Earnviews Easy Guide to Use Instagram Templates For Your Brand

Instagram is a powerful platform with more than 1 billion users worldwide. Although there are different platforms available, Instagram helps to build the online community and promote the business. As far now, Instagram is a well-known platform where you can improve your rankings quickly.

Getting started with Instagram is easy, but getting more likes and followers takes a lot of effort and time. So in today’s digital scenario, it is essential to stay ahead of the competitors to make your brand the best in your niche. Another major thing to notice is that managing an Instagram account is hectic. So to make your jobs more accessible, you can leverage Instagram templates. 

Instagram templates are pre-made post and story layouts customized per the creators’ requirements. With minimum designing skills, it is easy to create seamless Instagram templates that you can use for your stories or posts.

Once you have created templates, you can make minor alterations and use them for other posts. These templates help the audience recognize your brands and make your brand aware among the larger audience group. Furthermore, you can buy instagram story views and amplify your visibility seamlessly to enhance your Instagram strategy. 

The below easy guide will help you learn all about Instagram templates. We hope the below points explain Where and how to get them. Continue reading the article to grasp the actionable inputs for your future Instagram posts. Let’s begin!

Why Do We Need to Use Instagram Templates?

Consistency and continuity are the keys to thriving on Instagram. To manage this situation, you must choose and stick to well-designed templates. The templates should be aesthetic, powerful, and cohesive so that it will be easy to embed your content in the post. Moreover, you can resonate with target audiences. Further, the templates help you to maintain the brand look. Finally, these templates make a way easier for creators to use the same color, palette, layouts, filters, and graphic elements. 

Benefits of Using Instagram Templates

  • It reduces the burden on creators. As they have a set of templates, it is easy to create tons of Instagram posts. 
  • Templates make it easy to include educational or informational content on your Instagram posts. Even you can highlight it and make your audience more engaged. 

Different Kinds of Instagram Templates

Each template differs from one another. It can be used to serve different purposes on Instagram. Some of the standard templates are as follows, 

  1. Panel Template – It is used to promote any events. It increases curiosity about the information. 
  2. Quote Template – Sometimes, brands will post simple motivational quotes to keep up with the Instagram algorithm. It is inspirational and insightful. 
  3. Sales Announcement Templates – Brands most commonly use these. You can use these templates for festival, summer, and winter sales. Isn’t the templates making the app user-friendly?
  4. Quick Tip Template – It is quite a good template where you can instantly drive the audience’s attention. Sharing tips will encourage the audience to follow your account. 
  5. Hiring Templates – It shows the variety of templates that you can showcase a variety of positions that are open in the organization. 

Rather than offering new products, reviews, and podcast templates, creators can utilize them and enrich their post-performance. Many Instagram creators may need to learn how to get these templates. These Instagram templates are free and paid for online platforms and apps. You can install those and shall use them for your brand. With those online tools, you can create your own branded templates. 

Essential Information For Instagram Posts

Posting on Instagram is quite a simple process. Once you open the app and select the camera, you can see various options. Select the post and choose the photos from the gallery that are already saved with the template. Now you can post it. The ideal size and resolution of the Instagram post will differ based on the type like square, portrait, and landscape posts. 

Best Instagram Template Examples

There are proven records of brands being successful by using Instagram templates. Here is the list of best brand template examples, 

  1. Shopify

Shopify is the most popular e-commerce brand. When you open up the Shopify account on Instagram, you can see quotes for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Once the marketers gather the quotes, they must embed them in the pre-designed templates. The creators must set permanent criteria like font, graphic design pattern, and logo. 

  1. Ritual

Ritual is a brand that follows the Instagram trend. It is where the creator will take a tweet and will place it on a template to post. It is more like the cross-promotion of contents. These contents are also getting higher reach on Instagram. On top of that, you can use Earnviews and make your post viral. 

  1. Minaal

It is a travel gear brand that uses the Instagram story template to post user-generated content. The user-generated content is where you post the already written content on the post. So the template must be included for these posts to make them look different from the original ones. 

  1. Dollar’s Shave Club

It is a grooming brand where that shares statistics on the Instagram template. With this template, the brand has created branded content in seconds. The creators of this brand will change the text and background color and post it on Instagram. The audience is eager to notice this brand content. 

Final Thoughts

Instagram templates are an easy and effective way to develop your brand image. On the whole, Instagram templates can be used for both posts and stories. It will effectively cut down the design time and improves the brand strength. You can even try using Earnviews to accelerate your Instagram profile growth. Furthermore, you can curate your Instagram posts with ease. We hope this article solves the problem on the way of posting. We believe the article has covered all the useful points. Thanks for reading the article! If you find the article interesting, then you can leave comments below! 

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