help you create attractive graphics and engaging presentations. Using Prezi as a teacher helps you capture short explanations, content, or lectures in a visually appealing way that makes the learning experience enjoyable.

  1. Edpuzzle

The Edpuzzle tool makes video clips you can use in class presentations interactive. Students are required to provide responses that can be easily collected and assessed. 

  1. Pear Deck
Pear Deck
Pear Deck

Pear Deck makes learning more interactive and interesting for the teacher and learner. Teachers can easily make classes more interactive and easily collect feedback immediately from students concerning the topic of discussion. 

  1. Flipgrid

The Flipgrid is one of the most praised teaching tools by most teachers. The tool can support peer and teacher feedback effectively, and it is flexible as it allows the submission of digital projects by students. If your student’s prepared short story prompts for high school, this tool is the best solution for that.

  1. Parlay

It is one most effective tools capable of tracking the building process of a dialogue between students and teachers. Students can connect remotely, and discussions can be easily held.  A teacher can determine the frequency of any student’s feedback and, through the record, can go further, undertaking a deeper-level assessment. 


The Corona pandemic and quarantine measures have greatly influenced virtual learning and teaching by professionals globally. In such circumstances, efforts to make learning enjoyable are highly appreciated to make learning effective and efficient.

Daniel Odoh
Daniel Odoh

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