How to Promote Your Business on LinkedIn – Complete Marketing Guide

LinkedIn is the perfect network to promote your brand. It’s a powerful marketing tool that can be used to develop relationships with influencers and other businesses in your industry. This guide will show you promote your business on linkedIn.

LinkedIn is an online professional network that allows members to connect with professionals in their field, share knowledge, and expand their career opportunities. 

Social media platforms are quickly becoming crucial tools for business development, but LinkedIn stands out from all of them due to its focus on business. The most recent growth statistics show that more than 57% of employers use LinkedIn for hiring purposes. 

Many states that the network is just as important or even more important than candidates’ resumes. For jobseekers who are not active on LinkedIn, this should be music to their ears (or at least food for thought). 

While other networks might also help you find new connections and expand your network, only LinkedIn gives you access to everything Facebook does, combined with unlimited messaging and truly inclusive networking.

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn is a social networking site that allows users to create a profile and maintain a personal online resume. LinkedIn members can search for potential job opportunities, contact their professional contacts, and build their skillset with the help of other members on the site. 

The main goal of LinkedIn Marketing is to increase business through creating meaningful connections with potential customers or employees. Two popular forms of marketing on LinkedIn are brand endorsement and influencer marketing. 

Both disciplines rely significantly on the quality of your profile page to attract potential customers and an effective set strategy that you can implement to make connections with decision-makers. 

What is a LinkedIn Business Page?

LinkedIn is a professionally-oriented social media site for business professionals. It has an extensive network of users, with over 200 million members in 2017, and features job postings, career opportunities, company information, and user profiles. 

LinkedIn is an incredible tool for promoting your company to both local and national audiences as a business owner.  

The main appeal of LinkedIn Business Pages is that they are similar to the type of profiles you have on Facebook or Twitter but cost no money, don’t require a monthly subscription fee, and can be built easily through its webinar training sessions. 

How to Set Up a LinkedIn Business Page

  1. Create a Company Page
  • Go to and login with your LinkedIn account
  • Navigate in the menu bar on top, then under ‘Your Page’ click “Create a New Company Page.”
  • Enter the name of the company in the box provided, select the country from the drop-down list, then add a description of why you want the page set up.
  • Then click the Save Profile button 
  • Once saved, click the Set-Up Google My Business Account link, which provides location and address information needed to direct message your experts with a secure URL. 
  • Click Save selected buttons 
  • On the next screen, turn on location services so My Business can be set up in the area you have determined as most suitable for company operation, then click the Continue button.  There must be no spelling or grammar mistakes as this will result in Google’s rejection of your application which could negatively affect future visibility on LinkedIn. 
  1. Add a Cover Photo 

Being social on LinkedIn is an integral part of any job search. You should add a cover photo to your profile to make it stand out and be more visually appealing. To add a cover photo, follow these steps:

  • On the cover pic page, click on three options that fit best to your company brand. You may choose from a set of business-related or ones featuring you in your lifestyle look and feel either using photos. The third option covers all possibilities for businesses looking to portray their presence well across all social media channels.
  • Add a photo of you or your business in front of any existing images.
  • Next, give the person who uploaded it a thumbs up by clicking “Add To My Image.”
  • Once done, upload to Linkedin with title & description
  1. Write a Compelling Summary

LinkedIn is a great resource for job seekers and business owners alike. But to get the most out of it, you need to share your profile and cover photo with potential employers or customers. This is where a LinkedIn summary comes in handy! 

A summary is just a brief description that shows who you are and what you do on LinkedIn. It gives people a quick look at who they’re getting into contact with before they commit time and energy into reading your profile in its entirety.

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A summary tells potential connections to who you are, what kind of work you do, and your professional status. To write a good summary, including being concise but also excellent writing skills are necessary! 

Keep in mind that any positive impact on LinkedIn is nothing less than relieving you of the need to have an eye-catching cover photo or your great profile designed by professionals!

  1. Add Your Location 

LinkedIn allows users to add multiple locations and link them with the user’s LinkedIn accounts. And you can pick from a wide variety of images that represent different cultures or landmarks right on your profile page! 

The location diffuses information exchange between connected parties enabling people around the world to transcend distance as they communicate online by sharing their specific places of culture, history, or belief. 

Benefits of a LinkedIn Business Page

  • Promote Your Products/Services

LinkedIn is a professional social network that has been used in the modern era to help people find jobs, collaborate with colleagues, and connect with friends from all over the world. LinkedIn has been used by large and small businesses to promote their brand and reach out to potential clients. 

The most beneficial aspect of using a LinkedIn Business Page can be “Promote Your Products/Services.” It gives people a place where they can see your company’s website or social media accounts. 

And it also allows you to create a blog or share news about what you’re up to! Promotion is an essential aspect of any business. And, as they say, “not being found.” In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to make your plans known online through social media platforms such as LinkedIn Business Page.

  • Find Job Candidates Easily

LinkedIn offers the opportunity to connect with potential job candidates. Companies can find qualified professionals for open positions through LinkedIn’s multiple recruitment advertising tools. LinkedIn can help companies find people that could fill positions with the right skills.

Using LinkedIn’s Recruiter Tool, Companies can post job opportunities on LinkedIn Platforms, one of the largest recruitment advertising platforms globally. 

Plus, there’s a way you can tell whether or not would-be employees have taken any jobs from your company before by checking their average rating.

  • Share Helpful Content

Creating content can help increase demand for your services, especially if it is well-written and informative. The more you tell potential customers about what’s going on in your business, the more people will want to know. Plus, it’s a great way to start using social media.

Companies are limited in how much content they can place on their business page. However, there is no restriction to the number of posts that an individual may put out each day. 

However, every post must be at least 100 words and contain a value for all LinkedIn members, including yourself – remember you need to positively affect your user rating by always putting positive information about what you do into your posts. 

  • Increase Your Searchability

LinkedIn is a social networking site that lets users create and maintain professional profiles, including information such as personal background, education, work history, and interests. 

It also provides its members with the ability to view each other’s profiles and connect with them. LinkedIn Business Pages allow for these connections to be made between companies. 

A LinkedIn profile is designed to make you easily searchable. You can choose the sort of information that appears when people search for you such as company name and industry, brand, and job title. Setting up a Business Page increases your visibility on LinkedIn (and business pages). 

Instead of only appearing in searches by people with your general profession or interest, yours will show up separately under “Financial Services Associate” or whatever category best describes what you do professionally. 

  • Connect with Your Target Audience

People who have a business page view it as more legitimate and trustworthy. It helps businesses build awareness about their services or what they do. 

Some people use LinkedIn without any deeper association with the company to look for jobs online, making them very specific in contacting companies whose profile gets listed on Business Pages. This enhances the exposure and makes them more desirable and credible to potential employers. 

How to create a LinkedIn marketing strategy

  1. LinkedIn marketing strategy

Many companies use LinkedIn as a marketing tool to reach out to potential partners, build business relationships, and get new leads. Businesses need to understand how they can use LinkedIn effectively to get the most bang for their buck.

Companies must define what their goals are on using LinkedIn. If they do not, then the business will gain nothing after all their efforts. If a company uses LinkedIn to increase visibility, it must have specific objectives in mind.

  1. Understand Your Audience

For a business to be successful on LinkedIn, it must have a targeted audience. To get started, they will need to understand the real users that visit their website and how these visitors use this platform.

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Another method of reaching out beyond your network is through passive distribution. You allow others within your company or industry an open line of communication with potential clients by posting relevant content.

Suppose another person or client runs across anything related directly from or about you. In that case, there might be something useful in the post for them to sign up for additional social media marketing services. 

If not already from someone obvious enough, they can easily see your approach or try to distinguish yours from that one which probably means active distribution.

  1. Optimize Your Company Page

The companies that are most successful at this task will be the ones who ensure their pages look professional, engaging, and consistent. 

If you want top-notch help to create a visually appealing profile for your company, the ideal way would be by using LinkedIn’s Professional Profile Templates. Optimizing your company page can make or break your reputation on the site.

The introductions must come from someone in the business circle. Obviously, an expert in whatever field of expertise overlaps with your industry. List all departments & people working there, including job titles emphasizing key personnel’s most important roles to prospects. 

Social media marketing services leading companies will create a target market strategy that includes various professionals, each focusing on one group within this larger audience.

  1. Promote Your Company Page 

The LinkedIn marketing strategy is a great way to increase sales. This strategy entails linking your company’s website with the LinkedIn application, allowing consumers to find your company by typing in a search term and clicking on your business.

To promote Your Company Page, you’ll need to join the Linkedin Company Directory, free of charge. You can also hire a professional public relations company to promote your business on LinkedIn using these strategies by running ads with specific messaging designed to target customers correctly with the most effective content.

  1. Create Relevant and Engaging Content

At startup, this is what you should be using your company page content for the people using LinkedIn to find your business. You can use it however you like but at least do something useful here first before trying any other marketing strategy on LinkedIn. 

Use interesting and engaging images that relate to each department of work in your business, including links to websites relevant to just about every group within prospects. Ensure your company’s page URL is properly optimized to work on every search engine. 

This includes one-word keywords within a 2 -3 word domain name. Limit the content on each of these pages, so people only have about 10% or more text at any given time, and ensure you pick all relevant images! 

This way, when people come across some awesome image while browsing their LinkedIn account, they will be more likely to skip it entirely.

  1. Use Images and Videos

Each image should be optimized for LinkedIn to show up in results. If you aren’t using tags, include them with the relevant keywords so that where people click through on links will also appear indexed by google. 

Videos generally perform better because they rank higher when listed rather than text links, so they can aid your business visibility significantly! It is important not to use overly inflated descriptions, unlike PPC marketing online, and this allows potential customers more space within which actual contact information appears. 

Remember to always use compelling logos that are attractive and relate to what your company does or even personal identifiable benefits your company provides to the public.

  1. Check your performance & analytics.

After you’ve launched to make sure your marketing is doing the job! Check all reported keywords, and analyze where visitors are coming from and what people are clicking on. Then examine how much traffic you receive overall in comparison with other similar companies within LinkedIn, you can start getting all these data and insights and analyze the business outcome by using a PR analytics tool, again performance here should affect everything else that follows for sound business management.

Promote Your Business on LinkedIn (Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips)

  1. Use hashtags

Hashtags work exceptionally well on LinkedIn because users are allowed to describe themselves, their industry, and even how they communicate. This is one of the most powerful uses for hashtags that people will use within business accounts with lots of content, imagine if everyone started using them! 

You can easily include fill-words into your hashtagged descriptions which allows you to flesh out any truncated sentences without having to crawl through lengthy length descriptions each time you want to mention another specific keyword. 

Hashtag’s also meant for higher flexibility than listed text, so again tools like Twitter could be used underlined or uploaded images with specific hashtags to gain more visibility.

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Although hoteling on LinkedIn may not be the right channel for all businesses, if your company offers products or services that could potentially support higher incentives than internet visitors, then you should use owned channels such as Facebook & Twitter substantially.

  1. Create posts of varying lengths

When you start digging through people’s LinkedIn profiles page by page of links, there isn’t much for regular content (photos, comments) to grab onto. However, once someone clicks through on a link, their profile will say something about what they do and where it fits in the amount of other similar companies appearing within LinkedIn, so especially if starting out with an eCommerce company, this is essential. 

Facebook can also be used as another avenue for increasing LinkedIn visitors by embedding your affiliate links into posts that act like blog articles/articles just reputed around how great or beneficial your product or service may be, and this can also be boosted with hashtags.

  1. Share external articles on the platform. 

It is an effective method for influencers to post relevant external blog posts on LinkedIn profiles. Such content can be extremely helpful in promoting a company, its products, and its services.

If your goal is to get exposure from other employees within the same business who may not have been exposed to your website or likely know about it because of similar industry parameters, you should bear in mind that this might create competition and drive down sales by existing customers purchasing something else instead if they do happen upon one of these articles since they will already understand what’s good about it based off previous experiences with yours but won’t actually need it.

  1. Keep your publishing schedule consistent.

Keep your publishing schedule consistent for Powerful LinkedIn Marketing. The more you publish, the more people see how active a person is on social media and the better their status looks. 

It also helps to keep your account fresh and engaging, which has a positive impact on Google searches. You can easily improve your bios, cover photos, and status message when creating an account. 

Advertise yourself in groups to increase visibility on profiles by keeping them updated with appropriate information about your business. 

Engage with the profile owner through commenting updates or just joining their group, which is equivalent to becoming a member of that group. This will enable you to connect more meaningful conversations with potential customers, which eventually materializes into sales for products or services provided by that particular company. 

  1. Send out personalized In Mail.

LinkedIn has become a very popular place for connecting with people, and it’s also a great platform for professional networking. It’s no surprise that this is where many business professionals spend their time on the internet, and there’s plenty of opportunities to reach your target audience. 

However, not everyone who has an account on LinkedIn will respond to you or even read your message. To get better results, send out personalized In Mails that will catch the attention of more people and make them want to take action. 

You can customize your In Mail with different types of content to get the type of response you are looking for. Keep in mind that the more personal and compelling your message, the better results you are going to have.

  1. Run ads using the Matched Audiences feature

LinkedIn provides an opportunity for professionals to connect with their target audience. There are many ways that businesses can use to reach potential customers on the platform, but one of the most effective options is to reach out through LinkedIn ads. 

The Matched Audiences feature allows businesses to create customized ad campaigns specifically for their target market based on demographics and other important data. 

You will be able to see all of your ads in one place so that you can track how well they’re doing, which gives you much more control over your LinkedIn marketing budget than if you were using the ads across other social media platforms.


LinkedIn is a very popular platform for professionals, and it’s also a great place to connect with people. With the personalized In Mails feature, you can reach your target audience and communicate with them effectively. 

By adding targeted ads to your LinkedIn marketing campaign, you can reach more people and capture more leads at very little cost. 

As long as there is someone with the potential of being interested in what you are selling or offering on LinkedIn, they will be able to see your message. So if you want better results when it comes to reaching new customers through the platform, use these tips for effective Marketing with LinkedIn social media!

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