Stand a chance to Win the new Umidigi A5 Pro

Umidigi has been releasing a lot of smartphones recently which includes a lot of giveaways. Their recent giveaway was the newly launched Umidigi Power which packs some nice specs.
Recently, they launched many smartphones which include Umidigi F1, Umidigi F1 Play which comes with a 48MP camera, and the Umidigi S3 Pro which also comes with a 48MP Sony Camera.
The last smartphone they launched was the Umidigi Power which packs a huge 5150MaH battery and NFC.
The Umidigi Power was given away to 10 lucky winners and now, they have launched the giveaway of the Umidigi A5 Pro.
Umidigi A5 Pro comes with a lot of interesting features like a Triple Camera at the back and a huge battery of 4150Mah.
One of the Umidigi A5 Pro Camera features is it Ultra Wide Angle Lens and some other cool features.
As 48MP is on trend now and the main feature of the Umidigi A3 Pro is its Triple Camera, we would be expecting it to have a 48MP Camera and other Cameras.
The Umidigi A5 Pro boost of Dual SIM and a micro SD Slot and many other wonderful features.

Umidigi A5 Pro Colors
Umidigi A5 Pro Colors

This giveaway is not restricted to any country, its an international giveaway, and anybody is qualified to participate.
A total number of 18 smartphones is set to be given away on this current giveaway. Do not be left out.

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