Reasons Why You Need a VPN for Firestick or Online Surfing

Many, if not all of us, around the world, use the Internet for hours each day. After all, we can do almost anything and everything online!

While the Internet has been extremely useful in various ways, it also has its disadvantages. Unfortunately, the Internet is just as dangerous as it is beneficial, with your data, browning activity, or even your identity being under constant threat as you surf the web. 

Sure, you might be considering to cut the cord and live life without the Internet, or at least remove all forms of risky sites. However, this may be extremely difficult, especially when most websites pose some sort of risk or threat over your security, whether big or small.

One of the best solutions is to get a VPN, which you may have heard after you jailbreak a Firestick or from those extra careful in terms of their online information. Read on as I show you what a VPN is and why you need one!

What is a VPN?

A VPN, which is short for a Virtual Private Network, provides anonymity and online privacy through creating private networks from public internet connections. It provides even more privacy compared to secured Wi-Fi hotspots, masking your internet protocol (IP) address so all your online actions will be untraceable. 

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While there are many VPNs available to invest in, one of the best is IPVanish, offering one of the fastest and most reliable VPNs through establishing encrypted connections using a tunneling protocol. This would transmit data leaving your device, including your device information and the content of internet traffic. 

Why You Need a VPN

Now that you know what VPNs are (and where you can get it from!), why do you need it? Whether you’re focused on online surfing or using a Firestick (and any other device, jailbroken or not), here are the reasons why you should invest in a VPN:

  1. Hide from the Government Surveillance

Did you know that governments and agencies worldwide monitor their citizens’ online activities? This is done to help preserve national security, though no one wants their personal information pried open like that, feeling like all their moves are followed. With VPN, your online activity stays private as you will be hidden from any company or person around the world. 

Adding to this, your online activity will be hidden from companies that use your online information to provide you targeted ads and offers. This puts a stop to data collection and spying, for your reassurance.

  1. Bypass Censorship

Government surveillance is pretty bad, but what’s worse is censorship by them, in the case of those from China, Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, among other countries. Many social networking platforms and websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, and even news websites are blocked here. To have online freedom, you need a VPN so it will change your IP address, spoofing your current location while encrypting traffic to hide online activity.

  1. Use Kodi Freely and Download P2P

Kodi is one of the most popular media streaming apps today, which are usually found on jailbroken Amazon Firesticks. It provides access to streaming services and gives streaming links so you can watch any movie or TV show anywhere. However, these links aren’t usually legal to use as they provide access to copyrighted content. 

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While legal to use the app, accessing the copyrighted content isn’t. If found by ISP or the legal authorities, you might get into serious trouble. That’s why you need a VPN to stay undetected, getting access to all your favorite forms of media without issue.

Besides this, you can also download P2P services and torrents properly, particularly those that are in relation to copyrighted content. This avoids a hefty fine or jail time, as no one will know you’re downloading torrents, or even knowing if what you downloaded was copyrighted.

  1. Protect Your Identity and Data

You’re most likely using the Internet to make payments, access your bank account, and perform all types of actions that require you to input sensitive information. That’s everything you need to hide from anyone, but unfortunately, there will be users who can hack and intercept your data as it’s being transferred.

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VPN will encrypt all data that goes through their servers, keeping all your sensitive information online safe.

  1. Browse on Public Networks Safely

If you will need to travel a lot of head to different areas to use public wireless networks, you should know that the security of these networks is close to non-existent. This makes it easy for just about anyone to know what you’re doing and when you’re connected to such networks. Hackers and malicious users find public networks a hotspot, ready to gain access to anything valuable to them.

Obviously, this is extremely dangerous when accessing bank accounts or going through corporate data, among other sensitive information. With a VPN, all information and activity stay safe and secure. That’s why VPNs are an absolute must for those who are usually on the go, using public networks over their own.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, this list of the reasons why you need a VPN encourages you to invest in one now. Don’t wait any longer and check out IPVanish and other VPN options to keep your data safe and secure now.

Do you have questions or want to share your tips and experiences when it comes to VPNs, share them in the comments section below? Your thoughts will be much appreciated. 

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