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5 Great Tips for Etsy SEO In 2021

With so many sellers and products on Etsy vying to rank on top of the search results pages, it is hard to rank high and improve your visibility on the platform. Put in a lot of hard work to ensure you rank well to increase traffic and grow your sales.

Etsy SEO helps shoppers find items easily by matching their queries to the most suitable products on the site. It also ranks items based on some score features. These scores include quality of the listing, customer experience, relevance, and how recently you posted it, among others.  

The site also customizes the search results to suit the buyer’s preferences using context-specific ranking technology. This technology makes it easy for customers to find the product that interests them.

To help you rank better on Etsy search results, here are some great tips for Etsy SEO to make your work easier.

Great Tips for Etsy SEO In 2021
Great Tips for Etsy SEO In 2021

Your Shop Name Should Reflect Your Products

When customers search for products on Etsy, they first come across your shop name. Thus, an illustrious name is an excellent way to optimize SEO for Etsy sellers. If the name is not in line with what you are selling, a potential buyer may pass your shop for the next. Therefore, choosing a name that reflects what you are selling is necessary.

For example, one Etsy seller has a shop named Glass Art Stories. It shows he sells products of art imprinted on the glass.

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Maximize the opportunity of having an illustrious name to rank well in search, let the name sell your store products.

Although Etsy allows a name of up to 55 characters, consider having a short one. It appears fully on search sites. Etsy enables you to preview how your name looks on search sites such as Google when you are writing it.

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Use Correct Keywords

Using the right keywords, including Etsy SEO, is essential for any SEO efforts. They help you to rank. When a buyer searches for an item on Etsy, its algorithm matches the exact words used in the search to list the products.

Use the keywords in the title, the tags, features, and categories. The more places you use the keyword, the better your ranking. An Etsy seller with keywords in tags, title, and description will rank better than another seller with the same keyword and product but has the keyword in only one place.

How do you find the right keywords? You can choose between doing organic keyword searches or using keyword search tools. Think of what the customer is most likely to type on the engine. Also, compare your keywords to those of your competitors.

Another aspect to consider is to use of long-tail keywords. These keywords have low competition and are more likely to cover a complete search query. Also, avoid using similar keywords for all your products. There is little chance that Etsy will display over one product from your store at once. They do this to give more sellers a chance to rank.

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Finally, write the keyword at the beginning of the title. For example, if the keywords are housewarming gifts, your title can be housewarming gifts customized wall hangings.

Use Correct Keywords
Use Correct Keywords

Quality Product Photography

Photos describe the products better than words. The first thing a potential buyer sees is the images of the product you listed. They decide to click on the product or not based on what they see.

As an online seller, your photos are your best-selling point. Ensure they can attract customers and keep them focused on your product. They should also convince them to buy it.    

As an Etsy seller, you must use eye-catching photographs of your products. According to Etsy, about 90% of buyers make decisions based on the quality of your product photographs. It means that more customers are likely to click on your product if you use compelling photos. More clicks and sales will improve the ranking of the products.

Quality Product Photography
Quality Product Photography

Give Your Customer a Quality Experience

Shops that have adhered to Etsy policies and provide customers with the best shopping experience get a higher ranking on search. They do this to ensure the shop owners give the buyer an unforgettable experience.

Fill out all sections as required to ensure you are in good standing with Etsy. The areas are about page, shipment, returns and exchange, and privacy policy.

Give your customers the best experience in your shop by giving them the best service. Answer all the questions from the customers as soon as possible and react to the negative feedback. These simple procedures help increase your ratings on Etsy and your ranking.

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Promote Your Shop and Products

Advertising your shop on Etsy Ads helps to increase your search reach. You can opt to pay per click to maintain a top search position.

Another way to promote the shop is by linking it to personal websites and social media sites. Sharing the items increases their relevance in SEO.

You can also ask people to review your products or shop. The more positive reviews you get, the higher the chance of ranking high in their search algorithm. Having an affiliate program is another excellent way to promote your shop.

An excellent way to advertise is by word of mouth from previous customers to prospects. How do you achieve this? By having unique and desirable products and by giving your customer the best service.

Promote Your Shop and Products
Promote Your Shop and Products

Take Away

As an Etsy seller, the most important thing to you is visibility and ranking, which increase your chances of selling your products to buyers on the site.

It is paramount to ensure your shop features meet the Etsy SEO requirements. These tips will enable you to meet these requirements. Ensure you optimize your product visibility by using the right keywords in the tags, titles, features, and categories. Also, the name of your shop should reflect what you are selling. Promote your products using Ads on Etsy and other sites, where users can share them. Ensure you use high-quality product photographs. Lastly, ensure you give your customers the best experience.

Your store will be Etsy SEO-ready and potentially grow your sales after you have applied these tips.

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