7 practical ways to increase engagement on Instagram

Instagram is the king of content on social media. Millions of creators produce content on the platform. Getting engagement for your content is one of the basic things needed for creators on Instagram. And engaging all of the content you make yields no results. Good engagement levels are considered by many creators to be elusive.

If you manage to get a good engagement you will see more likes on Instagram posts. We want to help you gain engagement and we have found the best ways to do so on Instagram. You should look to gain more Instagram Views from SocialPros.io and use the other methods in this article to get an amazing engagement rate.

  1. Post great quality content

It goes without saying that content is one of the crucial aspects of Instagram. If you want to gain more likes on your Instagram posts, the content has to be of the highest quality. Only the top-level content that you create will be able to help you gain engagement on the platform.

As long as you have good content flowing that your audience enjoys, you have an increased engagement on the platform. The content of your posts along with the quality both have to be attractive. Use only pictures and videos which are of the highest resolution.

  1. Engage with your audience

Having a big audience is something that every creator and brand dream of. A big audience guarantees you better engagement on the platform. This leads to you getting more likes and comments on your posts. To maximize your engagement you have to respond to your audience. You can purchase IG accounts to reach a wider audience. You can buy cheap Instagram accounts for sale available in the social growth service providers. 

They leave comments on your content. You should reply and like these comments. This allows you to develop a relationship with your audience and they feel their voice is heard. Engaging with your fans will encourage them to range with you more.

  1. Use the different video options

There are many types of videos that can be posted on Instagram. As a creator, you should explore all types of videos to generate high engagement levels. Reels are one of the most engaging video types. 

You should look to explore these different types of videos as they allow you to provide content that is different to your audience. This helps you to give them fresh content and get them to engage. Use reels, IGTV videos, and others to gain more likes on Instagram posts.

  1. Buy Instagram followers

You should look to use some of the best sites to buy Instagram followers. With the packages these sites provide, you get to increase your follower count. These followers then engage with your posts and help you have great engagement rates. You should look to buy Instagram auto likes from Viralyft.com which are real. 

Remember to use only the most trustworthy sites to buy Instagram followers to prevent any problems with your Instagram account. Most of the top creators buy Instagram followers to boost their stature and engagement levels.

  1. Use the different tools on Stories

Instagram stories are one of the most feature-ridden tools on the platform. Instagram keeps adding more features to its stories. These stories are great tools to improve your engagement on the platform. 

The features available on stories are great ways to drive more engagement with your audience. Features like the poll, question sticker, and more can be used effectively to improve the rate of engagement you have with your audience. Buy Instagram followers to increase your overall engagement as well.

  1. Use proper hashtags 

Hashtags on your posts are the most fundamental way to gain engagement. The hashtags help you to reach more people than n your post would normally do. To get the most out of a hashtag you will have to find the most suitable one for your content. 

All of your posts should have a mixture of niche-related hashtags and other popular hashtags as well. Using hashtags guarantees improved engagement. You will start to notice more likes on Instagram posts when you find the correct hashtags for your content. 

  1. Use user-generated content

You can ask your audience to post content made by them and tag you in it to get reposted. Reposting content allows you to save some time making content while it helps you to increase your interaction with your audience. 

Seeing user content being posted also encourages other users to do the same which helps to boost engagement and help you gain more likes on Instagram posts. This method is beneficial for both you and the user whose content you repost.


These were just some of the methods you can use to gain more likes on Instagram posts. There are several other methods that you can try along with these to maximize your engagement levels. The methods given above are the most practical ones. These can be used easily and give you top-tier engagement. Without engagement on your posts, you will face a dead end on Instagram. Using these methods will give you the necessary engagement.

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