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Why Cloud Services and Home Working Go Well Together

With the advent of working from home, more and more businesses are turning to Cloud services to be able to support their employees with remote working. Cloud computing and cloud services have been around for many, many years. Despite the huge benefits it brings with it like cost-savings, better efficiency, and a more competitive advantage – many businesses are not yet utilizing cloud services and taking advantage of these benefits. 

If you take a look at the numbers side of things, Dell has noted that companies that implement and invest in big data, mobility, storage, and security are likely to have 53% faster revenue growth compared to those that do not. 

There has been a huge shift towards tech-savvy businesses using cloud services and are running their businesses more efficiently while also being able to serve their customers in a better way. An IT support company called TechQuarters spoke to us about how Cloud services go hand in hand with working from home. TechQuarters is a London-based company that has been working with the Microsoft Cloud for over a decade now – they have a great deal of experience helping their customers utilize cloud services in a range of ways.


Traditionally, the office was the perfect environment to facilitate communication and work between colleagues, departments, and teams. Even with most work these days taking place on individual computers, it’s important to be able to collaborate with others.

When using Cloud services, file sharing and file collaboration are much easier. A team or department can all have access to the same version of a document, stored in the cloud, and they can even all edit and add things to one simultaneously.



Many businesses – particularly SMBs – don’t dedicate enough time or resources to set up sufficient cybersecurity. All businesses need to remember that they are a target for cyberattacks, no matter how small they are. Cloud services can make security much easier, not only to set up but to manage long term.

If you are based in London and looking to boost your cyber security, partnering with an experienced IT services provider that is well versed with Cloud computing would be the easiest way to get your security up to shape.


Following on from security, backup services are a hugely important aspect of business that all organizations should have implemented. There are a lot of situations where backups are necessary. For example, some types of cyber-attacks involve encrypting a business’ data and holding it ransom; if a business has a backup of their data, then this situation can be made much less severe.

Another good example is disaster recovery. There are lots of scenarios where catastrophic infrastructure failures can happen – flooding, earthquakes, or other natural disasters can lead to infrastructure failures, and if a business isn’t prepared for these, they risk losing their company data. Backup services involve saving company data in a Cloud that is far removed from a company’s site.

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