How To Know Whether An Online Casino Is Safe

There are thousands of online casino websites, as playing slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, and other games has become a favorite pastime for a lot of people. So, if you are a new player, how do you select a safe and legitimate website for your online casino games? It can indeed be confusing, as there are so many choices out there. It can be confusing, even for existing players who are looking for a new place to play.

You should always be careful about where you register and provide your personal details. You have to ensure that the casino is trustworthy before you make that first transaction. Here are some important things to look for that will tell you whether the online casino is safe and trustworthy: 

Does the Casino Have a Valid License?

Before anything, check whether the casino has a valid license. There are many regulators worldwide like the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and Malta Gaming Authority that issue these licenses after carrying out various checks, including how they process payments, store personal information, and others. The authorities also check to verify whether the website is secured.

Log in to your gaming account and scroll down to the footer. This is where you will find the information published. There should be a link. Click it and check the license number. It is a legitimate casino if you see this number. Close your account if you don’t find the licensing information.

Security Measures

Check whether there is a padlock sign if you are unsure whether the casino website is safe or not. The padlock will prove that the website is using SSL encryption to protect customer data. Besides this SSL encryption, casino websites must also be PCI compliant, which will tell you that they are protecting the financial data of their customers. It also confirms that the casino has safe banking procedures.

Safe casinos will also allow the players to create unique gaming login accounts. The standard login requirements are an email address and password. For extra protection, there can be a security question or a Two-Factor Authentication process.

Why You Must Read the Reviews & Feedback

The top online casinos like Caesars Palace, Betway, PlayStar, bet365, BetRivers, and others all have thousands of reviews and feedback from actual happy gamers. Many of the reviews are posted by researchers and experts who thoroughly audit the websites and rate the games. You will get a good idea of whether the website is safe and legitimate by going through them. Even Indian casinos like the upcoming star Teen Patti Club have received good reviews and feedback because it has chat functionality, and safety protocols, and provides in-depth knowledge to players who like card games.

Are the Games Safe?

Make sure that the online games have been developed by a reliable software provider. Some of the best ones are: 

  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming
  • Play’n GO
  • Playtech
  • Big Time Gaming
  • Evolution Gaming

These are some of the top providers that develop and supply games to the best casino websites. You will know that it will be safe to play their games.

Check Whether the Connection Is Secure

Is the connection to the website secure? This is very important because you have to enter your details and deposit funds. Ensure that the website has https instead of http. The S in https will tell you that the website is secure. Also, look for the padlock icon.

Here is a list to check for your convenience – 

  1. Check the license number to ensure that the casino is regulated and licensed by a licensing authority.
  2. Make sure that the operator has an excellent record and is trustworthy.
  3. Find out whether the games are from a reputed game development studio or casino software provider. The software providers should also be fully licensed and regulated.
  4. The website URL should start with https://. It should also use 128-bit or higher SSL encryption that will keep the player accounts safe.
  5. Safe casino websites accept only the most secure debit and credit cards, digital wallets, and other payment methods that are reliable like prepaid cards, PayPal, and bank transfers.
  6. Look for reviews, global ratings, and feedback. A trustworthy website will have thousands of reviews.
  7. Player support/customer service – The most reliable online casinos will offer a high level of customer support. The support team should be professionally trained and friendly. They should be able to resolve all technical issues.
  8. High RTP percentage – The RTP or Return to Player percentage tells you the payout percentage of the casino. The higher the payout percentage, the greater will be your chance of winning. At the best casinos, it can be as high as 98%.
  9. Promotions and bonuses – Most online casinos offer bonuses and promotions these days to attract players. But sometimes, these offers seem too good. A legit website will make offers that seem realistic.
  10. Fair terms, policies, and conditions – Look closely at the policies of the casino house and the terms of use, especially when you can withdraw the funds and how many days it will take for the money to be deposited into your bank account or card.

Online casino gaming has become very popular. Revenue from the online casino market is expected to be worth US$ 36.69 billion in 2024 and it is projected to become US$ 46.93 billion by 2029 at an annual growth of 5.05%. This tells you how popular online casino gaming has become. There are so many places to play now. Just be careful about the website you choose, and everything should be good. Never select a website randomly.

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