AppsThe Five Best Apps for Anxiety

The Five Best Apps for Anxiety

With the go-go-go world we’re all living in, it’s no wonder anxiety levels are exceptionally high. An inundation of too much to do and too little time to do it combined with societal pressure and social media has produced a breeding ground for anxiety and depression diagnoses across the nation. Even if you haven’t been officially diagnosed, anxiety can rear its ugly head in many ways.

Whether you’re dealing with work-related anxiety, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, or you’re just feeling stressed; there is an excellent repository of apps that can help reduce stress and thereby leave you better able to cope with feelings of anxiety. Here are some ones that top the list. 

Sanvello – Anxiety and Depression Therapy, Coaching, and Self-Care

Sanvello is one of those apps that allows you to record how you’re feeling each day. Based on your input over time, the app recommends routines, meditations, coaching, etc., to establish a wellness goal and then track your progress as you run the course. If you live in the U.S., you can access Sanvello through your health plan for free. If you’re outside the U.S., you can still use some of Sanvello’s features for free or pay a small fee for monthly access to all features. 

BetterHelp – Online Counseling

BetterHelp is a robust app that links clients to counselors virtually. This app provides online counseling for a whole host of needs to include mental wellness maintenance, addiction issues, anxiety and depression, relationship therapy, abuse or neglect, anger management, trauma, or positive self-care coaching, to name a few. 

You can access BetterHelp via both their website or their app. However, the app allows you to easily take your therapy on the go to places where Wi-Fi may not be available. It also allows you to chat online with your therapist if you feel more comfortable doing that than a face-to-face session or when a face-to-face session is otherwise not possible. 

Sayana – Daily Self-Care Guide

Sayana is an easy-to-use app that focuses on self-care every day. It does this by asking you to launch a self-discovery journey where you log your feelings daily, track your activities, discover personal insights about what fulfills you, receive daily self-care tips, and participate in a community of members that are going through similar experiences. 

Headspace – Daily Meditation App

A popular way to destress is through the practice of meditation and mindfulness. Headspace is an app that offers exercises in both. You can choose amongst a large variety of o meditation practices that focus on general well-being, anxiety, stress, sleep, happiness, and a whole host of other categories. Headspace also offers motivational words to keep you inspired daily and coming back to practice positive daily habits. 

You can purchase Headspace for a monthly subscription price, or you can buy at a discounted rate if you’re willing to pay a year’s worth of meditation in advance. Headspace is an app you can take with you almost anywhere since it’s available for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and iMessage apps. 

Dare – Anxiety and Panic Relief

Based on the best-selling book ‘DARE,’ are has received critical acclaim for its services in the realm of anxiety relief. It provides an evidence-based program that brings the user exercises specific to working through anxiety that comes up daily. 

The Dare app, in particular, helps users learn how to overcome panic attacks faster when they come up, which is most likely a welcome tool for anyone who’s suffered panic attacks in the past. It also provides downloadable audio files to help practice positive daily habits and work through panic attacks. You can purchase Dare at a monthly subscription or annually if you choose. 

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