5 Great Technology Examples for Your Business

If you’re running a successful business in 2021, you know technology can be your best friend. If you can harness it, it shows both your workers and customers that you’re on the cutting edge. By contrast, if you hide from it, it demonstrates that you’re living in the past. Your would-be employees and clients are likely to seek employment and make purchases elsewhere.

Let’s look at some technology examples that your business can use today. If you’re not utilizing these yet, consider doing so.


Some businesses can’t get along these days without a particular technology, like finding the best DDI solutions vendor and investing in one of their products. However, you can also use certain technologies regardless of what kind of business you run.

You might consider having a contest at work. You will give whoever sells the most products a new fitness wearable like a Fitbit at the month’s end. Each month, you can give away another one.

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That will motivate your workers since Fitbits are very popular these days. They will enjoy learning how to use the ones you give away, and those who didn’t win will work doubly hard next time so they can take home the next one.

These wearables also encourage a healthy lifestyle, and if your workers are healthier, they will not take as many sick days. This way, you’re getting back the money you’re spending.

Cloud Computing Solutions

You may also decide the time has come to look into some of the various cloud computing solutions out there. If you set up cloud computing for your company, you can have a centralized, fully-functional information database system.

Your workers can access it through their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and so forth. If you allow an at-home work model, this is one of the best ways to make sure your employees are staying on-task.

Some companies have not gone to cloud computing yet because it intimidates them. Once you start researching some of the available ones, though, you should quickly realize that they’re much more intuitive and user-friendly than you may have anticipated.

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The Internet of Things, or IoT, is also gaining a lot of steam right now. You can use it to monitor security cameras if you have a central office location and you want another safeguard besides human guards patrolling the property and locking doors.

You might also use it to control smart lights at your business. You can turn the lights on and have the premises waiting for your workers when they show up in the morning.

IoT is an easy way to keep watch over your employees to monitor their productivity and efficiency. You don’t want to intimidate your workers, but it never hurts to let them know you’re watching over them, even if you’re away from the office.

The Wireless Conference Room

Many services also now offer wireless conference rooms. They have risen during the pandemic since many individuals did not want to meet in person.

Wireless meeting solutions can connect your entire team, even if you’re in different countries. You can also bring your clients in on a meeting if you’re talking about their particular project.

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These wireless presentation and meeting tools often come with many features you can have fun learning how to use. It seems very modern talking to various individuals in locations all around the globe at the same time.

Augmented Reality Devices

Your company can also learn how to use augmented reality devices that are on the market now. You might have a product idea, but you can’t describe it to a new investor as well as you can show it to them. You can set up a presentation using an AR headset.

Once the potential investor puts it on, you can guide them through what they’re seeing. They might see and use a new product this way, even if you don’t actually have a prototype for it yet.

It’s easy to get someone excited about something if they can experience it for themselves, even if it’s only a simulation. You’ll need to get someone to design the experience for you, though, unless you happen to have the technical expertise to do so yourself.

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The more new technology becomes available every year, the better position your company will be in to expand into new markets. Don’t shy away from these experiences. Instead, look at them as opportunities that can catapult your company to the next level.


Daniel Odoh
Daniel Odoh
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