10 Ways to Use Zapier to Automate Your Work


Stop wasting your time performing work that can be done by a machine. Rather than spending your time and effort doing work, a machine can do, why not save them toward the activities that the only man can do. But some individuals are performing productivity-destroying tasks, such as the copy-pasting of details from a single site to another.

Luckily, there is the latest application, which will enable you to automate simple activities. This new app is known as automation software. To use this app, being a tech-savvy person is not necessary. Even though you are a starter and don’t have programming knowledge, you can use this platform with ease and convenience.

Before we provide you with the ten ways to use Zapier to Automate your work, let us know first what an automation software is.

Automation Software – What is it

Numbers of new applications come with enabled integrations. For instance, the messaging application installed on your mobile phone is already integrated with the photo-based applications. But, not all applications have this kind of feature, and if some apps have it, this feature can only be accessed with limitations. The automation application will fill these gaps.

One of the best automation applications you might consider is the Zapier, which sounds happier. Another is IFTTT, but this is only limited to mobile applications and smart home devices. This is the best business tool that works on PCMag. It is also a good tool to be used for the customer support of a company.

After setting up the automation, you might be asking yourself about the things that you can possibly automate. Don’t worry, since we have listed the workplace automation with the help of Zapier. Read on to know further.

Add the Event Attendees to Google Sheet

Add the Event Attendees to Google Sheet
Add the Event Attendees to Google Sheet

Organizing an event requires a team of staff who will keep an eye to the attendees who will join your created event. When it comes to monitoring the attendees, one of the good event management and ticketing applications is the Eventbrite. But there are some organizers who don’t want to give their staff full access to it.

But rather, you might consider using Zapier. This automation application will enable you to add your attendees’ names and other important details into the Google Sheet automatically. That being said, your most trusted and reliable staff can have access to your attendee’s details.

Convert Emails into Trello Task Cards

When your boss asks you to accomplish a task and send it to your Gmail, you might consider making a Zap. With Zapier, it enables you to get information from other email applications and to-do list software. This allows you to automate this information to the applications you frequently utilize.

Time Tracking from Google Calendar into Toggl

Tracking the time used for billing your clients, you can conclude that you are just wasting your time. Through Zapier, you can integrate Toggl or any other time-tracking applications to Google Calendar. Through that, you can easily monitor the time spent on making phone calls and meetings. You can also integrate webhooks with a CDP to visualize all this amazing data.

Reply Automatically to Mentions and Slack Messages

Reply Automatically to Mentions and Slack Messages
Reply Automatically to Mentions and Slack Messages

If you are planning a vacation, you might consider setting up an automatic reply to the emails sent by your clients. Also, you might create a Slack status enabling other people around you to know that you are on vacation. But there are times that these solutions are not enough. If this is the case, you can use Zapier to create an auto-reply in Slack that will send people who messaged you or mentioned you in a particular post.

Ask Clients for Feedbacks

To monitor whether or not your products and services are good, consider asking your customers for feedback. Creating a Zap ensures that your customers will give you their feedback. Zap will fill the gap between the SurveyMonkey and the sales tool you are using.

Follow up an Online Sale

If you are an online seller, confirming that your buyer received the product they ordered is a must. For the past years, this task is being manually performed by the online sellers. Luckily, Zapier is nowhere. You can automate Zapier to different e-commerce platforms, such as 3dcard, Shopify, and many others. You can also connect it to the payment processors, like Stripe and PayPal.

Receive a Message from Someone When they Cancel a Meeting with You

If you are a businessman, you usually have appointments and meetings. That being said, we hope that you have an application that manages these meetings, like Calendly. This app enables your business partners to set meetings with you and even cancel it. With the help of Zapier, you can receive a message telling you that your meeting has been canceled. But this feature is only limited to the UK and US-based phone numbers.

Another good thing about Zapier that benefits online sellers is the ability to advertise new products on Facebook. When you have a news item posted on your online store, Zapier will help you to post your new products on your store’s Facebook page automatically. So, your Facebook subscribers will be updated about the new products you sell.

Streamline Your Requirement Process

You can fill an available work easily. Zapier can help you to integrate your made candidate profile from a Typeform file to Workable. This enables you to sort the potential candidate for that slot.

Assign Tasks to Write an Agenda Prior to Creating Google Calendar Meetings

You don’t want to plan a meeting without creating a list of agenda first. Scheduling an appointment in Google Calendar, one must create an agenda a few days before the meeting. Zapier helps you to assign the writing agenda task to a person you think is capable of accomplishing the task. Aside from that, you can also create a meeting agenda with yourself. On the other hand, if you want to reassign it to other workers, you can do it with ease and convenience.

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