SocialHow Shadowban Can Permanently Ruin All Your Effort And Profile On Instagram

How Shadowban Can Permanently Ruin All Your Effort And Profile On Instagram

When you are into the business, you know the value of social media. It has the power to build popularity for you and your brand. Many business owners meet success in no time by using social media marketing

Platforms like Instagram helped many retail businesses to grow on a large scale. But no blessing comes without a curse. On Instagram, it is known as Shadowban or shadow banning. You are probably unfamiliar with the word, but we believe you are very familiar with the situation.

How Does Shadowban Work?

You might have millions of followers and use Instagram to promote your brand. You probably create and upload content every day. But some of those contents are not visible there, or maybe your entire profile is invisible to the public unless some of them are following you on Instagram. If your followers share your post on their profile, they will face the same situation. This entire invisible situation is known as Shadowban.

The Way Shadowban Harms Your Profile

Now the problem is we often do not realize shadowban. As a result, you cannot interact with your potential followers or lose existing followers rapidly. Instagram was never created as a marketing platform. But later, people found it easier to use Instagram for themselves and their business brand in a broader way. 

Why did Instagram Started Shadow Banning?

However, Instagram did not outlaw the process of promoting business but set some rules. Many marketers repeatedly overlooked those rules and continued to upload unprincipled content. As a result, Instagram started controlling them with the help of shadow banning. It eventually affected those who were not even violating any Instagram rules.

The Process of identifying

The Process of Identifying Instagram Shadowban

If you are one of those growing retailers using Instagram to interact with fans and clients, you are probably facing the same issue. Experts belonging to Pearl Lemon Group have devised a very effective strategy to identify if your account is also facing the issue. But before that, you need to check it for surety.

  • Use Hashtag Examination

The hashtag examination is the best way to determine if your Instagram profile has been shadowbanned. Also, you can follow the Instagram Shadowban Test.

  • Use a Reliable Shadowban Testing Tool

A trusted shadowban testing tool will help you scrutinize all your content and identify those posts that already have shadowban.

  • Get Aware of the Instagram Hashtag Banned List

We recommend you check the list before posting if you plan to post new content or images using the hashtag. This practice will decrease the possibility for your post to fall under hashtag ban or shadowban.


An Instagram shadowban lasts for almost 14 days. However, if your post continuously falls under shadowban, it may lead you to lose your account permanently. You can reduce the possibility by not harming the violation rules and keeping aware of the hashtag-banned rules. But if you have already been affected by shadow banning, get help from an expert. 

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