4 Apps to Meet New People in 2021

Friendships are important to our psychological welfare as they bring happiness into our lives more than anything else. Good friends relieve stress and depression, help you reach your goals, improve your mood, boost your self-worth as well as have a huge impact on your mental health. Many people struggle to meet and develop quality connections when maintaining a rich network of friends is key to longer lives. We always tend to become friends with people we cross paths with on a daily basis like schoolmates, workmates, and those we stay close to.

So when making friends look around places you spend most of your time searching for potential friends because the more you see someone the more friendship develops.

We also tend to be attracted to people with similar cultural backgrounds, career paths, hobbies, and age as the basis of our friendships. If you are the kind of person that is finding it difficult to maintain and develop friendships due to your busy schedules at work, you may try to mix pleasure and business, schedule time for your friends, or even have group meetings. 

When you want to meet new people, open yourself to new experiences like connecting with your alumni association, attend gallery openings, book readings, lectures and walk a dog.

However, with the dawn of the internet you do not have to worry about making friends and meeting new people anymore because, with your mobile phone or desktop and a good internet connection, you are good to go. 

This article will help you  get to know some applications that will help you quench your thirst of meeting new  impactful people and developing meaningful friendships this year as discussed below: 


If you like knitting, cooking, and dancing and would like to meet new friends with the same interests as you, then meetup is the perfect place to be. The app allows you to connect with a group of friends that you share the same hobbies and is easy, free, and simple to create. You can either create an account through your Google, Apple, Facebook, or Email accounts.

You can find several meetups happening in your area after logging in and selecting your city and things that interest you. You can also create your own group and host events which you can personalize, share photos and discussions then message everyone in your group to connect them with other people. The application is location-based and is recommended for people looking for clubs or groups where they can become members.

Hey! Vina

The application was founded for women looking for other women they can be friends with, empower each other, and strengthen their personalities and camaraderie. To use the app, you swipe to connect or join groups and communities as well as reading articles or taking quizzes about how to live your best life as an independent woman.

According to Hey! Vina Chief Executive Officer Olivia June, the app aims at building global communities for women who want to inspire and support each other to change the world.

Download this app if you want to meet a new girlfriend and grow together


The app brings together women across fertility and motherhood. If you are a woman that feels isolated and would like to meet other women who understand your struggle, this is the app for you.

Mothers get to ask questions and share their knowledge concerning various issues like postpartum depression, miscarriage, and infertility among others. If you are a mom and currently going through this issue and are looking for a girl’s squad that can understand you, then this is the place to be.

Bumble BFF

If you are searching for platonic but meaningful relationships with others, this is the application you must have. It makes it easy for anyone wanting to build a supportive community around them despite the distance.

On the app, your potential friend matches are based on your activities and interests and once you finish updating your bio, uploading photos, getting your profile verified, and connecting it to your social media accounts, you are good to go in meeting new people. Similar apps including Chatib, Chatiw are popular alternatives to community chat.

In conclusion, friendships take time to form and deepen so you need to nurture that new connection and expand your network. 

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