Blockchain technology opens up new opportunities in the iGaming business

In light of the fact that conventional gaming revenues are static and iGaming revenues are soaring, it is safe to say that demand for online gaming is increasing. One question is: What advantages does blockchain provide for the iGaming industry? Aren’t cryptocurrencies the same thing? Although the term “blockchain” is often used to refer only to digital currencies and cryptocurrency exchanges, the technology is far more than that.

A large part of the rise in popularity may be traced to how quickly digital technology is changing the way people work and play throughout the globe. Gamers of the future are already immersed in the digital world, and iGaming is soon becoming the standard in the gaming business.

Blockchain is now poised to transform iGaming sector by bringing trust, transparency, and security that conventional technology simply cannot match. For both casino owners and players, blockchain-based casinos may help to build more trust and security. Decentralization makes it possible for players to investigate the random number generator (RNG) and return to player (RTP) stored in the chain to verify the fairness of their selected casino.

The first casinos to accept crypto as a payment method 

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, there are many casinos that started to adopt digital currencies. Because the gambling industry is one of the biggest industries around the world, of course, there were some pioneers, which started to embrace crypto as a payment method. Online casino Vera&John has become the first registered and authorized casino to welcome Bitcoin transactions.

The first casinos to accept crypto as a payment method

As soon as the Malta-registered site started accepting deposits from consumers, the money was instantly converted to Euros and deposited into users’ accounts on the site. When we look at the reviews of crypto casinos we can find that there are more than 200 slot games available for customers to choose from on the site.

Bitcoin does not need any changes to the back-end software that operates the games. Coinapult is where Vera&John’s clients send their bitcoins so that they may be converted into Euros and then put back in their accounts.

Apart from Vera&John one of the first casinos which started to provide gamblers with an opportunity to pay with cryptos is Cloudbet. One of the earliest and most well-known Bitcoin casinos, Cloudbet, was founded in 2013. Before Bitstarz, which is widely regarded as the greatest in the cryptocurrency market, it had been a few years since the first Bitcoins were created. This casino solely accepts bitcoins and provides a full-featured online casino and a sports betting platform.

In the early days of the Bitcoin betting industry, it was one of the first online casinos to accept digital currency. Even after all these years, it’s still one of the most popular places to gamble with bitcoin. It is, in reality, the world’s leading bitcoin casino and sports betting platform.

Bitcoin and blockchain technology are integrated into the online casino, allowing players to reap the advantages of these technologies. These include openness, timeliness, cost-effectiveness, and protection. However, Cloudbet does have an average of fewer than 12 hours before initiating a withdrawal, which is the length of time the casino holds onto the cash. This means that as soon as you click “Confirm,” your wins should appear in your Bitcoin wallet.

Bitstarz is another pioneer crypto-adopter in the iGaming industry. Bitcoin casinos, like Bitstarz, have been instrumental in establishing a market for their services. It is now one of the greatest online casino sites, offering up to 3,500 different casino games to its users. Today, BitStarz is one of the most popular bitcoin casino on the web. Thousands of players have been welcomed and some of the finest bonuses in the business have been offered thanks to its well-earned reputation, which has been carefully cultivated over many years.

In addition, the speedy payments are a big plus. As a casino that uses SSL encryption technology to protect the player identity and account data, BitStarz is legitimate and trustworthy in every other way as well. Live chat assistance (chat feature) is also available to answer any questions you may have, assuring outstanding customer care and support.

How is in-game conversion technology solving problems?

Bitcoin and other digital currencies have recently become more popular in the online gaming business. iGaming organizations are increasingly turning to blockchain technology to expand their reach and save expenses. One of the most recent and prominent iGaming developments has been the use of cryptocurrency. In the same way, that game certification inspires consumer trust, blockchain technology can do the same thing. 

Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, employ a decentralized ledger that contains all transactions and is dispersed over a million copies of the database.

First, anybody with network access may verify the transaction; second, the history of bitcoin cannot be falsified, and any effort to manipulate a transaction block would influence all blocks in the network. This has several effects. Transparency and security are highly valued by players.

In developing nations, online casinos that accept fiat currency, as well as cryptocurrencies, are extremely popular. For example, although participants in Asian and African markets used to solely utilize fiat currencies a few years ago, both continents are now experiencing a surge in cryptocurrency usage. It’s also possible that the lack of conversion technology might make it difficult for certain people to participate. As a result of this online casino, companies should offer them alternative ways of payment methods. 

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