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How AI Can Help Create a Safer Gambling Experience

When people imagine the role of artificial intelligence in various industries, their minds likely wander to an all-knowing computer that can take any action that it wants. Such a future may come to pass in many decades, but artificial intelligence in the present is rather different.

AI tools play a huge role in various sectors, sometimes without people even realizing it.

Below is an explanation of how artificial intelligence is likely to shape the gambling industry in the coming years.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

When we talk about AI, we are discussing an area of computer science that pertains to intelligent machines. These computers can work in a way that humans would.

Such intelligence means that AI can solve problems, learn, reason, and even show some social intelligence. 

While there is still a long way to go in the development of AI, there are already some outstanding uses for artificial intelligence. That is why so many businesses around the world are pouring billions into researching and developing AI.

In this article, we’ll explore some exciting AI future applications and discuss their impact on the gambling industry.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

AI and Gambling

The gambling industry has a lot to gain from machine learning. Casinos do a lot of work-related to online marketing, voice and facial recognition, and fraud detection.

One of the big advantages that AI offers such businesses, and all industries, is the handling of busywork. If repetitive tasks are crucial to an online casino’s operation, the AI could take over from any humans currently responsible for those tasks.

That would take a huge burden off the online casino’s staff, allowing them to focus on other matters, such as improving the interface and overall gambling experience.

Companies that are leveraging AI as part of their operations would be able to excel while having fewer staff. They would still do a better job of improving the online betting interface, compared to companies whose employees are preoccupied with “busy work.”

Below are some of the ways that AI could further help online casinos.

Safer Betting

Artificial intelligence being used within online casinos would make for a much safer and more secure gambling experience. A company using AI would have a machine constantly monitoring its servers to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

If there is any threat, the AI can move to secure customer information, protect their accounts, and ensure any intruders or unwanted guests are not allowed to access sensitive information.

People may see online gambling as little more than a hobby, but it is a huge passion for a lot of bettors. The industry generates a lot of money, which means that most online casinos are moving significant sums each day.

Having an extra layer of protection to ensure that all the funds being added by customers are secure, and that their bank details are not falling into the wrong hands, would create peace of mind for players.

Safer Betting

Encouraging Responsible Gambling

Another way that artificial intelligence will change online gambling is through encouraging people to bet responsibly. Imagine if there was a program that could start a conversation with a player when they were spending a sum of money that trips a few red flags.

Say that person is putting a lot more money into their account than usual. Perhaps the AI could ask some verification questions to ensure the correct person is accessing the account.

Even if you are the account holder and putting a lot of money onto your balance, the AI may try to explain the dangers of betting so much money quickly.

Players who have the means could provide an explanation and satisfy the online casino that they are within their rights to bet that much money. Those who are betting beyond their means may see this as the necessary hurdle that stopped them from losing a lot of money on gambling.

Detecting Cheaters

A real problem for both casinos and online casinos is cheating. People are always trying to take advantage of the system when it comes to card games, even if the outcome of those games is determined by RNG.

Fraudsters and cheaters can use many tools to cheat at online casinos, such as hacking the system or having a way to duplicate the RNG that the online casino system is creating.

When an online casino has access to the appropriate AI technology, they would be able to catch these cheaters quickly and efficiently. Such a process would save them money, but most importantly improve the experience for everyone else.

Other players would not have to worry about getting into games and dealing with cheaters, as they would be swiftly removed from the servers and never allowed to create another account.

An Enjoyable and Private Betting Experience

Gamblers want a few things when they are using an online casino. They want access to a lot of games, easy ability to add and withdraw money, and total privacy.

Using artificial intelligence makes each of those three aspects a lot stronger. Sites with AI would ensure that all consumer funds are 100 percent secure and provide a more secure gaming experience.

Rather than having staff assess member accounts to check for cheating, fraud, or excessive gambling problems, the AI would do these things automatically. That means no human is accessing your information, but your account is still protected.

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