Huawei’s ‘Super Device’ Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Huawei launched an innovative multi-device cohesive idea dubbed Super Device. Despite the literal meaning and application, it is not a single device but a cohesive system allowing users to pair various devices into a single vertical platform called Super Device. It is an extension of the existing cross-device collaboration initiated by Huawei.

This spring, the group notified about seven new products; its latest flagship laptop, two-in-one laptop, E-ink tablet, HarmonyOS tablet, portable speaker, and a new first launched printer. All these devices are part of the smart office initiative and provide an immersive experience to global consumers.

Huawei Smart Office

The Offers Include

The Huawei super device offer gives you a chance to buy these innovative, world-class products to buy at a discount price. This futuristic collaborative system creates a smart office with Super Device where a user can drag an icon from another Huawei device to his/her PC.

These device associations pronounce the essence of the smart office experience. The newly launched products are a step forward to the visualization of a smart office; endless creation, effortless communication.

At the launching ceremony, the company CEO stated to continue the effort of delivering a high-end experience to global consumers. The products are meant for five major segments; health and fitness, smart home, smart office, easy travel, and entertainment. 

The Smooth Work

The inbuilt control panel app in Huawei Pc is a new experience for users. A mere click and drag create super device pairing. The most evident coupling is between a smartphone with PC. When linked, you can access the handset from the window of your PC. You can access the smartphone with audio, video, and contact. This touchscreen pairing system is similar to MetaBook E.

Many social and messaging apps are more coherent on smartphones than on other devices. But super devices have added advantages like watching media files on paired PC or transferring PC display recording to the paired smartphone. 

What’s more?

Moreover, you can operate multiple apps on the paired smartphone of the super device system. The smartphone apps work on separate windows enabling you to perform multiple cell phone apps simultaneously. Each one is displayed in full-screen mode. As audio files can be transferred seamlessly from paired handset to PC, audio and video files of the app can be watched on the synchronized desktop.

There is no lag, audio, or video distortion during file transfer like other android PC connection apps. The new multi-device pairing system allows fluid quick data transfer from PC to smartphone and vice versa. With the drag and drop function, you can share transfer data from one device to another.

The Super Device

The 2021 MateView monitors authorized smartphones by scanning the NFC connection displayed bottom of the screen. Super Device enhances the performance of PCs through the PC Control Center app.

The Wi-Fi connection instantly connects and facilitates 3840*2560 decisions of MateView, and if you are using a smaller version of a coverable laptop /computer like MateBook E, it is more convenient than using cables. The Super Device creates an ecosystem that provides more work satisfaction, rewards, and reflection. 

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