Free Online Fax Sender: Send Faxes Worldwide Hassle-Free

Do you need to send a fax online? Would like to send that fax for free? We’ve found the perfect free online Fax Sender regardless of where you are in the world, and you won’t even have to register your email.

Free Online Fax Sender - Send Faxes Worldwide Hassle-Free

Faxing in Today’s Business World

Setting up your own fax service requires special equipment and a dedicated phone line. It’s a cumbersome setup, especially for those business owners who work remotely. No one wants to lug around all of their equipment and struggle with ways to hook it up to a cell phone. 

Sending faxes might seem like an outdated mode of doing business, but there’s a reason there are so many new models offering WiFi and cellular connections. Faxes are still crucial to certain industries, like healthcare, financing, and manufacturing.

They’re also integral to doing business with partners in countries like Israel and Japan where hard copy documents are often required in order for transactions to meet regulatory standards. 

Fortunately, technology has kept pace with faxing in many ways. Web- and mobile-based faxing services allow you to send important documents quickly and securely. The real question is, how much will it cost? It can be tough to find a free online faxing service that works for your business. 

Free Online Fax Sender to Over 30 Countries

If you’ve tried to send faxes online in the past, you know many services restrict free usage and delivery outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Users needing to do business internationally might not have access, and those who do might be stuck paying outrageous fees. Even when it is free to send a fax online internationally, there can be ads or watermarks included that render the service useless for business needs. 

We’re excited about a new option that works everywhere in the world. Simply select your country’s dedicated line. If there isn’t one for your area, choose the “International” option instead. You can also send faxes to more than 30 countries. 

Online Fax Sender allows people from every walk of life solutions when they need to send a free fax online. The free faxes available are quality products that won’t interfere with your business. On arrival, your recipient won’t find any watermarks, annoying cover letters or unsightly ads in your paperwork. The only things they’ll see are the documents you’ve sent them.

How many pages can you send a day?

With Online Fax Sender, users can send free faxes up to three pages in length. You’re able to send documents to multiple recipients in a day, up to six pages. This is perfect for most needs, whether you’re sending a copy of a signed contract or a product order. 

When it’s not? Check out the affordable prices for the premium faxing service which includes unlimited faxing to over 70 countries around the world. 

But is this service truly free?

We know that some free fax applications request credit card information in the off-chance you’ll select a paid feature. It’s hard to trust they won’t misuse your payment details. You’re better off using Online Fax Sender that only asks for your credit card information when you’re ready to upgrade. 

The service is free in more ways than one. While some fax applications will ask you for in-depth customer information in exchange for free access, Online Fax Sender doesn’t even require a verified email address for you to start sending documents. 

Premium Faxing – Pay As You Go

The creators of Online Fax Sender really went out of their way to make premium paid features as affordable as possible. Where other services offer a selection of faxing packages, often including options you don’t need or want, here you can pay as you go. The per-page fee currently starts at $0.10 to send faxes online to many common destinations. 

What’s more, this service is GUARANTEED. 

You receive real-time progress updates of your fax. The system notifies you by email as soon as your transmission is complete. 

Failure can occur with any fax machine or fax service. Sometimes the receiving line is busy or offline. Phone lines can also suffer from temporary disruptions. These hiccups can be frustrating, but when you use Online Fax Sender, you won’t have to pay for them. The service will refund all your fees for failed transmissions. 

How does this compare to the last in-shop experience you had sending a fax? Did the business confirm your delivery? Did they offer a refund if there were problems? Were you able to get affordable service to destinations all over the world? 

It’s Never Been Easier to Send a Fax Online

Historically, fax machines haven’t been easy to use. More ornery than copiers and printers, and just as likely to have issues with ink, fax machines can be a stressor. 

Taking your documents to a local shop for faxing reduces headaches and expenses, but it introduces new risks. The vital information you’re dealing with is accessible by a third-party. Quality is in someone else’s hands. Mobile- and web-based fax applications address some of those problems, but many of those products are still complicated for users. 

Online Fax Sender presents you with a simple option that is easy-to-use whether you’re on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. It’s a superior product for when you need to send a fax online, whether you’re comparing functionality, cost, or user experience.

Stop wasting time and frustration on faxing alternatives. If you’re a serious business owner looking to build an international brand, make Online Fax Sender your go-to source for online fax transmission.

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