6 PowerPoint Presentation Solutions to Make Creative Slideshows


A PowerPoint presentation can make or break your presentation and submission to the audience. You need vital skills to make the presentation perfect and ensure these skills match your presentation skills to make your message more elaborate. Deploy creativity to ensure your PowerPoint matches the news you need to communicate. 

Therefore, you need vital strategies and solutions to make your PowerPoint powerful to communicate your message. You should avoid inevitable mistakes that can break your presentation. You can use these tips and guidelines as you anticipate your next PowerPoint presentation. 

Use objects to make your presentation interactive

You can use different objects to make your presentation attractive. The things include charts, images, GIFs, and links. The chart and graphs will be ideal for visual presentation to boost the quality of understanding, engage your audience and show the evidence, especially when presenting issues related to finance, statistics, research, and money. They are good for boosting visual understanding.

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Use objects to make your presentation interactive
Use objects to make your presentation interactive

A link will be ideal when you plan to share the presentation with the audience in softcopy. It can help the audience do further research by clicking on the link. While attaching the links, you need to test them to ensure you avoid mistakes like PowerPoint links not working. Before embedding the links in your presentations and ensure the sites are legit. Do not copy-paste the links; try and embed them using the PowerPoint link. You can also add other animations to help you summarize the key presentation. You can also make the animations the best way to conclude your presentation and remind them of the key points. 

Create a theme

A theme introduces what you want to do; it sets the stage for you to begin your introduction. The theme used for your presentation will depend on different colors, images, and other Microsoft in-built tools. You can also import your themes’ images, colors, and shapes. The theme saves you the burden of having pain and non-colored power points. Ensure the theme and color scheme used are universal throughout the slides you use. Creating a consistent theme will create a uniform presentation for all the slides.

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It will be time-consuming to create every theme for every slide. You can use the master page to set them for your presentation. Finally, ensure the theme matches the topic you are presenting. Let the color scheme match your presentation.

Understand your roles in the presentation

A PowerPoint presentation should not replace you. Your role during the PowerPoint presentation is to explain everything you are discussing in your PowerPoint. You need to strategize to ensure the PowerPoint does not replace you. First, you must ensure you only list the key points in the slides and not long sentences and explanations that will shift the audience’s focus. You need to explain the key attributes. You can use voice notes to guide your presentation instead of filling the slides with unnecessary notes. 

Understand your roles in the presentation

You also need to work on your presentation skills, such as tonal variation and the best body language, to make your presentation more engaging than your slides. You also need to use various strategies to capture the audience’s attention and remain the focal point of the presentation. Avoid other issues, such as making the presentation more colorful.

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Work on your presentation transition

PowerPoints should seamlessly follow each other. They should be based on the presentation order, topic, sib, and themes. The flow should also coincide with your flow. You can set the timer to ensure the presentation flows smoothly. This is necessary for maintaining the time slot for the presentation. 

Set the presentation you need and stick to it throughout the presentation to boost your flow. You can also use a different design to signal the transition to a new slide and topic. Avoid cluttered and hard-to-follow presentations and slides. You must go through PowerPoint to ensure everything is flowing smoothly. 

A message per slide

The process of making a PowerPoint presentation should focus on a critical message per slide. If you have 30 to 35 PowerPoints, ensure every slide focuses on a new story, subtopic, or topic. Therefore, you must balance the message in every slide by listing key points instead of filling the slides with too many sentences. Your story should hardly flow to the following slides.

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There is also a need to address and understand what happens when the story flows to the next slide. You need to have the heading…. Continued… This will enable the audience to follow the presentation without losing focus. Such titles are ideal for the audience to discuss images, statistics, and mathematical calculations. 

Header. Set, window for text. Frame with title and information for presentation. Simple banner template in minimal style. Collection of layouts with an inscription for a website. Vector illustration. Header.
Set, window for text. Frame with title and information for presentation. Simple banner template in minimal style. Collection of layouts with an inscription for a website. Vector illustration. power point presentation titles stock illustrations

You do not need all the slides

Once you have a presentation with a consistent theme, perfect flow, and a perfect message, ensure you can explain the contents in every slide. The general rule is, “When in doubt about it, remove it.” Do not add a slide if it affects your presentation and consistency. Only cover the points you are familiar with and able to explain. Avoid what you cannot explain and ensure everything you add to the PowerPoint makes your speech better. 


The best PowerPoint presentation ensures you have the best slides regarding designs, themes, objects, and other elements. You also need to ensure you are a part of the presentation by working on your presentation skills such as body language, familiarizing yourself with the slide’s contents, and being audible. Ensure your message flows smoothly; perfect flow and one message per slide. 

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