Pros and Cons of Advanced Pet Products

Most people treat their pets as they would their loved ones—with care and respect. They make sure their pets get the best relating to food, toys, vets, and pet insurance. Most pet owners who are attached to their pets tend to spend more for them than for themselves. This is why the industry for pet products exists and continues to grow because pet lovers always want what’s best for their babies.

In fact, some pet owners buy stuff no matter how frivolous they are, like salmon-flavored toothpaste for their cats or a fur-lined coat for their dogs. While most pet products are good for pets, there are some that do nothing, and there are some that pet parents should stay away from.
If you want to know the pros and cons of various pet products, then read below.

Pet Bathtubs

Are you one of those people who use their own bathtub or even the kitchen sink to bathe small pets? With a pet bathtub, you don’t have to!

These tubs are specifically designed to be less wasteful with water as they only hold less, compared to those that use old methods. Some bathtubs even come with a special harness with which you can secure your pets to avoid them thrashing around in the water especially if they’re not fond of bath times.

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While this may be good, it’s only for small pets, so it is not at all that inclusive for pet owners with bigger pets. Furthermore, pet bathtubs can be expensive for a piece of plastic that can hold water and soap. If you have back problems, this is not good for you too because, as small as it is, you need to bend down or put it up to safely bathe your pet without putting your back in peril.

LED-Powered Leashes

Pets are ultimately so involved in our lives that they tend to do what their masters do as well. If you’re a fan of jogging with your dog, then get a reflective dog leash so you can easily do your rounds around the neighborhood. It allows for visibility not just for the dog but for you as well, especially on really dark and rainy nights and gloomy days.

These special leashes can either be made with reflectorized material or with LED that is USB rechargeable. Each has its own pros and cons, but while reflectorized leashes don’t use extra energy, they don’t light up in the dark as brightly as LED-lit ones do. Conversely, the LED-powered ones will need time, energy, and effort for them to work the way they should.

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Interactive Pet Camera

It’s like a webcam or a security camera but for your pets. Ultimately, it’s something you can have to check up on your precious babies when you’re away on work or on vacation. Some pet cameras have lasers you can control to “play” with cats. Others dispense treats for dogs and cats.

The downside is that it can be a little bit expensive, and this item can be considered a splurge or a luxury item. Granted that this item gives you some peace of mind, spending anything over $100 for a pet product can be pretty steep for regular pet owners.

Another point is that, while it is designed as a camera, it can only be used in one room, therefore limiting your view and chances of “interacting” with your pets to that just one room, so you have to pick the best place where they always hang out.

Insect-Repellent Collar

Pests like ticks and fleas are the most annoying bugs that can infect furry little friends and other pets. If you have outdoor-active pets that like to run around and explore in forests, rivers, or even around other dogs, then an insect-repellent collar is a must-have.

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There are different styles for this kind of collar, but basically, it is treated with permethrin, which is effective for pesky little insects that may cause harm to precious fur babies. The downside of insect-repellent accessories is that they are mostly for adult pets because the chemical additive may be too harmful to the younger ones.

Another thing to consider is that they don’t last long. The effectiveness of the repellent has a due date, and you may have to keep on buying if you want your pet to be suitably protected.

Stylish Litter Box

Cat owners know that it can get rank really fast when the cat litter box does not get changed often. This is especially true if you have more than one cat and one tiny box for all of them. That is why some designers have come up with specialized litter boxes that are stylish enough to pass as a hallway decor and is also functional for cats to use it with ease.
While normal litter boxes are cheap, the stylish ones are actually more expensive because of their special features. Some designer litter boxes have robotic mechanisms that automatically replace the litter after every little number 2 or have odor-reducing capabilities that take care of that smell before it has a chance to linger inside the house.

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The most effective way for getting rid of cat poop smell is to change the litter promptly or to take the cats out for walks so they can go to the bathroom in nature, naturally. The downside to the latter is that you have to clean up after your cat, but if it beats having your house smell like permanent feline farts, then it may be worth trying.

The Bottom Line

You and your pets have the strongest bond, so it is natural for you to know they need the best. Sure, there are thousands or even millions of pet products out there, but it doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to get them for your little friend.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t if you want to. It all boils down to your decision and how you feel will best protect or give comfort to your pet.
What pet products do you know of that have changed your life and your pet’s? List them down in the comments.

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