Guide to Prepare for Class 11 Chemistry

Chemistry is an important subject if a student wants to pursue a bachelor’s degree studies in science. Till class 10th students have learned very basics of science. Class 11 Chemistry will introduce students to advance chemistry basics  

NCERT Books Class 11 Chemistry is important for Class 11 chemistry. The subject will have two parts thus having two textbooks. The first textbook has 7 chapters and the second textbook has 7 chapters which comprise a total of 14 chapters.

In each chapter, there is an introduction to the concept which revises the concepts learned in previous standards. Then few new concepts are introduced building upon the learned concepts. Then, there are 1-2 examples to explain the new concept.

The language used in NCERT chemistry textbooks is simple and easy to understand. There are also schematic diagrams where necessary. Every chapter has plenty of questions to practice.   

Advantages and disadvantages for students  

 An advantage for students of Class 11 is that Class 11 is advanced level compared to Class 10 and foundation level compared to Class 12. Concepts learned in Class 10 are going to help learn concepts from Class 11.

If students have conceptual clarity of most of the concepts from Class 10 then it is going to be quite easy to understand the Class 11 Chemistry syllabus. Every chapter is concise and easy to understand. Students will have an advantage if they are aware of the CBSE exam pattern, syllabus and use the NCERT textbook properly.  

The only disadvantage for the Class 11 students is that part 2 of Chemistry Class 11 has some new concepts and will need a lot of practice and memorization. Many concepts will not be comprehensible, those concepts will slow down the study process of the students and might affect the other subjects.   

Here is how to avoid all obstacles and rightly prepare for Class 11 Chemistry –  

  • Start with the basics. If you do not remember concepts from Class 10 then revise them. Make sure to just understand them and do not read the whole textbook. Just read them.   
  • After revising Class 10th concepts, go through the Class 11 textbook once. When you are reading for the first time you might not get every concept but just reading every chapter can help in planning the yearly study plan.  
  • There are only 14 chapters and every chapter is concise hence it is easy to cover the whole syllabus in one year. Start making notes once the chapter is completed. Summarizing a chapter can only happen when the whole chapter is fully understood. Hence by making notes it will be easy to analyze which concepts are clear and which concepts still need to be understood.  
  • Focus on making short notes which are possible to read in 1- 2 minutes for every chapter. Use flow charts, diagrams, graphs, tables, etc. These notes are important to revise chapters the day before the exam.  
  • Make a habit of writing chemical reactions given in the textbook. In the exam, most of the chemical reactions are from the textbook. Sometimes questions are directly asked about reactions and sometimes questions are related to the reactions. Hence it is better to know the reactions from the textbook.  
  • I pay special attention to chapters like Thermodynamics and Equilibrium. These chapters have many new concepts which are crucial concerning the Class 12 Chemistry exam. Making notes is important for this chapter. Students will need to revise the concepts from these chapters to not forget about what they have learned. These chapters carry high marks in exams hence do not skip these chapters.  
  • In part II, Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles and Techniques and Hydrocarbons are important chapters. Many terms might be familiar but the chapters focus on in-depth understanding and conceptual unambiguity. Here students need to focus on structures of carbon compounds, functional groups, and reactions from the chapter. Once a week try to write the reactions from both chapters. Organic chemistry is going to be particularly important for Class 12 hence students cannot skip these chapters from the part II chemistry textbook of Class 11.  
  • Environmental Chemistry is the easiest chapter in Class 11 Chemistry. It is to make people aware of types of pollution and how chemical wastage is harming the environment. Students must learn all terms from this chapter. This chapter can help in scoring marks.  
  • Prioritize the whole syllabus. Prepare each chapter according to its mark’s weightage. Give appropriate time for each chapter according to its weightage.  
  • Before diving into any new concept read first, then understand, then apply then revise. This is how you can learn any concept without any need for mugging up.   
  • Most important thing is that while focusing on Chemistry do not lose focus on other subjects. Other subjects are as important as Chemistry. Plan out your study by giving each subject appropriate time according to its strengths and weaknesses.  
  • Occasionally, do check previous years’ papers. Every year questions might change but the type of questions and weightage marks for every chapter are the same. Having previous year’s papers and syllabus while doing preparation will give the right direction to the study.  
  • Solve mock tests or sample papers. Practicing is important. It will help in the understanding exam and planning the paper-solving strategy.   
  • Do not just solve sample papers. After getting them corrected, look at the questions you answered wrong and where marks have been cut. Rectify mistakes and try to avoid doing the same mistakes again by simply making notes of them.  
  • Use NCERT solutions with the NCERT textbook. NCERT solutions are designed such as to guide students to write answers ideally for examinations. While solving NCERT textbooks questions, keep NCERT solutions as guidance to write perfectly concise answers.  


Class 11 is going to be important for the students. Practicing your answer writing skills and preparing for the Class 12 board exams is going to be crucial for students. Understanding every concept is going to be helpful for students’ preparation in Class 12. Hence stay on your goal and achieve them by keeping on to them constantly.  

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