The Best Way to Integrate a ‘Chatbot’ with WordPress

Chatbot WordPress is a supportive channel for websites. The motive is to provide much faster support and feedback for the queries the visitor might have. This, in return, can help you with more conversations and happy users. Chatbots WordPress is used for smaller operations. As the name says, when you use Chatbot WordPress, you are not talking to a real person but to a robot.

The artificial intelligence (AI) technologies behind Chatbots WordPress are impressively capable of mimicking human speech and conversations; there’s no actual human on the other hand.

Chatbots WordPress helps answer all the FAQs, but still, they can’t handle all the tasks. So you will still need a support team as a backup to handle some visitor’s requests to manage everything.

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1. WSChat    


WSChat offers an expansion of live visits to WordPress. It stands out among other AIchatbots that can give programmed reactions to clients, connect and send documents, initiate visits, guide clients to assets, respond progressively, record entries, and more. It is completed as an extremely complex site arrangement that uses artificial intelligence, normal language preparation, and computerized display measurements.

WSChat helps coordinate effectively with Google’s Dialog Flow, which works its way to establish and trigger timed reactions to customer questions. In addition, it offers many advanced features like record and sends videos from the widget to attach files and many more. It also helps to view the active visitors of the website and helps to initiate a chat to guide and build them the product or service they need, which you can offer.

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2. Chatfuel  


Chatfuel is created exclusively for Facebook Messenger. This gadget allows you to add your uniquely built chatbot to WordPress, some ticks, and implanted code. It enables the chatbot conversational flow using a series of blocks. It is a platform where you can spend less money and get more leads. It is the best thing, especially for the salesperson, as it is a messenger bot. It can help in the attachment of great leads and immediately engage them by asking a question to qualify the customer. This chatbot plugin can be used free until you have 50 subscribers. As the subscriber increases, you have to upgrade the plug-in to the paid plan.

3. Flow XO   

Flow XO
Flow XO

Flow XO is a powerful automated product that allows you to quickly build a chatbot. It is a little complex builder. It requires some time and effort to build and manage the plugin. However, after setting up the builder and manually adding the code for WordPress, it is worth using. It can engage a wide range of customers across different sites, applications, and social media. Moreover, it is free to start. You can build 5 chatbots and up to 500 messages free; after that, we need to have a paid plan. With the premium plan, you will enable the customized chatbots, and they can also be programmed to remember the previous questions.

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4. is a carefully crafted splash page UI pack and Bootstrap4 based greeting page format. It is a responsive HTML format, focusing on ease, execution, and convenience. It is created in Sass and in a large number of its segments and utilities. It empowers me to set up a conversational site. It gives downloading without an exceptional setup. Use an arrangement of squares and lines within a wireframe. Makes an amazing encounter for clients who know about planning. Here, you modify the chatbot to react to components, such as second visit messages, textual styles, individual fields, etc.

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5. IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant
IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant is the IBM contributed AI chatbot lineup. It is powered by the latest inventions in machine learning. It is an open multi-cloud platform. It builds powerful models from scratch or speeds time to value with pre-built enterprise applications. It is important to plan the use and purpose of this plug-in, as it doesn’t require much time to adapt with the corresponding chatbot. To use this chatbot, it is necessary to create an IBM Cloud Lite account.

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