Software5 Best Kanban Tools, Benefits, and Specifications

5 Best Kanban Tools, Benefits, and Specifications

Kanban Board is a visual tool that provides you an entire picture of your current job and analyzes team collaboration and discussion.

Kanban is an important management technique that helps you visualize work, limit work progress, and ensure workflow across all companies.

With the Kanban tool, you can analyze every process and continuously improve it to make your business more efficient.

An efficient Kanban tool will significantly contribute to the success and progress of the team. The Kanban tool can visualize and analyze where your team is spending their time identifying issues and proactively addressing them quickly.

Best Kanban Tools
Best Kanban Tools

5 Best Kanban Tools

In this process, companies can benefit from the formation of Kanban tools in their teams.

1. Trello

Trello is supported by many as Kanban software. A project management tool established on the Kanban framework. Trello simplifies team task management by adopting a typical ToDo list format.

Sharing boards between teams and users make communication and collaboration easier.


  • Can create a checklist with a progress meter
  • Easily organize with categories, labels, and tags
  • Email notification
  • Real-time synchronization from another user
  • Attachment Upload Feature

2. Bussinessmap (Formerly Kanbanize)

Best Kanban Tools - Bussinessmap (Formerly Kanbanize)

Businessmap is an outstanding agile project control software that links Kanban-style functionality and business computerization in one program.

Businessmap is included in this list because it can visualize essential elements and improve workflows while breaking them down into work item hierarchy levels.


  • Powerful analytics
  • Customizable features
  • Kanban board
  • Multiple workflows
  • Enable agile planning in timeline view

3. ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project is an online kanban tool that provides an all-in-one project management solution for various businesses. The platform offers a customizable kanban board for smooth workflow management. It is a popular choice for the Kanban team due to its tracking, collaboration tools, and advanced reporting capabilities.

This software is ideal for remote teams working together to complete a project on time and within budget.


  • Increase visibility and efficiency of tasks
  • Multiple workflow methodologies
  • Responsive drag-and-drop functionality for ease of use
  • Sync in real-time across all devices

4. nTask Board

Best Kanban Tools - nTask Board

nTask Board is the robust project management software that we’ve been using. Since its beginning, the company has made numerous improvements to meet the demands of modern project managers. It is also based on the current agile methodology.

The nTask Kanban tool provides multiple options for different working environments, allowing project managers to follow their workflows to advance their projects. Recently, they introduced their own Kanban Board System for high-performance processes with an emphasis on deadlines. 


  • Supports multiple teams and workflow methods
  • You can create your kanban templates or choose from a variety of boards that are ready to use.
  • You can organize, manage, and deploy multiple teams through multiple kanban boards/lists.
  • The responsive drag and drop feature makes it easy to shuffle cards.
  • Prioritize and de-prioritize processes according to critical levels.
  • Filtering Data by Multiple Overlays
  • Upload data, pictures, and reports with multiple lengths.

5. Hygger

Hygger is a comfortable kanban tool for software advancement companies and is admired by high-tech and non-high-tech firms. The platform implements a favorable kanban board with WIP limits, swim lanes, incident tracking, and scrum aid. You can also apply other project boards in Hygger, such as sprint boards, ToDo lists, and timelines.


  • Ability to create a checklist
  • Swimlanes that split the board horizontally to help you sort tasks
  • WIP limits for defining load blocks and inefficiencies
  • Prioritization process
  • Road map
  • Easily organize with labels and tags
  • Upload attachments and files

The objective of Kanban is to identify and correct potential bottlenecks in the process so that the job can flow through the process effectively and efficiently.

Ifeanyi Okondu
Ifeanyi Okondu
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