How to make the most of your weekend

Weekends are a time to relax, especially after work and studying that you can’t escape during the week. But it’s easy to find yourself wasting away the two days and feeling, well, unhappy about that. This, however, does not mean you can’t have lazy days! In fact, having a lazy weekend every other week enables you to feel relaxed and content.

Wondering how to make the most of your weekend this time around? Well, just keep reading! 

Fill in with things you have been procrastinating on

Weekdays are not the best time to get things done, especially those that need to be done during work hours. Take the weekends to get the things you haven’t found the time to do.

Not only will this enable you to have a smoother week, but it will also allow you to have better weekends. Make sure you do the normal house checks as well as the cleaning that’s required.

Gutter cleaning (especially after autumn), pipe fixing as well as fixing any other broken things around the house that needs professionals and can’t be done outside of work hours. To contact gutter cleaning specialists, click here. Make sure you also get your routine cleaning done on the weekdays so the weekends can be a stress-free time for you. 

Book Something for the weekend

One of the easiest ways to make the most of your weekend and make it fun is by planning something. If you book your favorite Italian place for the weekend on Wednesday, not only will you be looking forward to the weekend, but your week will feel better as well, since you have something to look forward to. By booking your favorite activity, you also do not run into the risk of spending the entire day in bed.

If you are trying to make more time for your hobbies like reading and painting, schedule them for after a fun event so that you can have the motivation for your hobbies. However, make sure that you have plenty of time to rest if the event you have planned is physically tiring. 


Weekends are a day to recharge. And while you will probably want to book something fun, make sure that you spare enough time for yourself to rest and recharge for the week ahead. This is both physical as well as mental- give yourself enough time to sleep in, take extra naps as well as do activities that make you feel relaxed and recharged, like massages or a sauna.

Rest is extremely essential when it comes to making a weekend feel like a vacation and avoiding it from feeling like it is going by too soon. Make sure you are relaxing in a decluttered environment and are not stressed about anything else. You can make use of oil and scent diffusers to calm your senses as well. 

Weekend food! 

Weekend food
Weekend food! | Photo by Egor Gordeev on Unsplash

The best part about weekends is the fact that you can get to have some weekend food! Less rushed and more flavorful, weekend food is the perfect way to treat yourself- whether it is something you want to spend time cooking or just want a takeaway, weekend food can make you feel better and can also reduce your workload of the weekend (takeaways to the rescue!) so make the most of your weekend and indulge in some good food! 

Don’t give in to the Sunday night blues 

Sunday night blues can destroy your entire Sunday! The anticipation of Monday and another long week can make your last day of the weekend feel, well, a bit gloomy to say the least.

Sunday night blues refers to the anxious gnawing sense of dread that comes with the start of a work week- Monday. There are two problems with this- it destroys your entire Sunday and makes you go through a sense of unnecessary gloom every weekend.

In order to stop feeling like this, there are multiple things you can do- the most important one is to end your Fridays with Monday in mind. Doing a few simple things on Friday can help your Mondays feel better and less dreadful- complete all your calls and emails on Friday, and make sure you don’t schedule any meetings for Monday mornings so that you can start at your own pace and get your groceries delivered on Friday, so you don’t have a lot to do on the weekend. 

Try new things

Weekdays can often be filled with too much work, leaving you feeling exhausted and too tired to try out new things. However, weekends provide the perfect opportunity to try this out!

Use your weekends to try new things out, from pottery to art, weekends provide the perfect opportunity to indulge in something that will take you out of your normal routine and provide you with the chance to do something new and interesting. This will also help you get over your Sunday scurries or Sunday blues. 

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