How To'sEffective Smartphone Tracking Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

Effective Smartphone Tracking Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

Effective Smartphone Tracking Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

Anyone who’s experienced the misfortune of losing their smartphone understands the pain of replacing this vital communication tool and would definitely wish they had known a few smartphone tracking hacks earlier. Your phone is your connection to the world. It provides a conduit that allows you to reach out and touch anyone, anywhere on the planet. Being without your phone for a few hours can feel like you’ve lost a limb. It’s when we don’t have it that we understand its essential role in our lives.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best; this undeniable truth extends into how you manage your smartphone as well. Even the most cautious people can lose their phone or have it stolen from them. In this case, a tracking app will help you recover your device.

Here are a few smartphone tracking hacks you wish you knew before your phone went missing.

3 Effective Smartphone Tracking Hacks You Should Know

Read through them and apply your new knowledge before it’s too late.

Find your Phone with Google

Android users can use Google to find their missing smartphone. Visit the Play Store and download the “Find My Device” app. This user-friendly application takes a few seconds to download and install, and it’s very accurate. When your device goes missing, open up your Google account on any other internet-enabled device, such as a laptop, tablet, or a friend’s smartphone.

Next, type “find my device” into the search bar. Google will open the app interface on the device and show you the last known location of your smartphone. If you’ve misplaced your device, then it should be relatively easy to find. Select the option to call your phone, and Google will do so for you. The ringer activates even if your phone is in silent mode. Chances are you’ll hear the phone ringing somewhere in your home or out in your car.

If your phone is stolen by a criminal, you might not have the good fortune of finding it again, even with this app. A thief will likely remove the battery and SIM card from the phone. In this case, Google will only show you the last known location of the device.

To protect your data from the thief, click on the option to lock and wipe your phone of its data. This strategy ensures that the criminal doesn’t gain access to your personal information.

Find My iPhone for iOS Users

This application works much in the same way as the Google “Find My Device” feature. iPhone users can turn on their location recovery app by visiting their iPhone settings and turning on the “Find My iPhone” feature. When your device goes missing, log into your iCloud account on any internet-enabled device.

The app interface is similar to the Google features and presents you with the option to track location data or wipe your phone.

Third-Party Tracking Apps

Along with the standard tracking apps from Google and Apple, you have the option to download a third-party tracking software to your smartphone. While it may seem redundant to do so, a third-party app has a host of benefits that extend beyond tracking alone.

A third-party app like GPS-Handy Orten provides you with GPS satellite tracking as a standard feature. However, it also allows you to upload and connect your family member’s devices as well. Create a private network for your family, and the app keeps track of the whereabouts of your family members 24 hours a day.

The app data offers enhanced features such as when they last used their device, as well as the battery life they have left. You get the same geo-location tools that provide your location history and real-time whereabouts.

The app even gives you real-time notifications when the members of your network arrive at specific locations. There’s no more need for your son or daughter to send you a text when they get to their friend’s house. On their way there, the app sends you a report of their driving behavior as well. You’ll stay informed of dangerous driver actions like hard breaking or using their phone while driving.

The Final Thought – Take Action Today

Now, you know the best smartphone tracking hacks to recover a lost or stolen smartphone. Don’t procrastinate on applying the information. Visit the Play Store or Apple Store and download GPS-Handy Orten right away. You never know when you’ll need it, tomorrow could be too late. Be proactive and take action today!

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