Preparing for Class 11 Political Science? Read this!!

Political Science, a branch of Social Sciences is a very interesting and inquisitive subject that deals with the systematics theories and practices of the government bodies and politics at different levels right from local to international.

Political Science involves studies of cultural, psychological, and societal problems and tries to bring out factors that influence the working of government and politics.

Political Science of CBSE Board Class 11 concerns with two streams – Comparative Politics and Public Administrations and has a total of twenty chapters like The Indian Constitution, Election, Local governing bodies, International Relations, and ideas of Law, Equality, and Liberty which introduces students to the main outline of concepts, thoughts, and policies in political theories.

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The definition of Political Science given by Aristotle, a Greek thinker was the ‘Study of State’. The subject becomes important as it not only deals with political groups or governing bodies but also with every citizen of the country showing how politics impact lives directly or indirectly.

Why study Political Science?

  • Political Science is a compulsory subject for CBSE Arts stream students thus they have to put in all their efforts in getting good marks in this subject to uplift their overall percentage
  • Gives an idea about the Political Systems around us and changes that take place in the global political economy
  • Provides students with details about the historical setting in the framing of the Indian Constitution with its implementations in real-life politics and compares its key features to the Constitution across the world
  • Introduces students to the world of Renaissance with political thinkers and their viewpoints. This encourages and develops a skill for critical thinking among students to examine and analyze the concepts and develop concern for the political life present around them
  • Students get familiar with the important political events that take place globally. This makes them conscious of the effects that contemporary development brings in shaping our daily lives.  
  • Every student has studied about the independence period of India but Political Science brings into light the post-independence political events. This allows them to analyze the events that took place in recent history and the making of contemporary India.
  • Briefs the students about the concept of the day’s social life of every citizen

Many students fear descriptive subjects like Political Science finding it to be difficult to understand.

Here are some tips on how you can improve with your preparations in this subject 

Go through the syllabus

Nothing will come out of the syllabus. It becomes very crucial for every humanities student to have an overall concept about the topic mentioned in the syllabus so you know what to study and whatnot.

Political Science Class 11 CBSE syllabus has two parts Part A Contemporary World Politics and Part B Politics of India since Independence each dealing with a number of important chapters within them like

PART A– International organizations, Globalization, End of Bipolarity, Era of Cold Wars, South Asian Contemporaries

PART B– India’s external relations, One party dominance, Challenges of Nation-building, Rise of popular movements, Recent Developments in India

Prefer the book prescribed by CBSE Board

The CBSE Board has mentioned using the NCERT Books For Class 11 Political Science hence start your preparation with it. Study the textbook very thoroughly line by line and do not miss any important point or topic.

Political Science deals with a number of important dates to remember and names of organizations from across the globe try to underline them which will help you later during revision. You can also use flashcards which will make your learning simple and convenient

Go for an in-depth understanding of topics

Political Science deals with levels of government existing, different policies and theories of each political party, and different groups influencing the government. Besides these points, it also deals with diplomatic and military strategies employed by the government. The whole portion is a bit complex and requires in-depth understanding and proper clearance. Thus it is very important to get the concepts cleared in Class 11 itself before proceeding to the Class 12 syllabus.  

Prepare notes from the topics

Try to make short notes of the topics that are taught by your political science teacher in class and also refer to the textbook by taking the important keywords and writing them in your own words.

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Start with simply reading the text of your chapter first and then understanding the point of what they are conveying and finally jot them down in your own language. Make sure you do not change the meaning of the phrase and the concept. This process will help you get a clear concept easily by yourself and will avoid mugging up points.

Get your basics cleared

Political Science is a subject in which you can score a perfect 100/100 if the concepts are understood well. Always get your basics cleared by your tutors right at the beginning before shifting to complicated topics.

One can also go through the NCERT textbook which has proper explanations in simple words. Identify the important points that your teacher uses while giving lectures and be quick to jot them down. 

Devote time in self-study

Arrange sessions for self-assessment where you can list down all your weak points regarding any topic and work toward improving it. Figure out the chapters that are time-consuming and difficult to learn and start with them. Completion of harder and lengthier topics right at the beginning will leave you relaxed about your preparation.

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Solving topic-related questions from the previous year’s sample paper will also help you a lot. You will also have enough time to revise them in brief. Self-study will boost your confidence and help in self-improvement. You can easily score well in Political Science with proper guidance from your school teacher and doing self-study instead of taking tuition. 

Discuss on chapters taught

Try to discuss a particular topic taught in the class with your friends. This process will give an exchange of knowledge and will give you a better understanding. For example, you can discuss the concept of sovereignty. All your friends will present their own opinion of sovereignty in their own words and some might also try to illustrate it with an example. Take their ideas and develop them in your own writing. This will help you in presenting some innovative answers.

Political Science is an interesting and highly scoring subject. Work hard and refer to these above-listed tips. That will make  Political Science an easy subject to study.

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