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Best Data Visualization Examples

Data. Much of it we generate. Although the exact statistics differ, it is expected that in 2020 alone, we produced an astounding 59 zettabytes of data. Data analytics has become such a vital field of knowledge, with much information floating around. As companies, governments, and other organizations progress into the world and innovate and strive to maintain a competitive edge, data analytics is invaluable.

And data visualization is a vital element of this. The graphical representation of data allows us to detect and analyze our discoveries on a high level and express them clearly and briefly. It’s also a little artistic!

The need for Data Visualization software globally and the introduction of robust, self-service analytical technology that puts data in people’s hands are other trends that drive data visualization. According to a new research report, the global software market for business analytics will reach $86.5 billion by 2023. Demand for cloud-based business analytics software has also increased, propelling market expansion. The Data Visualization course is aimed at a wide range of applicants who wish to focus on data science and start their profession as business analysts.

Let’s discover what data visualization is and the best examples to help you grasp how vital data is now. A visual environment represents data that helps individuals use static designs like maps to understand the concept of information.

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What is Data Visualization?

It is the graphical representation to ensure that results and insights are communicated clearly and effectively. In charts and graphs, complex ideas are presented to transmit important, practical information quickly and readily. In particular, when working with substantial sophisticated data sets, data visualization is a vital aspect of data science and analytics. The visualization conveys a story as standalone graphs or combines it in an infographic or dashboard with other graphs, charts, and design components.

Examples of data visualization show adequate image strength and the quality of information to convince people of diverse concepts and reasons, from marketing, commerce, consumer goods to history and sustainability. The better you can communicate your ideas graphically, the more information you may profit from.

Here are some examples that inspire you to visualize interactive and static data.

1. The growth of COVID-19 in the world

The progress of COVID-19 recently was the best illustration of data visualization and massive data application for decision-making. In every country, governments are mobilizing to stop the spread of the virus, which began in China but has now reached the world. The static and dynamic display of these statistics is terrifying.

2. Line charts

These methods of data visualization incorporate the use of time to visualize trends as an independent variable. This graph is widely used to display temperature changes, stock prices, and financial indexes.

3. Bar chart

This strategy includes using bars similar to line charts to compare various categories and parameters across time. However, over time, bar charts imply considerable changes.

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4. Scatter chart

To verify the continuation/repetition of this variable, one must use two or more variables. This chart, for instance, shows patients’ blood pressure conditions.

5. Good government’s interactive bubble chart

For its sake, visualizations must never be interactive. Interactivity can also change the way we view data, however. Gov | DNA is an award-winning interactive web-based tool to study elements that help to achieve effective (and bad) governance across countries worldwide.

When each country is shown as a bubble, you can compare different countries by clicking a button. For example, you may track the worldwide happiness scores of every country against characteristics like job, life expectancy, freedom of the press, and corruption. We highly recommend trying the interactive tool for this to get the whole immersive experience.

6. Languages spoken around the world

This interactive piece of content teaches those who are non-linguists to an astonishing 2,678 languages in the globe, with stories and a lot of information many of us do not know:

  • families of common languages
  • the number of speakers
  • the number of languages exchanged
  • the most spoken languages
  • the number of languages spoken

7. Plastic Profusion

This example for visualizing the data was provided by National Geographic and depicted all plastic waste in the oceans. An average of roughly nine million tons of plastic per year is thrown into the oceans. Some components, including wind and waves, eventually decompose ocean plastic into pieces. The graph indicates the critical nature of some regions of the oceans.

8. World Map of Cell Towers

This fantastic, graceful view of 40 million cell towers is an outstanding panorama. Based on OpenCelliD, the world’s largest open database of cell towers, this interactive map is one of today’s most accurate publicly available data resources for projects involving telecoms.

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9. Covid Vaccination Tracker

This animated Covid vaccine tracker is updated daily to show the percentage of people in the world who receive at least one dose. Data on the vaccination rollout in more than 80 nations and 50 states are displayed in the infographic.

Data from the Our World in Data Project at the University of Oxford are provided in this data visualization. The average COVID vaccination for seven days also is shown in uncluttered, simple graphs. Interactive charts allow you to classify at least one dose per country or income percentage of the population.

10. How To Profit In Space: A Visual Guide

The Wall Street Journal provided this data visualization sample. It identifies the location by use and country of origin of any satellite currently in orbit with a color code. The initiative shows how companies and technology investors are fighting to take advantage of business potential in the field.

Final words

Data visualization is an efficient approach to interpreting massive volumes of data and providing an attractive visual representation of vital information. As machine learning and data science are explosively growing nowadays, the proper presentation of aesthetically pleasant and instructive statistics remains the basis for current visualization processes. Examples of data visualization can help you comprehend how the data is now relevant. It represents data in a visual environment to understand the information notion in persons who utilize static plans such as maps. 

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