TechnologyThe Department of Defense is Streamlining Healthcare Technology for Veterans

The Department of Defense is Streamlining Healthcare Technology for Veterans

The days of relying on paper trails to access medical care have passed.

Thanks to technological progress, veterans now have much easier access to their electronic health records. Defense Health Agency is using this tech to coordinate the efforts of key personnel and streamline the delivery of care to boost satisfaction rates among patients.

The DHA is highlighting the confluence of health care and technology through a symposium for the Military Health System and the continued marketing of services and resources.

Department of Defense healthcare professionals convened in August 2022 at the Defense Health Information Technology Symposium to talk about modernizing the MHS to provide better treatment for patients. The future of cybersecurity, healthcare delivery reform, and the enhancement of purely digital medical services were among the topics discussed.

Health care for service personnel and their families has been modernized with the use of IT systems, initiatives, and apps across the DHA.

When the time comes, your medical records from the military, Coast Guard, and VA will all be able to be transferred to the VA’s system without a hitch.

Holly Joers, program executive officer for the Program Executive Office, Defense Healthcare Management Systems, said, “I don’t think we’ve even touched the surface of what we can achieve with a single system and the benefits it will bring.”

Improving Health Care through Technology

Programs exist currently to access records online, obtain answers about your health, and check on your personal well-being, while the DOD, the VA, and the U.S. Coast Guard work on a more integrated system. Just a few examples:

Access your health records whenever you choose with the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal, where you may also communicate with your care team and manage your appointments. The use of this protected portal will facilitate the integration of patient care by keeping medical staff informed of the most recent developments in each case. You can access MHS GENESIS from anywhere you are stationed in the world.

Chief health information officer and paediatric gastroenterologist at Madigan Army Medical Center on Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington, Army Col. (Dr.) Robert Cornfeld, said, “Specialists can provide care via video or other electronic media and consult with providers in theatre to help facilitate care and a quicker return to duty.”

The MHS Nurse Advice Line is accessible via the link: Concerns arise with every health problem. The Nurse Advice Line is an excellent resource for questions about health care and making appointments. You may get reliable medical guidance whenever you need it thanks to this option, which is available online or video chat, or by phone round-the-clock.

Health-Related Content Discovered Through Mobile Apps

DHA also offers mobile apps for your smartphone in addition to its other services. These mobile apps can be invaluable to service members and their families when it comes to health, goal-setting, and maintaining motivation. All it takes is a swipe of your finger to get to these apps.

  • Decide + Be Ready: This app gives service members a fun and engaging approach to researching their alternatives for birth control and considering the factors that will ultimately influence their decision.
  • My Prosperity Plan: Personal, relational, and spiritual goals can all be recorded in My Prosperity Plan. If you want to maximize your potential, this software will help you do just that.
  • MissionFit: To get in shape quickly, try this 12-week fitness plan called “MissionFit.” You’re presented with a wide range of alternatives and drills. You may navigate these apps with the use of video, text, and visuals.

The DHA is committed to easing your everyday lives through the integration of technology and has created these events, services, and resources to that end.

According to Cornfeld, “DHA is reorienting to better serve the needs of the digital native generation.”

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