Can I tell if a slot games title is going to pay?

While playing a slot machine, many players wonder how they can tell if a slot machine is going to pay – click to play now.

The RNG 

There are no guarantees when it comes to slot gaming. The outcome of a slot spin is completely random, there is nothing that players can do to influence its outcome. It is completely random thanks to an ingenious piece of software known as the RNG or random number generator.

This is used in slots both on and offline, it essentially works to ensure that a slot spin is completely random. It helps to create fairness in the game for both the player and the casino. The RNG cannot be manipulated by players, it doesn’t remember the previous spin so there is no pattern that players can follow. Without the RNG, slot gaming would be much more susceptible to cheating. 

What the RTP can tell you 

Although the RNG ensures that players will never fully know if a slot game is going to payout, there are other aspects of the game which can serve as a great indication. One of these features is the RTP. Standing for return to player, this percentage indicates to players how much return they can expect to receive from a slot over a period of time. 

  • Every slot will have an RTP, it always comes in the form of a percentage and it will be found in the paytable of a slot. The paytable contains all the important details of a slot game including special features and how to trigger the bonuses.
  • The average percentage for an RTP is 95% but this number can vary wildly. There are some slot games which offer an RTP as high as 99% whilst there are other games which offer an RTP as low as 90%. Always be sure to double check the RTP of a slot game before you play, it might not be as high as you think it is! 

Other things to lookout for 

The RTP and RNG aren’t the only two features of a slot game which help to indicate when it will payout. There are other features which players need to take into account. 

  1. Volatility – Slot volatility is essentially how much risk is involved in the game. Most slots will have an average amount of volatility but some will offer a varying amount.
  2. Highly volatile slots will provide infrequent payouts to players, there will be long periods without wins however when the win eventually comes it will be a much larger amount. These types of slots are perfect for high rollers.
  3. Low volatility slots offer much more frequent payouts for players but at a much lower amount. These types of slots are ideal for players with a tight budget or those who are trying to build their bankrolls.

Final Thoughts 

Although there is no way to tell exactly when a slot is going to pay, there are several methods which help players to confidently predict when a slot will payout.

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