The Life changing Magic of Tidying Up Top 5 Home Planner Android Apps

According to the guru of the organization Marie Kondo, here are some tips for having all the rooms of our house organized: after aerating the bedroom for ten minutes making the bed, making a list of the things that we are going to do in the day, collecting the cook every time we use it, put everything in its place (like the keys, the wallet, the bag, etc …).

With technology, we can plan these tasks and do it more easily and we will have extra motivation. We have selected five applications to organize home tasks, make shopping lists, organize our closet or create a weekly list with all meals of the day. We have also included some applications aimed at home decoration, which will come in handy if we want to create a change of environment.

The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up – Top 5 Home Planner Android Applications

  1. OurHome

With this application, we get that all housework is well-defined and assigned to each member of the family. Each one is assigned a user, which has its schedule of tasks that have been assigned. Once finished his assignment is rewarded by a number of points. Which will make us extra motivation.

Photographs you can record the work well done. You can customize the permissions that each user has and assign the controls within the application. In addition, it allows us to create shopping lists that are sure to be very useful when planning the week or month. It’s available on Android and iOS.

  1. Your Closet

This app allows us to take pictures of our garments and all our accessories, creating a virtual closet on our device. We can classify them by the season of the year they belong to, by the places where we are going to use them and even establish a calendar of when we are going to put it on.

Uploading the clothes to the application is quite simple. We will have to place the garment or the compliment on a neutral background, and take a photograph. From the same application, we can cut and adjust some parameters of the photograph.

In a few steps, we managed to have a database of all our garments. This can help us to have our clothes well controlled. This application is only available on Android.

  1. Bring

It is an application designed to create a shopping list of all the products of our house in a simple and very dynamic way. We can establish several lists such as the main list, the list for an event or a party, the list of a specific shopping center, etc …

We can also share each list with other users and synchronize all movements or changes we have made. Visually it is very intuitive and offers us the image of the food or product on the list. Being able to take a photograph of the product so that it is easier for us to identify it. It is available for Android and for iOS.

  1. Ikea Home Planner

This application of the Swedish company is designed so that we can design from scratch the distribution of all the furniture and elements of our house. We can add rooms and customize the color of the walls and floor. We will add furniture in a very intuitive way.

First, it is better to create the design in two dimensions, because it is easier to locate ourselves in the plane. Then, we can go to the 3D view and get more realism. This is how we will understand what our furnished house would look like. Evidently, it only works with Ikea furniture. It is available for Android and for iOS.

  1. PlanidFood

Finally, we wanted to add an application that helps us to plan and develop our food dishes of the week. The first thing that appears when you start this app is a small questionnaire where it asks us some aspects and personal tastes.

We can plan the menus for several days. Each dish shows the list of ingredients, the steps to follow in its preparation and we can share it with our contacts. It offers a variety of styles that are explained in a simple way. It’s available on Android and iOS.

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