CocoFax – The Best iPhone Fax App 2020

When you think of a fax, the thought of those big fax machines comes to mind immediately. But don’t worry, the time when fax machines were the only fax medium is long gone now. Presently, almost every device around you, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones, acts as a faxing medium and you can send and receive your faxes without any hassle. 
When talking about smartphones, the iPhone is the choice of billions of people worldwide. And most of these people are also fax users. Hence, a compact and decent fax solution was required to send and receive faxes through iPhones. 
You might as well know that iPhones and fax machines cannot work together because of their incompatibility with each other. Hence a third party fax service is required to make the two devices work together. 
There are many apps that work as an online third party fax service for this purpose. They translate the data from one medium to another. In other words, they translate the iPhone compatible data to a fax compatible one and then vice versa. This way the iPhone is able to work just like a fax machine and send faxes.

CocoFax – The Best iPhone Fax App 2020
CocoFax – The Best iPhone Fax App 2020

But except for the fact that there are a number of fax apps out there, you need to use one that is the most reliable and liked by its users. You are lucky enough that you will not have to go through the hassle of searching for the most suitable fax service. 
In this guide, we will be telling you about an online fax app that is the best of all others in its field. All of this is not without any reason. You will be provided complete details about why it is the topper.

Introducing CocoFax – The Best App

CocoFax is one of the top brands in the faxing industry. High-quality fax services are now within your reach. Through CocoFax you can not only fax through iPhone but also through your computers and laptops etc. 
Through its huge user base, CocoFax has become the best iPhone fax app in 2020. Due to the attention that it has received from big bodies like Forbes, New York Times, PCMag, PC World and many more, CocoFax now stands as the first choice of millions of people all around. 

CocoFax Exclusive Features

Although there are various advantages and exclusive features of CocoFax, here we have mentioned only a few prominent ones that make CocoFax stand out among the rest of its kind. 

  • One of the main advantages of this spectacular fax app is that it costs way less than fax machines and all other fax services. On top of that, the first month of faxing through CocoFax is totally free through the 30-day free trial. Yes, a whole month of faxing totally free. 
  • Fax number is an essential part of faxing. Whether you’re faxing through the old fax machines or any online fax app, a fax number is something you must have. This part has also been taken care of by CocoFax, which provides free of cost fax numbers to the users.
  • Customer complaint handling is superb at CocoFax. CocoFax excels in the area of customer care and support. Teams work throughout day and night to entertain the customer questions and queries.
  • Now we know that CocoFax works on a variety of devices and you can choose one of your likings. The thing you don’t know is that there are a number of ways to fax through CocoFax using these devices. CocoFax announced different methods to send a fax so that users get a choice to pick the one that suits them the most. 
  • Also, the safety, security, and reliability provided by CocoFax is second to none. That is why professionals, freelancers, and other officials have made CocoFax their first pick.

The methods to fax through your iPhone using CocoFax are given below

iPhone Fax through Web Browser

The first way to iPhone fax is through your web browser. These are the simple steps
Step 1: Open a web browser from your iPhone and visit the CocoFax official website. You will get an option of 30 day free trial. Pick it and create an account. Here you also get to choose your own free fax number. However, this free fax number is temporary. It becomes permanent once you choose one of the subscription plans.

free trial choose fax number
free trial choose fax number

Step 2: After this, you will be directed to your fax dashboard. Here you will draft your fax by clicking on the ‘New Fax’ button. Fill in all the fields and also give the fax address of the receiver in the ‘To’ field. Attach your fax document and then send it. 
You will be notified by the status of your fax delivery, successful or unsuccessful. Your email address, associated with your CocoFax account, will also receive a notification email.
send fax online with cocofax
send fax online with cocofax

iPhone Fax through Email
iPhone fax is also available through Gmail (or any other email client). Email is most commonly used for official communications. It is a wonder that CocoFax has made fax possible through email. CocoFax email to fax service has some major advantages. The steps to use it are given below. 
Step 1: Faxing through email also requires an account. You need to register yourself in order to fax through email. go to the official CocoFax website and sign up. While signing up, provide the email address which you will be using to fax through your iPhone.
free trial account info
free trial account info

Step 2: Open up your Gmail id from your iPhone. Compose a new email and fill in the details in the pop up composing window. The ‘To’ field will have the fax address of the person receiving your fax. 
Text written in the ‘Subject’ field will appear as a note at the top of your fax document. Your actual fax document will come as an attachment to the email. it can have extensions like pdf, doc, Docx, Xls, xlsx, jpg, and png, etc.
Second-check your fax after writing up all the portions. Press the ‘Send’ button once you have confirmed that everything is in place. A notification email will be sent to you shortly after. 


As you have seen, CocoFax is a high profile brand that provides free fax solutions to fax through your iPhone. There can be no better way to iPhone fax other than CocoFax

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