Age for Legal Gambling Around the World

Gambling laws vary from country to country and it’s important for a player to be aware of these differences when it comes to playing abroad or online. One of the things to be prepared for is the difference in the legal age for gambling. Every country has it, but there’s no universal rule as to when you’re allowed to gamble. 

There’s no unified regulation when it comes to countries that are otherwise connected in their legal practice. For instance, some EU countries don’t allow gambling at all, and the legal age differs between those that do. The best way to go is to inform yourself about the law before you try to play at a foreign casino

The US

The US doesn’t have a federal law when it comes to gambling or the legal gambling age. It ranges from state to state and in some states gambling is illegal altogether, while others such as Nevada or Arizona are known for it. For the most part, the legal age is somewhere between 18 and 21 depending on the state. 

Alabama doesn’t allow minors to go into a casino even if they aren’t placing any bets. Arkansas allows minors to bet on horse races but not in casinos. Arizona doesn’t allow charitable gambling events to accept minors.

The UK

The laws and regulations are more accepting of gambling in the UK, and so is the overall culture. The legal age for gambling is 18 and that’s the case throughout the country.  The exception is made for football pools where the age is lowered to 16.

Otherwise, the rule applies to almost any other form of gambling and includes casinos, race tracks, online gambling, as well as bingo halls.  There are some games at arcades that are exempt from the rule but only if you can’t play them for money. 

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is most well known as a place for high-end gambling in a luxury setting. It matches only Vegas when it comes to its attraction to tourists. The gambling age in Monte Carlo is set at 18 years of age. 

It’s also somewhat unique since it has an entry fee for simply getting into a casino and getting a chance to gamble. It’s an important source of revenue for a small country and it’s set at $10 at the moment. 


Gambling isn’t legal in Japan. There are no legal casinos you can attend and there are fines for organizing or playing in one that’s run off the books. However, there are still such casinos available in shadier parts of Japan’s large cities and no age restrictions apply there. 

A local game called pachinko is rather popular and it can be found everywhere. It and gambling on races are perfectly legal. There’s an age restriction, however, and it’s set at 20 years of age, at the moment. There are fines for those who are younger than that and try to gamble.


Macau is another important location for those who are interested in gambling in Asia. Its complicated legal status allows gambling and the geography of the area allows the Chinese upper class to visit and enjoy the restriction-free experience. There are complex regulations about gambling in Macau since they differ for residents and tourists. 

Locals living in Macau need to be 21 years of age if they want to use the gambling establishments. The tourists that come to Macau to gamble need to be over 18 years old to do so. You’re only allowed to gamble in local currency. 


There are only two casinos in Singapore and they are both oriented toward the elite and high-end players. The gambling age set in this country is 21 and it applies to both locals and the tourists that visit it specifically to gamble. Keep in mind that these casinos are high-end institutions and that they allow a lot of different entertainment options beyond gambling itself. 

You can visit the casinos and their restaurants, spas, and shows regardless of how old you are. Gambling, however, is only allowed in the government-run casinos and at the appropriate age.

South Korea

South Korea is trying to build a casino industry and catch up with other Asian countries that have made the name for themselves in the gambling world. They are doing a great job in regards to this, at least so far. This is very much helped by the tech industry that’s already established in South Korea. 

The legal gambling age is set at 18 years of age. There are other restrictions to gambling as well. It’s only allowed in two major cities – Seoul and Jeju. Thirty casinos operate in the country and they have special permits to do so – those are the only places to gamble. 


The Bahamas are a great tourist attraction due to their beautiful beaches, pristine shoreline, and beautiful views to enjoy. It’s also making its name in the world of gambling with high-end and glitzy casinos that can rival those you can find in the West. 

The law regulates that you need to be 21 years of age to gamble in the Bahamas. However, in reality, it can be done if you’re 18 and the casinos will accept that – no questions asked. Make sure you have an ID proving you’re over 18 and you’ll do fine. Just keep in mind that there’s much more to do in the Bahamas, and don’t spend all your time in the casinos. 

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