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4 Things You Want from Your Company’s Email Verification Tool

If you run a company, you should know about the technology that can assist you. You’ll want to market your products and services, and email marketing can help you do that.

You can sign people up for your email marketing list when they buy a product or service. You may also ask them to sign up on your website, and you can incentivize that with a coupon or something else that a potential first-time customer might like.

Once you have that email list, you can send periodic messages informing people about promotions and anything else you feel warrants their attention. You’ll want to get an email verification tool, though. Having one should allow you to streamline the email marketing process and reach more potential customers.

We’ll talk about a few things you’ll want to see from your email verification tool in the following article.

  1. The Right Price

no-code email verification tool can help your company quite a bit. You can use it to see which emails remain valid and which ones you need to purge from the list if the recipient no longer uses them. However, you’ll need to get one of these tools for the right price.

You can shop around and look at different email verification tools since multiple companies make them. You might find one that seems perfect, but it’s out of your price range.

You probably have only so much money you can dedicate to this tool, so if a company wants way more than that, you’ll have no choice but to go with someone else. Maybe you have some flexibility, but a tool that costs quite a bit more than you’ve got to spend won’t do you much good.

  1. Rent or Buy

You might have money set aside for an email verification tool. You will need to decide whether to buy or rent one, though.

You may decide you’d rather pay for this tool and have it from now on. That will cost more than renting it, but you may feel like this option makes more sense.

If you rent the email verification tool, that’s the software-as-a-service model, which some people abbreviate as SaaS. If you go this route, you will have a recurring payment for the service, but you can often rely on the company to take care of any necessary updates that will improve security measures.

You may not want to handle those updates yourself. If so, you’ll likely want to rent this tool instead of buying it.

  1. It Needs to Identify Any Invalid Email Addresses

These tools have a few different uses, but first and foremost, your email verification tool must identify any incorrect or invalid addresses on your list. When you send out your email list, generally, it costs you more the more emails you include. If you are sending emails to incorrect addresses with no recipients on the other end, you are wasting money.

If you can get a tool that purges invalid emails from the list, you can use the money you save for other marketing efforts. You might use it to create and send out more social media content on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or whatever else you use.

You could use that money to rent billboards or produce TV commercials or radio spots. Any time you can save cash you would otherwise use on your email marketing, you can beef up your marketing in other areas and hopefully see better returns on that investment.

  1. It Must Identify Which Emails the Customer Doesn’t Open

Your email verification tool should also tell you how many customers or recipients don’t open your emails. Maybe you’re sending the email to the address that customer uses, but they’re never bothering to open the messages you send them.

Perhaps your emails end up in their spam folder. Maybe they’re ending up on the customer’s white list, but that individual doesn’t take the time to open them.

If your email verification tool can give you that information, you might eventually decide to stop sending that recipient emails. If they never bought anything from you to date, that should make the decision easier. Again, sending emails to someone who never opens them wastes money, and you need to avoid that if you want to get the most back from your marketing dollars.

Once you find an email verification tool that fits all these criteria, you can use it to help your company succeed.

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