SoftwareCSPO® certification: Understanding the basics

CSPO® certification: Understanding the basics

The CSPO® or Certified Scrum Product Owner credential from the Scrum Alliance validates your expertise in Scrum. Scrum is an Agile framework that enables collaboration among cross-functional teams to deliver the projects on time with the desired standards. A well-trained product owner is a key member of every high-functioning Agile team who makes critical product decisions.  

Why should you go for a CSPO® certification? 

CSPO® is a globally acclaimed certification. A product owner is a crucial member of an Agile team who is supposed to maximize the business value of the product developed by the Development team. The Agile methodology is gaining popularity as the success rate of this in the software market is growing. There are proven benefits of Agile, leading to more and more companies adopting this framework.

The CSPO® certification helps identify you as a qualified Scrum Product Owner, and you are well-versed with your roles and responsibilities. It will help you stand out among a pool of candidates if you seek a job or switch of a job.

Most of the recruiters shortlist the resume based on the required certifications. Also, a certified product owner earns a better salary than their counterparts. The average salary of a trained Product owner is $101k. As more and more companies like Intel, Dell, IBM, SAP, etc., are adopting Agile, the job growth rate is expected to be 15% in the next three years.  

The CSPO® certification will help you learn how to improve speedily delivery of products, lead the scrum team and maximize the ROI. It helps you to gain Agile expertise and understand the customer needs. The certification gives you hands-on experience in handling the Product Backlog, Development Team, and Clients. Hence, a CSPO® online course is not just helpful for your growth but also for the growth of your organization. 

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What you will learn 

  • You will acquire the skills of the Product Owner and understand Scrum and Scrum methods. 
  • You will learn to make effective and practical plans to ensure timely delivery. 
  • Understanding ways to reduce risks with the help of predictive pre-planning. 
  • You will learn methods to make sure maximum delivery within the fixed budget and time. 
  • You will learn to establish effective and smooth communication between the stakeholders and the Scrum team. 
  • Learn how to improve on the implementation of Scrum functionality like Sprint. 
  • You will learn methods to increase business value and the ROI and learn ways to implement them. 

Who should attend? 

  • Product owners 
  • Project Managers 
  • Developers 
  • Software testers 
  • Software developers 
  • Product managers 
  • Software architects 
  • Team leads 

The CSPO® is the foundation certification, and you can take advanced certifications if you want to progress further. It will help you to expand your career opportunities across all industries adopting Agile practices. The career path of a Scrum Product Owner is: 

  • Business Analyst 
  • Senior Business Analyst 
  • Product Owner 
  • Senior Product Owner 

The different job roles offered to CSPO® certified candidates are as follows: 

  • Agile coach 
  • Product manager 
  • Product owner 
  • Projectmanager 
  • Senior project manager 
  • Technical program manager.
Ifeanyi Okondu
Ifeanyi Okondu
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