8 High-Converting Video Ideas to Implement in 2023

In today’s digital era, videos have become an integral component of any marketing strategy. As per the statistics, Cisco has predicted by 2023, online video will make up nearly 82 percent more traffic out of all other mediums. With the increase in the use of social media and mobile devices, it is surprising that video is the best way to engage and reach out to different audiences. 

But with so many choices available for making videos, it becomes quite challenging for someone to know where to start. Hence, we have compiled a list of 8 high converting video ideas that you can take inspiration from in 2023 to boost the RPI, increase conversions, and drive more leads.

8 High Converting Video Ideas to Implement in 2023
8 High Converting Video Ideas to Implement in 2023

Top 8 High-Converting Video Ideas to Implement in 2023

Are you a marketing executive looking to boost your company’s marketing campaigns? You can take advantage of utilizing video marketing. Check out the different examples of video ideas you can use below.

1. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos could be the best way to break down difficult concepts about products or services in an easy-to-understand format. These types of videos can be used by businesses to introduce new features or products to customers. An explainer video can be live-action, animated, or an amalgamation of both. Most of these videos range up to 2 minutes. 

As per the statistics by Wyzowl, 84 percent of users watch explainer videos before buying any product or service. Moreover, explainer videos can drive more website traffic and build a brand reputation as such videos are easily sharable and embedded in the websites.

2. Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are the special type of videos that majorly showcases the company’s services, products, culture, and mission. Such videos are quite helpful when it comes to promoting the company or launching new products or services. Corporate videos are considered to be the best way to connect with the audience and build trust with them. As per the survey done by Wyzowl 84 percent of people were convinced to purchase a product or service after watching the corporate video. Moreover, the Content Marketing Institute did a study where they found that videos are the best type of content to build trust and engage with customers.

When you create a corporate video, you need to keep it professional. You can use some high-quality editing software or equipment to make the video look professional. Showcase the unique selling points and let customers know why they should choose you. Also, you can tell a compelling story to connect with the audience and build emotional engagement.

How are you going to record corporate videos?

Say you and your team are part of a company-wide remote working setup. If you need to gather video testimonials from your team hailing from different parts of the country, you can save time and money by employing asynchronous video interviews instead. To do this effectively, you need to have a set of interview questions prepared beforehand that your interviewee will have to answer via video recording. 

Topics can range from the interviewee’s journey with the company, how they feel connected with the business’ unique product offerings and services, and many more.

3. Live Videos

In the recent few years, Live videos have become quite popular for good reasons. Most of these videos give a pure sense of immediacy and authenticity which can’t be replicated with any pre-recorded videos. According to a survey done by Livestream, 80 percent of the audience prefers to watch the live video rather than read a blog post. 

The primary use cases of live videos are Q&A sessions, product demonstrations, behind the scene looks, and much more. The advantage of live videos is they can generate more engagement with the customers or the viewers. Some of the popular platforms to do live streaming are Youtube Live, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and much more. If you haven’t yet started making love videos part of your video marketing strategy, you should do now. 


4. Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are the best way to showcase the positive experiences of the customers and build trust with the new audience. These videos feature the customers who talk about their products and services to demonstrate how effective they were and the value added by them. As per the study done by Bright Local, 84 percent of people usually trust video reviews like personal recommendations. Customer testimonials solve a similar purpose and are social proof that the products and services are quite effective and valuable. 

While making customer testimonial videos it is quite important to choose customers from diverse groups and ensure that all the videos are authentic. Moreover, it is also important to get customers’ permission before using their videos in any promotional material.

5. Influencer Videos

Influencer videos are different types of videos where a person with a large social media following promotes the service or the products. This is quite a highly effective marketing strategy, as people easily tend to trust the recommendations made by them. In recent times, the influencer market has rapidly grown. According to the study done by Linqia, 92 percent of marketers have found influencer marketing to be quite effective. 

Also, the Association of National Advertisers has found in their study that influencer marketing delivers 11x more ROI than other forms of digital marketing. Some of the key points to know while creating influencer videos is that look for an influencer who aligns with your brand and has a relevant following. Always ensure that influencer videos look quite authentic and not overly staged or produced. Further, you can use some hashtags to offer special promotions for your products.

6. Animated Videos

If you are looking to convey a message to the audience and grab their attention uniquely and engagingly then Animated Videos could be the best source. These kinds of videos use animations to bring illustrations and characters to life. Also, it can be used to simply entertain, explain complex information, and promote a service or product.

Thanks to the popularity of various animation styles and movements, your company can try out different animated videos to find the perfect type that resonates well with your target audiences.

As per the survey done by Wyzowl, 81 percent of businesses use animated videos as they offer high conversion rates that result in more sales and engagement, while developing the animated videos, it is essential to add tone and style based on the target audience. Also, choose a format that is aligned with the goals and message. In a nutshell, animated videos are versatile and engaging enough to grab the audience’s attention.

7. User-Generated Content

UGC or User-generated content is a special type of video where customers or audience talks about your product or services in their videos. These videos can be shared as customer testimonials, social media, and even brand-led campaigns. The significance of UGC videos is that it helps to build credibility and trust with the prospective audience. When a potential customer sees that your products and services are quite effective and trustable, they are more likely to purchase them. 

A recent survey by Brightcove claimed that UGC videos drive purchases by 50 percent more than other videos created by the brand. Whereas Animoto’s survey found that it brings 28 percent more engagement also. Incorporating user-generated content into a video marketing strategy can help you to build credibility and trust with the audience. Also, it can help you to drive more sales and boost engagement. An important point you should note is that you should be quite selective, giving credit to the customers who submit the videos.

8. How to Videos

If you are looking to teach something to your audience then How to Videos are the best type of videos to make. These videos are useful to demonstrate how to use a service or product, how to solve problems, and how to make something. 

One of the key advantages of making a how-to video is that it can be incredibly valuable to the users as it provides concise and clear instructions. Also, these videos educate them to make informed decisions that can eventually lead to more conversions and engagement. As per the study by google, How-To search queries on youtube have increased by nearly 70 percent.

While creating a how-to-video, it is quite essential to know a few points such as keeping your video quite simple and easy to understand, using different visuals, and details, and keeping it short. Always cover the vital information but also avoid going into much detail. Last but not least you should keep these videos quite short.

There you have it. The abovementioned examples are just some of the video ideas you and your marketing team can tap into to boost your company’s marketing campaigns. Do keep in mind that there’s nothing permanent except change; hence, you need to keep up with the times in terms of the latest video content ideas you can utilize.

Using Technologies like AR or VR to create high Converting Videos

With the advancement in technologies and the introduction of Augmented and virtual reality, it has become quite common to use such technologies while you make videos. Virtual reality videos are quite immersive videos that allow viewers to have a different experience. These videos are becoming quite popular as many people are now utilizing them to showcase their products, create an immersive brand, offer virtual tours, and much more. 

Whereas talking about AR or augmented reality, enhances the real world by overlaying digital information or images. AR-based videos are used in the gaming and education industries to create an immersive experience. If you want to amalgamate these technologies with your video marketing strategies then Fullter App development services in the USA can help you.

Wrapping Up

Video marketing is the most powerful marketing tool that can help you to drive more sales and conversions. In 2023, there are quite a good number of high-converting video ideas that you can implement as discussed above. Each of these video types has its use cases and benefits. Amalgamating these videos into your marketing strategy can help you to grow the customer base and drive more conversions. Also, you can build your video streaming platform with the help of Flutter App Development Services in the USA

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