SoftwareHow to choose a database management system

How to choose a database management system

The choice of a database management system depends on the goals which you expect to meet using it. The most commonly used database management systems are as follows: MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and SQLite. 

Here are the main aspects to take into consideration when you are choosing an efficient and user-friendly database management system: data model, data protection, security, usability, data consistency, efficiency, service costs, implementation process, integration, and multi-access. Also, a lot of top managers use outsource ruby on rails development, because it saves their time and they get a more qualified product.

In addition to that, you should ask yourself the following questions before you select a certain management system:

  1. Who will be using the database?
  2. Who is going to provide IT support?

What are the main tasks your team expects to achieve using a data management system?

  1. Will the data be modified? How often?
  2. Who needs access to the database?
  3. What hardware does the company have? Is it possible to increase the budget for additional hardware?

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of the most popular database management systems. In regards to MySQL, the tool is available for free but the amount of features it offers is rather impressive.

What is more, there are paid versions for commercial use. However, it takes a lot of time to set up MySQL in such a way that lots of operations are going to be done automatically.

Speaking about Oracle, this tool is the one that sets the bar for all other database management systems on the market which presupposes that you will be equipped with the latest features. However, the cost of using this tool may be too high, especially when you do not work for a large corporation or a big company. 

With MongoDB, you will be able to store data of any structure in this database management system. What is more, this tool offers support for NoSQL documents, as well as JSON. It is relevant to mention that setting up MongoDB may take a lot of time and be rather problematic. There are tons of steps to follow.

Besides, its default settings are not very secure. If you want to try using PostgreSQL, you will manage to store terabytes of data. You can also choose from a huge variety of interfaces and predefined functions. Yet, working on large databases may affect the speed, not to mention the fact that PostgreSQL configuration is quite difficult to comprehend at first.

Users are typically confused by the instructions as the latter is not very clear.
SQLite, in its turn, is very easy to set up. The whole process will take only a couple of minutes. Its system is file-based which is why searching for a document you need will not be problematic.

However, this database management system is serverless which presupposes that there is no network access. In other words, it will be impossible to access SQLite using another machine. Besides, this tool is not suitable for large-scale applications. 

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