Barx Buddy Review: Great Things that Dog Owners and Trainers Should Know

Dogs are adorable, cute, and fun to be with at home or in public places. You can play catch with your pet in the yard or take long walks in the park. (A quality bonding time of master and a loyal pet.) When you think things are going well, an annoying scenario happens. 

Your lovable pup suddenly barks. (There’s nothing more annoying with that.) Wrong. Your dog barks repeatedly, and people are now throwing angry stares. Now, you don’t have a pet whistle with you. (Note: Pet whistles are used many years ago to calm train dogs.) 

Then, you remembered that an ultrasonic device in your bag. Yes, that’s right – Barx Buddy! You turn on the switch, and your dog stopped barking. Wow, the people at the park were surprised! 

But before I talked about Barx Buddy, let’s first know the reasons why dog’s bark. 

Why a Dog Barks? 

Commonly, dogs bark to communicate with their owners. Dogs also bark because they’re greeting you. For example, – you came from work, and your Rottweiler sees you jump out of the car. 

Yes, you know what’s going to happen – the dog would bark at you. Well, barking is sweet and fun to hear. That only shows your pet’s love and affection. (Dogs are excited in seeing their owners, so they bark.) 

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Another reason why a dog barks are because of a distress signal. For instance, dogs become ongoing and excessive when they see an unfamiliar person move in and out of the house. But sometimes, dogs bark for no reason. You can think of this as “the dog is being rowdy.” 

That’s not good. When the dog barks repeatedly, the barking might disturb your neighbors. (It’s not a pleasant scenario when a neighbor bangs at your door and tells you to calm your dog,) 

Don’t worry! Ultrasonic devices such as Barx Buddy is the right solution to stop your dog’s barking. But what do you know about Barx Buddy? 

Let this Barx Buddy Review show you interesting things about the ultrasonic device.

A barking dog
A barking dog

Barx Buddy – It’s Time to Control and Train Your Dog 

Are you familiar with high frequencies? Well, ultrasonic devices such as Barx Buddy has high frequencies or ultrasonic sounds that are only audible to dogs. Think of a pet whistle because an ultrasonic device is similar to that. 

But when it comes to the usefulness, high-frequency devices are more useful than a whistle. Here are the reasons why: 

  • An ultrasonic device draws the attention of dogs to the sound. Pet whistles aren’t that effective in catching a dog’s attention. 
  • Pet whistles don’t always work on dogs, especially on all dog breeds.
  • Ultrasonic gadgets provide more features and functions than a dog whistle. 
  • Pet whistles aren’t efficient to use if you and your dog are taking walks at night. 

One great thing about Barx Buddy is it’s not harmful to your dog’s health. You don’t need to touch or do physical contact with your dog. Barx Buddy device isn’t harmful and non-violent to your four-legged friend. 

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Note: The sound coming from Barx Buddy isn’t overbearing, so it wouldn’t hurt or make a dog crazy. Thus, Barx Buddy is a helpful device a dog owner can use to control and treat your dog’s unruly behavior. 

How Barx Buddy Help Dog Owners Stop Their Barking Dogs? 

Barx Buddy isn’t only your typical ultrasonic device – it goes beyond it. The ultrasonic device is portable, easy to use, and works on all dog breeds. For example, if your Spaniels and Boxers are always barking at night, Barx Buddy is the device that can calm your pets. 

Barx Buddy’s ultrasonic sound (30,000 hertz and more) is only heard by dogs and not by humans. Point the device towards your dog and turn on the switch. Get ready to be amazed by the result!

Barx Buddy users agree that the device goes beyond their expectations. You see, dog whistles aren’t that effective when it comes to dog training. But Barx Buddy is different. 

At one touch of the switch, dog owners can control and train their dog’s behavior. No tricks or rewards for the dog is needed. Switch on the device, and you can control your pets frequent barking habits. Many Barx Buddy users are happy when the result of using the ultrasonic device to their furry friend. 

Wait a minute – that doesn’t end there. 

Rats are pesky household pets that every homeowner wants to get rid of. Do you want a solution to get rid of these pests? Well, Barx Buddy is the solution. Rats don’t like to hear an ultrasonic sound. When you use the ultrasonic device, rats go away! 

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That’s nice! Barx Buddy isn’t only effective in getting rid of barking dogs. You can also drive rodents away from your home using it.

Barx Buddy Highlights and Features 

Ultrasonic Frequency 

Nothing beats the high pitch sound to drive any dog’s attention. The 30,000 hertz is audible to other dog types, so no hassles for any dog owner. 

Efficient Switch Controls 

Like other ultrasonic devices, Barx Buddy has user-friendly controls and features. Even if you’re at home or in the park, you can turn on or off the device. Dog users can also bring Barx Buddy anywhere they want to go (with their dog, of course!) 

Safe for All Dog Breeds 

One of the best qualities of Barx Buddy is it’s an animal-friendly device. Yes! Barx Buddy follows safety rules and guidelines that aren’t harmful to any dog. You’re assured that any lovable pet is in good hands when Barx Buddy takes control. 

What Dog Owners Like: 

  • User-Friendly switches 
  • Works on all dog breeds 
  • Portable 
  • Lightweight 

What Dog Owners Don’t Like: 

  • A little costly 
  • Slow results in some dog types 


Barx Buddy does wonderful things for dog owners and the dogs. One of these is a convenience for the dog owners and even trainers. I’m happy using Barx Buddy and would love to share that experience with you! Come and try the amazing ultrasonic device now! 

Daniel Odoh
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