GamesIn which countries are online slot games legal?

In which countries are online slot games legal?

If you think that gambling in the UK is becoming too restrictive and over-regulated, then spare a thought for the citizens of those countries where gambling games such as slots, are banned outright.

At least in the UK, slots and other forms of gambling remain legal. Anyone can join a slot site within minutes, but you must be 18 years of age and over to play Rainbow Riches slots and gamble in general in the United Kingdom.

Slot Gaming in the UK: A Closer Look

All gambling in the UK is controlled by the UK Gambling Commission, this organization does this by licensing and regulating the various forms of gambling available to UK citizens, which includes online slot gaming. Slots are hugely popular in the UK and these games produce most of the revenue that the UK gambling industry generates.

There are many slot sites and most general online casinos are also more slot game focused as well.

Interestingly, the number of female slot players is high in the UK and like many countries in the western world, the easy access offered by online gambling has helped increase the number of regular slot players in general.

Other Slot Friendly Countries

Much of the western world has quite a liberal attitude to slots and other forms of gambling. A vast country like the USA allows individual states to create their own gambling laws, so what might be legal in one state, may well be illegal when a border is crossed. Playing slots online from a fixed location means that players don’t need to worry about all the intricate gambling laws in this country.

New Zealand

New Zealand relaxed its gambling laws in the 1980s when mass social reform led to big changes in society. The introduction of electronic gaming and online slots in the 1990s meant that interest in slot gaming amongst the public exploded.

Online slot gambling is still popular today, and it is regulated by the government as part of the Gambling Act 2003. To uphold standards, player safety, and the set gambling laws, the government is aided by the NZ Gambling Commission as well.

In New Zealand, the legal age for gambling ranges between 18 and 20 years of age. Uniquely, revenue raised from slot gambling and other forms of gambling is ploughed back into good causes that help local communities flourish.


Finland is not a country that people associate with slot gaming, but this form of gambling is particularly popular here and it is perfectly legal to play online if you are of legal age. 3 bodies regulate gambling in Finland, and similarly to New Zealand, they ensure that profits raised are returned to society. This is done by funding social projects that help to prevent individuals from turning to crime.


The citizens of Ireland have had a long love affair with gambling. Horseracing is extremely popular, but it is also legal to play slots online. Gambling is still operating under the laws that were created in 1956. These outdated laws cannot assure player safety in a digital world, therefore updated laws are waiting to be introduced soon.

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