iOS 12 vs Android P – Comparing The Two Operating Systems (Infographic)

iOS 12 vs Android P – Comparing The Two Operating Systems (Infographic)

iOS 12 vs Android P – Comparing The Two Operating Systems (Infographic)

Both Apple and Google are making their operating systems right now. Both Android P and iOS 12 are now available for developers to see and test. It’s too early to compare as they are still in their betas.

New features are being added as new betas are coming out. It’s easy to see that both Apple and Google are filling the gap. This means, features from iOS are coming to the Android and features from Android to iOS.

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I think the new gestures in Android P are great. But I have to say, Apple does it better. The gestures aren’t as smooth in Android yet and are kinda confusing – especially the home swipe up gesture.

Needless to say, in this infographic created by Clashroid, you will see how these two operating systems compare.

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Comparing iOS 12 and Android P

I totally love the new Android P which is incredibly optimized. Both Android P and iOS 12 are still in beta and I wouldn’t recommend updating now because there are still lots of bugs and crashes.

I think both Google and Apple are doing a great job of improving the user interface. Gestures aren’t new in iOS but they are new for Android. It’s a necessity as phones these days are following the no-bezel trend.

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Let’s see how these Android P and iOS 12 compare.

  • Gestures
  • Notch Support
  • Voice Assistant
  • Usage Monitoring
  • AR Capabilities
  • Face Unlock
  • and Performance.


As you can see, Google does some things better and vice versa. The performance is kinda biased. Every Apple product or iPhones use their best processors and gets the same optimization.

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Whereas, Android phones are manufactured by many companies around the world. But if you’re talking about the high-end flagship smartphones, Android’s performance and optimization is coming nearer to iOS.

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  • It’s definitely too early to speak about a clear winner. But I think that the systems will probably be very close to each other in most features. We will have to just wait and see.

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