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It is good to design a professional website with impactful images and well-written text content as the brand is projected in a strong way. However, the actual purpose is served when people start visiting it and spending consistent time. Search Engine Optimization techniques have to be enabled so that the website gets a high rank and becomes visible to most people. Having the first-page rank is very important because most visitors do not go beyond it. They type the search phrase and extract information from the first page only.

First page ranks are important for getting SEO results

Consider that you are a user searching for “best wooden drawers” online. The moment you type in the search words, a very long list of website links will be shown to you. However, you would not go beyond the first page as the links listed on it are expected to be most credible. Therefore, once the website has been designed, you need to beef it up with appropriate SEO constituents. There are professional SEO services and important tweaks that can help you in achieving optimum SEO results.

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Here are five of the top ones.

  • Have a dedicated and experienced content team

The present, as well as the future of a website, depends on how good the content is. If you have a look at the SEO policies set by Google, the provision of quality content is very much on the top. This is only possible if you have a dedicated team of an experienced team that offers SEO services and writing working for you. What is the basic feature of well-written content? To start with, it needs to be completely original. This is actually a challenge for most writers. They need to work very hard for producing a lot so unique content on a daily basis. This means that enough time for rewriting is not available.

  • Using a grammar checker and paraphraser

Technology provides solutions for the most complex problems and rewriting is not exceptional. With a quality paraphrasing tool, you can shift all kinds of rewriting tasks. Unlike humans, they do not get exhausted. In addition to that, these tools save precious time. If a writer would take one hour to proofread a 500-word blog, the tool will complete the same task in less than one minute. How does that help in terms of website performance?

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If the writer does not have to rewrite content, he can pay attention to the other core writing activities. One of them is compiling information and putting all the facts in one place. This requires a lot of research work since the writer has to select the best sources and then extract the required material from them. When he has to focus on rewriting as well, this research work is concluded in a hurry. The eventual result is reduced content quality.

  • The page loading speed should always be improved

You cannot expect consumers to be patient and wait for a website to load only because it offers top-notch information. People are not even prepared to spend an extra minute on anything and saving time is a big priority for them. Most websites lose a lot of traffic when their pages take too long to load. What are the common reasons behind this issue? Adding too many images and videos can be a common reason in this case.  

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If your analytics tool shows that the count of users is declining on a particular page. It is a clear indication that there is something lacking and speed can be a prime reason. Slow loading pages are ignored by users and most of them do not make any second attempts to access them.

  • Include header tags of different sizes

A well-written article comprises multiple points. In addition to that, it has headers that show where one point is ending and the other one is starting. The inclusion of headings surely helps in improving the SEO rank of a website.

Quality content pays off only when you have included headings and the presentation is up to the mark. This is because when they are used, more readers develop the interest to go through the content. In addition to that, headings make the content look more interesting. 

It is not necessary that every user may want to read every part of the content. People are selective about things and you need to respect that. If your content has headings, people would be able to pick what they want to read. In other words, they would not have to go through unnecessary content. Headings allow users to filter information according to their requirements.

What if a visitor clicks one of the inks but an error message is displayed? People do not prefer websites that have non-responsive pages. In addition to that, once they figure out that links are working, alternatives are considered. This is where you start facing problems. In addition to that, the situation becomes even worse when website owners do not get to know about broken links in advance. They lose traffic without knowing about the cause. Therefore, perform regular checks to make sure that all links are accessible.

  • The website needs to be mobile responsive

Forget about getting good business if your website is not properly viewable on mobile. These days, having a mobile responsive website is quite important because a big ratio of people use the internet on their phone instead of a desktop or laptop. Thus, they stop browsing it if the view is unclear. Non-responsive websites have a clear view only on a particular screen size. When the resolution changes, a lot of scrolling has to be done to view the website properly. This is why the SEO rank drops.

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