5 In-Demand Cloud Certifications of 2024

The tech evolution is happening rapidly. Each and every day new and new innovations are born. The tech industry is spending billions of dollars on research and development (R&D). Since the 1950s the idea of cloud computing has been seen and started as a business model by many. The evolution of computing has started from distributed computing to modern cloud platforms. In between them, several other transformations take place like mainframe computing, grid computing, virtualization, web 2.0, and so on.

Cloud refers to the space or the server that can be accessed over the internet by multiple users located at different geolocation. Cloud on the other hand provides not only the place for storing piles of files and information, rather also computing facilities. And here comes the terminology cloud computing.

Cloud computing refers to the delivery of different Internet-based services. They can include tools and applications, such as data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software.

The On-demand services to the people make it more popular day by day. The future of cloud computing is much secure and will evolve swiftly. The domain is very demanding. Upon completion of the cloud course and getting the certification, you will gain value to your profession. Computing skills are highly payable jobs across the globe. Several tech giant companies have established very well on providing necessary cloud services. A large number of roles are associated with cloud computing and their pay scale is varied according to skills level.

If you are planning big this year, then you have landed in the right place. The cloud certification you are aiming for not only provides paper certified also gives you hands-on experience and makes you able to apply those ideas to real-world problems. Below I have shared some of the most demanding cloud certifications that you should look into.

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Tech Giant companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Ali Baba are providing many professional courses and certificate programs, including cloud. You can get enrolled in any of the exams according to your skills and experience. For beginners, the organization has made the selective course content and examination which will further uplift your skills on the next milestones.

Top Demanding Cloud Certifications

The Five In-demand cloud certifications here I have enlisted surely make a difference after pursuing your degree along with a certificate, remember certifications validate your skills.

  • Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals
  • Google Associate Cloud Engineer
  • CompTIA Cloud+
  • Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)
  • ACE- Alibaba Cloud Expert Certification

1. Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals

As the demand for cloud is only rising in these recent years Microsoft has launched its certificate named Azure fundamentals. This certificate program course content covers the basics of Azure. Before taking steps in the cloud you need to understand the fundamental concepts of how the cloud works? How do you get connected to a cloud server? How do system admins, network admins, developers benefit from this service? Including the security aspects.

The fundamental certification has helped massively to the professionals into Azure platforms. For those getting involved in the cloud, this is one of the best certification exams prepared by Microsoft including a free online study guide. Moreover, this option is also for those who are holding any IT roles and willing to expand in Azure. 

Prerequisites to be able to take part in exams are very simple. It requires a basic knowledge of Microsoft Azure, basic cloud concepts, and of course pricing. It will help to understand the concept of virtualization in the cloud. Networking skills are also connected with the cloud giving the networking platform to people so this will enhance the ideas about these areas.

According to Forbes, with this certificate holder, people can earn $126323. With these attractive salary figures, most people are migrating towards the cloud. 

Cost: $99

Exam: AZ-900

Note: The content of the certification was updated on October 25, 2022, by Microsoft.

2. Google Associate Cloud Engineer

Another hit on the list on the network of cloud is Google cloud. Google offers a wide variety of exams depending on what your expertise tells you about. Associate Cloud Engineer with Google includes a different portion of cloud solutions that you will be learning about which includes databases, connecting to cloud solution environments, network virtualization, and many more.

When it comes to Google, everyone wants to prefer moving towards Google Cloud as it provides the most reliable space and services. Security is the number one priority, being Google big size to small-sized companies want to run their business on Google Cloud.

The certification program is beneficial for many IT professionals including programmers, system administrators, and software engineers. Having information about the Google Cloud Platform or deploying any projects and managing those is always a plus point to your certification exam. So what’s your thought regarding this? You can prepare your best at home or online by visiting some of the most popular learning sites Udemy, Coursera, or even ExamPirate.

GCP (Google Cloud Platform) manages on a cert exam the enrollment of people all around the world. An interesting fact is, the hustle and bustle prerequisites that are needed for most of the exams are none but the recommended experience by Google is 6+ months of hands-on experience with Google Cloud. 

Cost: $125

Validation: 2 years from the date of certification.

3. CompTIA Cloud+

CompTIA Cloud+ helps individuals get ready for data center jobs. Cloud experts wanting to expand their skills in the data center need to be certified with CompTIA cloud+. This cloud certification is vendor-neutral i.e. it doesn’t come from other cloud computing providers like Google, Amazon, or any. The merits that you can get from vendor-neutral is that you will have knowledge of all cloud platforms which makes you prepared for applying for jobs on several platforms.

For more information, you can visit the official websites of CompTIA where you will get study course content as well as a training program. This certification is regarded as global certified. For cloud engineers, this will prepare them for a multi-cloud environment.

Cost: $338

Validity: 3 years 

Note: The new exam code for CompTIA cloud+ is CV0-003.

4. Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

CCSP is a globally recognized certification especially on security aspects of the cloud. Cloud security engages to protect the virtualized IP, the valuable data of different companies, the server where cloud services run. Without proper data security in the cloud from this date, the cloud would not have reached this height. 

It was created by ISC² and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) targeting Cloud Computing Security. The certification is designed for the professional IT group having several years of experience. Prerequisites that are necessary in order to sit in the examination include 3 years of experience in information security with a minimum of 5 yrs experience in the industry and 1 year in one or more CCSP domains.

Cost: Exam cost is $549

Validity: 3 years

5. ACE- Alibaba Cloud Expert Certification

Alibaba company is most renowned among many also known as Aliyun. Alibaba cloud computing provides its services to many companies and organizations. It was launched 12 years ago and has the largest cloud company in China. It is made and designed for those candidates having experience in the Alibaba cloud. 

You can select the type of exam type either offline or online. If you want to get prepare for the exam the training course on Alibaba maximizes your ability to crack the exam. For this, you can process further at training number ACT86003 which is 3 days long. Learning about cloud architect, elastic computing, cloud design before certification is having your knife sharp.

Cost: USD $168

Exam Duration: 90 min

Why Cloud Certification?

Why Cloud Certification

The cloud replaces traditional methods of keeping physical infrastructure inside organizations. A large number of small to medium-sized companies are shifting towards the cloud as maintaining everyday infrastructure is costly and hectic. A company like Netflix runs its business operations via the cloud. The tech industry is demanding cloud-certified individuals day by day. Following are the points you need to know why certified cloud experts?

  • Easy job placement
  • Attractive salary 
  • Skilled in various cloud solutions.
  • Job security
  • Fulfilling high demands on cloud 
  • Working with tech giant companies.
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