[Flash File] Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 Firmware Download (Stock Rom)

Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 Firmware Download.

You are about to download Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 stock rom.

You can download all Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 Flash File from Blogthetech.

Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 Firmware Information

Rom NameLenovo K6 Note K53A48 Stock Firmware Rom
Based OnLenovo Official Stock OS
Rom OS VersionAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow
Rom TypeOdexed
Software neededQualcomm Flash Image Loader
CompressZip format
DriversQualcomm USB Drivers

Flash Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 Firmware

Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 is a Qualcomm Snapdragon smartphone which means you will need a Qualcomm Flash Image Loader to flash Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 stock rom.

The need for Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 Firmware

It’s always advisable to backup your Firmware after purchasing it. You are definitely going to need your Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 rom file someday. You are going to need it for the following reasons.

  • Downgrade or Upgrade Lenovo K6 Note K53A48.

You can use Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 rom to downgrade your smartphone or upgrade your smartphone. It depends on the release of the firmware or your choice if the option is available.

  • Unbrick Lenovo K6 Note K53A48.

Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 Stock firmware can also be used to unbrick any Lenovo K6 Note K53A48.  Smartphones can be bricked in the process of rooting or flashing a custom firmware or rom or recovery.

  • Unroot Lenovo K6 Note K53A48.

You can also use Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 stock firmware to completely unroot any Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 smartphone. You also can regain your warranty by properly flashing the official Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 stock firmware. It can be done by reverting back to the official stock firmware of Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 if your smartphone has tampered.

  • Fix Issues on Lenovo K6 Note K53A48.

Your Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 might develop issue which might be unknown to it you, if it a software related issue, you can restore and fix it by flashing the stock firmware for Lenovo K6 Note K53A48. Today, we are presenting all the Official Firmware, both Official releases and updates following it. You can download all of Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 roms here. If you experience any problem with any of the files, don’t hesitate to tell us.

Requirements to flash Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 Firmware

  • A working detectable USB Cord.
  • A Windows PC.
  • A Good Battery Backup
  • A Qualcomm Image Loader
  • Qualcomm USB Driver
  • Lenovo_K53a48_S115_Q00380_20161017

Note that flashing a Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 firmware to your phone erases everything in your phone including contents in internal storage. It is always very advisable to backup your contents to an external storage or a PC. If your phone is bricked and can’t be accessed, I guess there is nothing you can do.

Follow this procedure below if you wish to flash Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 Stock Rom.

How to Flash Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 Firmware using Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL).

  • Download and extract Qualcomm Flash Image Loader to your favorite folder.
  • Download Qualcomm USB Driver and install properly. Go to device manager and make sure you see Qualcomm QDLoaderXXXXXX
  • Extract Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 Firmware.
  • Now Open QFIL.exe.
  • Qualcomm Flash Image Loader QFIL Interface
    Qualcomm Flash Image Loader QFIL Interface
  • Click on Browse to locate the extracted Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 flash file.
    Locate File on Qualcomm load Image
    Locate File on Qualcomm load Image
  • Click on Load XML and select rawprogram_unsparse_without_qcn.xml or select the one compatible to your smartphone
    Load XML in Qualcomm Flash Image Loader QFIL
    Load XML in Qualcomm Flash Image Loader QFIL
  • Click on Select Port and select the you saw when you installed Qualcomm USB driver.
    Select Port on QFIL Tool
    Select Port on QFIL Tool
  • You will need to power off your device and connect it to the PC while off.
  • Once the Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 stock firmware is ready, click on Download.
    Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL)
    Click Download Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL)
  • Once you click on download, the flashing process will begin and might take up to 10 minutes to flash your phone.
  • Relax and take a cup of coffee maybe, your phone will auto reboot after the flashing.
  • Setup your phone and enjoy.

Take Note.

Blogthetech will not be responsible for any harm that may come to your phone. Please, make sure you are flashing the right firmare, stock rom, or flash file to Lenovo K6 Note K53A48.

Before flashing firmware or files, YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point Your finger at us, we will laugh at you. [KIDDING.]

If the Smartphone Flash Tool didn’t detect your Lenovo K6 Note K53A48, you might need to press the volume down or up button but do not power your phone.

If you don’t install all the necessary drivers, you might experience issues flashing Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 Firmware.

Because of firmware dumping variations, Firmware file formats may differ. Due to decompressing access, I might not be sure of the file type and because of that, I have provided a different method by which you can flash much firmware of different chips. Kindly indicate if yours is missing.

If the provided Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 stock rom you want to flash is an MTK rom and comes with MTK Flash Files, follow the procedure below to flash MTKsmartphones. MTK flash files come with preloader, boot.img, scatter file and etc.

If your smartphone is a Spreadtrum smartphone, or the flash file is in .PAC format, it means you are going to flash it with Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool. If the firmware is in .CPB format, just follow the procedure below to flash it.

If your smartphone is running Qualcomm chipset or the firmware you downloaded is in .mbn format, then, you should use the procedure below.

How to Know and Flash Any type of SmartphoneNo matter the chipset GET OTHER STOCK FIRMWARE and ROMs FROM HERE

Download  ➬ Qualcomm Flash Image Loader

Download  ➬ Qualcomm USB Driver

Lenovo K6 Note K53A48 Firmware Download
  1. nshah says

    Hi John,
    How are you, still remember me.?

  2. nshah says

    I knew it that I’ll get some infos on my new purchased fone..
    It’s lenovo k6 note k53a48 4gig ram..

    ok 1st things 1st.. lol..!

    Can this method being done to k6 note k53a48 4 gig ram.?
    My original firmware was., I guess it’s s116 android 6.0.1 ROW.
    I changed the boot img to the modified version from xda link.. and successfully flashed the twrp and rooted the phone and everything went smooth, then after awhile of using it, (about a month), my screen got problem where it started to starts blinking and without touching it, numbers and all sorts of things keeps on flashing on its own, right now quarter of the bottom part of it doesn’t work also my home, back & menu buttons doesn’t work at all..!

    1. John Daniel says

      In that situation, maybe you should try flashing the stock firmware to see if it fixes the issue.
      From your info, the rom is the actual rom for your phone.

  3. nshah says

    Anyway, if I use a mouse attached to the phone, all parts of the screen are ok except for the three buttons.
    And while having all these problems, I flashed (upgraded) through twrp to nougat from Link of the same website thinking it would get back to normal.
    lol.. but nope, it didn’t
    My phone is still under warranty as I just bought it 2 and a half months ago.. and was thinking sending it for repair to lenovo service center here.
    My Q is, do you think it can be done using ur method.? and if it can be done, could I just flash it wt Nought official firmware..? since my current os is modified nougat from xda, so, I’m not sure if the boot img is the stock one.. especially when the firmware itself is already rooted.

    To be honest, I would prefer flashing the os that came with the fone, which is S116 ROW, due to problems of Sims not detected and so on.. but till now after digging almost everywhere, I still couldn’t find it the original firmware for my fone..
    Bro, Please give me whatever help, advice and guides like yuo always do., ireally needs it badly..
    I’m stucked here.. Lol.. hahaha..!
    My appreciation in advance
    Thank you.

    1. John Daniel says

      If the Nougat firmware you flash from XDA is rooted, then probably, I guess the stock boot.img is already rooted.
      If you can flash the boot.img from this rom, then you can check further if the problem persists.

  4. nshah says

    Btw Bro.,
    I’m currently on Nougat 7.0, but the problem is I couldn’t find the “Stock Boot Img” for my fone to be flash back and to get rid off the twrp to returned back to “stock recovery..”
    I believed my current os (Nougat 7.0) is official but had been modified., since it have the Superuser (Uninstalled it yesterday through factory reset..) and still retained the twrp as my recovery..
    All i wanted to do is., just to get rid off the., what i believed is a modified boot img and the twrp to send my fone to the service center., or else my warranty would be considered void..huhuhuuu..!

    1. John Daniel says

      When you bought the phone, is it Marshmallow or Nougat firmware?

      1. nshah says

        Hi John,
        Tx a lot.. as usual.. fast reply from you..
        The fone when I bought it, came with Mashamallow 6.0.1

        I bought 2 units, one unit is for my house maid,hers is running very well without any complaint., its not rooted and was auto upgraded through FOTA., then became S123, which is always the upgraded version.

        What I’m afraid of is, if I use different version like the s115, I’ll have problems of sim not detected, wifi, region problem and so on as read in most of the websites..
        Tx again buddy..

        ps: why I’m getting this everytime replying you

        “Error: Cookie support must be enabled to leave comments.”

        1. John Daniel says

          Error: Cookie support must be enabled to leave comments

          .” Hmmm, I have no idea that happens

      2. nshah says

        It was Mashmallow ..
        Anyway, since my current Rom is Official (Nougat 7.0, S128) and since everything is working so well with the phone, can u tell me how do i get rid of the TWRP as my current recovery..
        Thank you.

        1. John Daniel says

          You can try downloading this firmware then, if you can get the recovery image from it, you can flash it through fastboot command or flash it through your current TWRP.
          It will replace the TWRP once you reboot to recovery immediately

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