Most effective tips to Prepare for Class 10th Maths Olympiad


Math Olympiad is an Olympiad that is conducted by the Indian talent Olympiad. It aims to develop an interest in math and improve the mathematical skills of aspiring candidates through team-based competitions.

They have two levels- national and international levels for students in grades 4 through 12. It requires more in-depth learning of each concept with a higher level of theoretical and practical knowledge of a subject as this is not a standard school-level exam.

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Interested students can register themselves for the same after paying a nominal fee. As for the 10th standard, it is one of the best opportunities for the students who will be pursuing fields related to Math, as it will be helpful for them.

Here are some of the tips which might be useful for your preparation to get yourself started for the preparation of the Math Olympiad.

  • To begin with, students should do is check the syllabus because not knowing your exam syllabus can be detrimental to your preparation, your level of the exam, exam dates and the study material accordingly that is Math topic-wise notes- which includes textbooks of school, Olympiad books, worksheets, videos for more and proper guidance. In addition, all the interested students should commence their preparation as soon as possible after they are done with reading the preparation material, starting with chapter-wise questions or tests.
  • In this way, they’ll get to analyze their strong and weak topics which could be extremely helpful, so that they can score well and study better without stress, anxiety and should make a scheduled timetable which will help them learn how to manage and use their time effectively and maintain their studies for school, Olympiad and other important activities that are essential for them. Sticking to their schedule is sometimes difficult for a student but one must follow it, making a few changes according to your plans can be fine but not always. Students can also pay attention to any new announcement made regarding Olympiad and stay connected to its website.
  • Key to their success is consistency, patience, determination and practice and more practice as Math is a subject that requires daily practice. Students should consult and seek guidance from their Teachers/Parents/Older Siblings, if they get stuck and have trouble solving any Question or do not understand any concept because not paying attention to those issues can be a major drawback in the exam. 
  • Analyze your preparation after every topic or chapter as this will also help them to improve and know where they stand according to their exam level. In these scenarios Parents also play a key role in the success of their kids. 
  • Some of the suggestions books for the 10th class Math Olympiad are – Olympiad Books Practice Sets – Mathematics class 10th. by Arihant, International Mathematics Olympiad Work Book -Class 10. by Mahabir Paperback and last but not least IOS 10 Olympiad of SCIENCE Comprehensive … Silver Zone, International Olympiad. 
  • The Internet can be a great help too for the same as students can find lots of practice papers, worksheets and sample papers online even youtube videos of various topics, or chapters. One must learn to expose themselves to critical and logical thinking by solving sample Math Olympiad questions set by your experts so that you can test your present level. 
  • Sample papers include both the levels that are Level 1 and Level 2 depending on the Level of Olympiad exam for Class 10 that you are going to give plays an important role to understand the exam pattern and the type of questions that are generally asked in their exams so a helpful tip is to not miss it. They can also look up to Olympiad Success which is India’s biggest Olympiad platform for its preparation for Class 10.
  • It should be the student’s utmost importance as it can help a lot in the betterment of the preparation. Try to collect the best information that you can find on the internet and achieve your success with good practice as practice makes a man perfect. Before at least 4 days, students should just revise all the syllabus thoroughly and it is advised not to pick up new topics or concepts to study as this can lead to major stress and panic among students and forgetting the syllabus that they have studied. They should know that these exams can have a very vast syllabus so just stick to all the important topics and understand that one can never get enough practice so just do your best. 
  • IMO Class 10th previous year question paper gives students clarity about the concepts and topics. Solving these papers will help students to understand their drawbacks. After taking tests and completing sample papers, you will learn about your doubts and weak points. Don’t put off answering your questions or improving your weaknesses. Understand those topics thoroughly, and practice answering the questions that will be posted to you.
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In the end, before a day or two of the examination, try to get a proper sound sleep of at least 8 hours as this will help you boost your concentration power and restore all the information that you studied.

Eating healthy food is also one of the most important things to keep in mind, try to stay calm and relax as stress will lead you nowhere and maybe you will not be able to give your hundred percent in your exam. Listen to music, laugh, talk to your friends, or anything else to stay calm.

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During the exam take deep breaths, stay hydrated, manage your time properly, focus on your question paper, and read your questions thoroughly as sometimes in panic or hurry students tend to misread the question and end up solving it wrong.

Do your best and do not think about the result, giving your best is more important as failing or passing does not matter what matters is that you tried your best. All the best Students! Be confident.

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