BusinessBest 3 Property Management Companies to Hire

Best 3 Property Management Companies to Hire

Due to the number of options available, finding the right Airbnb property management companies can be a daunting task.  However, getting a property management company or manager can relieve the stress of managing your properties, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Even though there are pros and cons to opting for a property management industry, choosing the right management company will ensure your property runs smoothly. From guest inquiries to cleaning and laundry, and short and long-term stays, these companies can handle all, allowing you to focus on making the most of your profits and delivering the finest service to your guests. This, in turn, attracts more guests.

This is why we have compiled a list of the best 3 property management companies you can hire that will meet the needs of property owners and guests. You should consider any from this list and enjoy their variety of services.

Best Property Management Companies to Hire

— Vacasa

Vacasa Logo

Vacasa mainly focuses on Airbnb property management, even though they offer other real estate services as well. They manage over 35,000 vacation homes in different parts of the world and bring in more than 3 million guests each year for their owners.

Vacasa manages properties for both small-scale and large-scale real estate investors. Their main customers are part-time vacation rental owners who live far away and don’t have the time or knowledge to rent out their homes themselves. Nonetheless, as long as it doesn’t interfere with any guest bookings, owners can still use their property whenever they want.



Property management

Getting homes ready to rent out

Handling bookings

24/7 customer service to guests

Setting dynamic daily rates


Creating polished listings

Promoting vacation Rentals online

Managing reviews

Collecting and filing taxes

Preparing financial reports

Using data to make decisions

Technology-optimized operations

Dedicated local teams

Great marketing strategies

Optimized rates

Smart home features

Interior design


Vacasa services these locations:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

Vacasa does not offer services in Arkansas, Connecticut, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, or West Virginia.


Vacasa has different fees for different places and houses, but those fees are unknown. The Airbnb property management agreement is nowhere to be found on their website either. So we do not know how much they charge for managing properties at the moment.


Tel: 800-544-0300

Email: [email protected]


We come to a resort here in South Carolina about every year we always walk through Vacasa they make it easy and simple Baywatch Resort is one of the finest.” —  Ronald Stewart

Place had everything you need for, well located, but here are some of the things that we obeserved: the beds need new spring boxes, we felt like water beds, i had the worst backache, the noice coming from upstairs was so bad, you can literally hear every steps and at 1 point we felt that the people above us were gonna fall through the ceiling. The building is pretty runned down, need more TLC , the carpet in the hallway is bad. lights in hallway stay always on, and shine in the bedroom.” —  Carole Dodd


  • Vacasa offers a bunch of services like property management services including booking, guest communication, advertising, housekeeping, and maintenance.
  • They use advanced technology for successful marketing to increase rental income.
  • Properties are marketed on major rental platforms as well as Vacasa’s own website, enhancing visibility.
  • It offers professional photography to all its listings, helping properties to stand out in the marketplace.
  • They have a special portal for owners to easily keep track of bookings, property, and finances.
  • 24/7 guest service all through guest’s stay.


  • Some property owners find Vacasa’s management fees higher compared to some local competitors.
  • There are mixed reviews on service quality, which can depend on the local team or location.
  • Some owners report challenges with communication and responsiveness from the management team.

Some property owners find Vacasa’s management fees higher compared to some local competitors. They are also not really transparent with their fees.

The process of getting started with Vacasa is designed to be easy for homeowners like you who want to invest in property management. Go to Vacasa’s website and enter your property address. They’ll give you an estimate of how much money you can make by renting out your property. This will help you decide whether hiring Vacasa will make you more money.

They also have Homeowner Consultants who you can call to get answers to all your questions and help you decide if Vacasa is a good fit for your investment goals.

You’ll be connected with a local expert who knows the market if you choose to work with Vacasa. They’ll talk to you about how much money you can make from your vacation rental, the fees they charge for managing it, and the local team they have in place.

— MasterHost

MasterHost Logo

MasterHost, founded in 2014, is the first Canadian company that focuses on Airbnb Management. They specialize in managing seasonal and vacation rental properties. If you’re someone who wants to rent out your space on platforms like Airbnb or if you need full-service property management, look no further than MasterHost. They provide almost all services including cleaning, property maintenance, and many more.

MasterHost is one of the best choices for you among other property management companies because they do pretty much everything from maintenance to cleaning, and you name it. They also help with licensing and insurance to keep your company safe from financial losses or any kind of trouble.



24/7 management

Airbnb licensing assistance

Cleaning and laundry

Airbnb Guest Book

Property maintenance and emergency response

Short-term rental Insurance Guidance

Price optimization

Listing content

Key exchange


Booking management

Guest communication and support

Interior Design and Photography

Long-term management


MasterHost primarily operates in Canada, with a strong emphasis on major urban centers and popular vacation destinations. These include major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, London, Montreal, Florida, and Quebec City along with various sought-after vacation spots spread all over the country.


BASIC: 10% per booking
PREMIUM: 15% per booking

FULL: 12% per booking




“Great service and solid performance. They have been managing my home in Kits for a while and maintained Superhost status. I'm really grateful to my agent for prompt responses to guests and handling all past emergencies.” — Jessica Lee


  • Their dedicated team saves you a ton of time because their hands are always on deck to handle every one of your requests like repair needs. Their 24/7 management services keep guest’s mind at peace.
  • No onboarding or cancelation fees.
  • MasterHost cares about the different needs of property owners. That’s why their offerings span from basic property management to premium to full-service packages that encompass every aspect of the rental process.
  • Clients are given complete control of their Airbnb accounts and listings. They also receive payments directly from the platform.
  • You don’t need to stress about getting all the linens, towels, bathroom, and kitchen supplies for your home. Once everything is ready and in place, the cleaners will make sure to refill these supplies for you.
  •  They make sure you have the right licenses and insurance.


  • Some customers claim MasterHost charges hidden fees when terminating contracts.

If you are based in London and need an Airbnb property management company, you can check out MasterHost’s London services through

It’s also important for property owners to understand the legal framework that governs London’s short-term letting to ensure compliance with local regulations. Learn more about this through

— Evolve

Evolve is a big company with lots of happy owners and guests. It was established in 2011 by Brian Egan and Adam Sherry and has helped millions of people have amazing vacations and make billions of dollars in rental income. They started by just managing vacation rentals, but as time passed, also added real estate to their portfolio.

With Evolve, property owners can be sure to have a complete property management service with trustworthy assistance, effective marketing tactics, and adaptable agreements. They provide professional advice and valuable resources to assist homeowners in successfully starting vacation rentals and growing their finances.



Property marketing and surveillance
Vacation rental property listing
Handling booking
Guest communication
Flexible pricing strategy
Matching owners with local cleaning services


Evolve service areas throughout the United States and North America.


Evolve applies a flat fee of 10% on the total revenue generated, irrespective of the property's location, type, or size.


Tel: 877 818 1014


Evolve takes the burden off me. A phone call and they take the problem from there, keeping us informed and involved along the way. It's worth the price for the professional, one-stop shopping experience Evolve provides.” — Ken C

Nice simple basic condo for a short stay. Could use a deep clean for dust around vents and some maintenance on towel rods and shower curtain rods that kept falling. Not having the luxury of AC outside of the condo timeframe is a pain, but it was clearly communicated up front. Sheets and towels could use replacing.” — Sheila Dupuis 


  • Properties are marketed on major rental platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, and, increasing exposure.
  • Evolve offers professional photography to improve listing appeal, which can increase bookings.
  • Evolve property management handles all guest communication before, during, and after their visit. They decide on booking requests, answer guest inquiries, and deal with any problems that come up during the stay.
  • Unlike some other property management companies like Vacasa, Evolve is more transparent about how much they charge and what you need to sign before managing your vacation rental. They only take a 10% fee once guests start checking in, so they only earn money when you do, helping you make the most profit.
  • To compensate for not helping with cleaning, the company helps match owners with local cleaning services.


  • Evolve does not help in furnishing, cleaning properties, or restocking supplies. They rely on third-party services for this.
  • Owners may need to be more involved in the day-to-day management, which can be a drawback for those looking for a fully hands-off approach.

Benefits of Property Management Companies/Property Managers

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Property managers take care of all maintenance and repair tasks. They have networks of trusted professionals like plumbers, electricians, and handymen for quicker and more budget-friendly service.
  • Property management companies can manage multiple properties efficiently, making it easier for owners to expand their investment portfolios without the proportional increase in personal workload.
  • These companies have special ways to carefully and thoroughly screen potential guests. They look at things like credit scores, rental history, and other background checks to make sure they get good tenants.
  • Property management companies are skilled in marketing and can help ensure that your property does not stay vacant for long. They are good at deciding how much to charge for rent, coming up with clever ways to advertise, and making sure people want to keep renting from them.
  • Having a property manager saves you time because they take care of all the day-to-day responsibilities associated with rentals. They handle everything from the little things that happen every day to the big emergencies meaning you don’t have to worry.
  • They handle the collection of rent and ensure that it is paid on time. They also maintain financial records related to rental activity, which can be useful for accounting and tax purposes.
  • Hiring good property management companies leads to happier tenants, which in turn leads to longer tenancy periods.
  • Property managers know a lot about what’s happening in the market. They can help you figure out ways to upgrade your property or amend the rental agreement so you continue earning.

Don’t stress about managing your Airbnb property — let the experts handle it!

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