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Hoverwatch Review: the Free Spy App for Parental Controls

Have you ever thought of installing the free spy app on your Android device? If you’re planning to do it, it’s a great idea. The App brings several benefits. Along with this, we’ll discuss briefly the various aspects of this in this article.

Today, in the age of constantly changing technology, it’s important to get upgraded in lifestyle, comfort, and so on. With all the ease, technology has also brought things that are harmful especially to children when it comes to using smartphones.

What is a free spy app for android?

A spy app for Android is a piece of software application used to track the activities performed by the user of an Android device where the app is installed.

The spy app is there in the device and enables you to monitor and track the activities of the target phone user.

Hoverwatch to track the phone
Hoverwatch to track the phone


A free spy app for Android devices can bring you multiple benefits including call tracking, social media activity tracking, Internet browsing history tracking, and more.

Why do parents use the Hoverwatch to track the phone?

Hoverwatch is one of the most popular apps among parents. The app enables parents to track kids’ activities. Parents are keen to track their kids’ activities performed on their smartphones because they are concerned about how kids use the phone. Parents are wary that kids may misuse it.

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Misuse of the smartphone may happen when kids play games, chat with friends, or visit different websites that may have adult content. They are also likely to waste time watching movies and other videos during study hours. It’s for these reasons that parents want to track kids’ activities on their smartphones.

Why is it convenient to use the free spy app?

Parents provide kids with smartphones as an educational tool. Besides, these devices also work as security and monitoring devices.

convenient to use the Hoverwatch free spy app
convenient to use the Hoverwatch free spy app

It is convenient because using the free spy app Hoverwatch, they can know what their kids are doing at the moment. Whether they are browsing the Internet, playing games, or chatting on social media networks – each activity parents can know. This is convenient because they can do it staying in the comfort of home.

As parents track kids’ activity performed on smartphones, kids stay oblivious of it. This app brings accurate information on kids’ activities. By this, it helps parents make the right decision at the right time to protect privacy and make kids secure online as well as offline.

What are the main functions of the application that will be useful to parents?

Hoverwatch has great features that are beneficial for parents in tracking kids’ activities online when the latter are away from home. Here are specific functions that are much useful for parents. They are as follows:

Stealth mode

Tracking your kid in stealth mode is important. By this, you can get more accurate and real-time information than if you didn’t. As you keep tracking your kid, they cannot know that you’re tracking them unless you tell them about it.

Tacking messages and calls

Parents can use the free spy app to track both incoming and outgoing calls and text messages, images sent and received at the target device. This includes text messages, videos, images, etc. on social media networks (Facebook, Viber, etc.) too.

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Track the location of the mobile

Known as the Geolocation feature, it enables parents to track the physical location of the phone and therefore your kid. This functionality is enabled by WiFi signals, GPS, and GSM technology (from cell towers).

Front camera feature

This feature works each time when the user unlocks the phone. A photograph of the user is stored in the control panel. This feature is helpful as parents can know who actually is using their kids’ smartphones.

Use of the Internet

Use of Internet Hoverwatch
Use of Internet Hoverwatch

You can know what websites your kid is visiting, and how long they stay there. All the data on Internet browsing is stored on your control panel on the parent’s device (from they operate the app). This helps parents tender the right advice at the right time to protect children.


The contacts that your kid has stored on their smartphone can give tons of information on their activity. The feature shows the name, contact number, and email address. You may take preventive measures if you feel what they are doing is not safe.


This feature helps parents know who has used their kid’s device. Every time the phone is used, it takes screenshots and stores them.

What do you need to know to install the application on the phone?

It’s important to know that to install a free spy app from on the phone you’re planning to track should be with you physically. In other words, unless you access the target phone physically, you cannot install the app.

Installing the app is simple and easy. You need to sign up by visiting the official website of Hoverwatch and create an account.

You need to provide your email id, your name, and other data. You also need to create a good password.

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Once you create the account, download the app. When you’ve logged into your account, you need to install the Hoverwatch app on the target mobile device. Once the installation is done, you can start tracking.

Pros and cons

The pros

  • The app is simple and easy to use. No technical competence is required.
  • Free trial version: By this, you can assess the app
  • It’s compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • Prices are affordable.

The cons

  • It’s compatible with only Android phones and not iOS

Pricing policy

When it comes to pricing, Hoverwatch prices are affordable. They vary depending on the number of devices you plan to monitor and the type of subscription period. The app is available for free for a specific period.

The subscription plans are in three forms – Personal, Professional, and Business plan.

Plan Personal Family Business
1 month $24.95  $49.95  $149.95 

The Personal plan costs you $24.95 a month. It can monitor a single device. For three months, it costs $59.95 and for 12 months $99.95.

The price of the Professional plan is $49.95 for one month. It can monitor up to five devices. For three months, you need to pay $99.95 and for 12 months, the price is $199.95.

The Business plan can monitor up to 25 devices. It is priced at $149.95 for one month, $299.95 for three months, and $499.95 for 12 months.

Conclusions and results

Hoverwatch is a convenient, easy, safe, and simple phone spy app. For parents, the app is a boon. However, it’s important to take caution while venturing to track your kid’s smartphone. This is important if your kid is a teenager. Let them know that you’re monitoring them. Discuss with them the dangers of various things happening on the Internet. Let them know and be warned that they are all dangerous. Use the free spy app Hoverwatch to realize the best results.

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