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How To Root MTK Phones With Ease

How To Root MTK Phones With Ease

How To Root MTK Phones With Ease

Rooting, Rooting, Rooting.

How To Root MTK Phones With Ease

Rooting a phone can be a starting point for most people when it comes to Android liberty and development.

We rooting our phone makes us almost see the best in our phone or the worse out of it.

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It depends on the reason why you wants to root your phone.

But a review shows that most people root their phones so that they can be able to get the best out of their games.

We all know that most of the games we play are restricted to some capabilities and limits but rooting our phone and exploiting the games makes us enjoy the game more and more.

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But no matter the case, rooting depends on the users perspective and reason.

Some people root their phones so that they can be able to flash ROM and try out new roms when it comes out.

I fall into that category of people, always trying to Port ROMs and try another ROM daily on my phone to see which one is best and which ROM can be faster and carries more features than the other.

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But that is, by the way, do it depends on the reason why you wants to root your phone but no matter the reason, I am going to guide you through today.

But this Tutorial is strictly for those who have access to PC because you cannot do this one without PC.

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Now let’s get down to the game on

How-To Root MTK Phones With Ease

For you get things done, here are the requirements.

1. A Working PC(must have).

2. A Working USB cord.

3. An Updated USB Drivers for MTK and for your phone if any.

4. An Internet Connection.

5. Your Phones Recovery Image.

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6. A SuperSU or Superuser Zip file.

7.A working USB charging port.

8. Custom Recovery for your phone.

9 Device Driver for your phone.

10. And then finally, make sure your USB ports are working fine.

Once all these are available, then you are good to go.

Now let’s get started.

root mtk phones
Recovery root

Make sure you download the whole mentioned thing above, though when you see the requirements, you might be thinking that this will be complex or that it is complex but believe me it’s not.

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Now extract all the zip files for the files that come in zip format and install all the software and drivers involved.

Now, we have to Flash the port recovery to your phone, once it’s ported, then rooting your phone will be easy.

Now, we have to install all the necessary drivers one after the other so that our phone would be detected by our PC.

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Install the MTK drivers and Other drivers available.

Now, we have to extract the SP Flash tool.

After extracting the SP Flash tool, then we move to flashing the recovery for our phone.

SP Flash tool needs a scatter file of our phone to flash anything to our phone, you can use MTK Droid tool to get scatter file for your phone or Google search for it or download a stock package for your phone and get the scatter file.

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Create a folder on your PC and name it anything you like Flash recovery or anything.

Paste the scatter file of your phone and the recovery in the same folder.

Make sure you name the recovery file to recovery.img. even given any prefix or suffix, it won’t show on so flash tool.

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Go to where you extracted your SP flash tool and Launch it.

Find the scatter file where it’s located and select it.

It will open with only the recovery image as the only file to Flash.

Click on Downloaded to flash the recovery image.

Pull out your battery and connect your phone and put the battery back if required.

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Some phones don’t need battery while flashing while some needs.

If you don’t want to use the battery while flashing anything to your phone, you press the volume down for easy detection.

Wait for it to flash and once it’s finished, you can boot to recovery to see your new recovery looking amazing.

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Now it’s to root your phone.

Depending on the recovery you flashed, the navigation will differ.

Select Install zip and look for where to place SuperSU.zip file and select it. For best results and easy Discovery, it’s better to put it in the root folder of your phone.

After flashing the SuperSU.zip file or Superuser.zip file, viola, your phone has been rooted.

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You can reboot your phone and check if there is a superuser app installed on your phone or you can check it by using the root checker app.

Good luck on

How To Root MTK Phones With Ease

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