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How To Boost Your Data Center Technology Career By Passing Cisco 300-630 Exam?

Cisco’s Application Centric technology for Data Centers was first introduced in 2014 has made a revolutionary impact on enterprises. Companies in various industries have been able to improve their speeds and operational efficiencies by implementing ACI technology.

The Cisco 300-630 is an exam that will prove your ACI implementation skills to the decision-makers of your company. Let’s dive deep into the other specifics of taking the Exam-Labs .

Cisco 300-630 Exam Outline

The Cisco 300-630 is a specialization offered as part of the CCNP Data Center certification. By passing this DCACIA (Data Center Application Centric Infrastructure Advanced) you will earn the Cisco Certified Specialist – ACI Advanced Implementation certification. Cisco 300-410 ENARSI will measure a candidate’s knowledge in some of the following topics:

  • ACI Packet forwarding – 20%
  • Understanding policies and ACI integrations – 25%
  • Implementation of Nexus Multipod – 20% 
  • Traditional Network with ACI – 15%
  • Multisite concepts – 20%
  • Configuration and usage of Cisco UCS – 30%

A more detailed idea of the exam topics you can get from the official exam topics documentation that can be found on official website. The 300-630 test will cost you $300, and you can schedule an in-person or online proctored exam through the Pearson VUE web account.

Who Should Get Certified with Cisco 300-630?

Data Centers are continuously undergoing innovation to accommodate rapid digitalization and increasing demands for security and customer expectations. Therefore, companies are keen on recruiting professionals who are skilled in the implementation of Cisco 300-415 ENSDWI

Successfully passing the 300-630 can be a great asset if you are working in a role such as:

  • Network designer
  • Network administrator
  • Data center engineer
  • Consulting systems engineer
  • Technical solutions architect
  • Server administrators
  • Cisco integrators and partners
  • Project managers

Worldwide Recognized Reputation

Reputation is what differentiates you in the industry from the biggest companies around the world. One such customer story is by one of the biggest construction companies in the world, Skanska.

Skanska adopted Cisco 350-401 ENCOR and was able to achieve lower lead times, consistent security and network policies, and customer-friendly services, among many other benefits. This good name leads to a healthy job market and higher pay for professionals who have proven skills in ACI by passing the 300-630.

Lucrative Salaries

A national average salary of $131,053 per year for Cisco ACI jobs according to ZipRecruiter Statistics. With the right combination of experience and qualifications that you gain after passing the Cisco 300-630 you too can earn a higher salary and reach better positions in your company.

Networking Opportunities

Once you pass the Cisco CCNP Enterprise specialization you become part of the Cisco Certified professional community. This community consists of experts in the field, top executives, and professionals who have similar interests to you. So by engaging in the community you will be able to access better opportunities and make decisions to better your career.


The Cisco CCIE Enterprise is a great specialization because there is great value in the market for professionals that have the capability of implementing ACI technologies within their company. Despite which industry you are involved in, this exam can add an extra set of skills that will make you a more valuable asset to the company. 

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