6 Tips to Fix Your Real Estate Listings With Styldod

A good listing is key to selling emotions to a potential home buyer. Imagery that’s well presented becomes an ideal aspect when selling homes. Styldod‘s photo-realistic virtual staging and other real estate video/photo editing services can help you enhance, edit, and remove clutter from listing photos, along with virtually staging them in an easy, quick, and affordable manner!

But why do real estate agents need an eye-catching listing image?

Selling a property in a buyer’s market can be challenging since the demand is lower than the supply. So, to make your listings strong for selling them quicker, you need to invest in other ways in addition to a robust real estate marketing plan.

Here are some ways in which Styldod can help you optimize your real estate listings and help you sell properties at top dollar:

Styldod Help You Optimize Your Real Estate Listings

How Can Styldod Help You Optimize Your Real Estate Listings

  1. Virtual Staging
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Over the years, home staging has proven to drive exceptional results for home sellers and agents. Statistics state that a staged home is three to 30 times more likely to be sold than a home that’s not staged. Plus, you don’t even have to invest a lot in staging a home. Virtual staging can help make the staging process affordable and convenient. 

  1. Real Estate Videos

Videos are worth splurging your money on, especially when they can increase your queries on the listing by 403%. Using a cost-effective real estate video editing tool can help you achieve the attention you need on your listings and give your clients a realistic feel of the property. 

  1. Real Estate Photography

When your potential client skims through the internet, an attractive visual will turn their heads. This is why it’s crucial to use well-edited professional real estate photos. Upgrading your photography requires you to:

  • Enhance the property images
  • Remove objects
  • Turn daylight images into stunning dusk images
  1. Virtual Tours
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In 2021, almost 41% of home buyers began their journey to search for property online, and amongst them, 97% used the internet for convenience. These statistics highlight the importance of virtual tours on your property listing sites.

A virtual tour can bring your listings to life, saving you money and time and impressing your clients by building an immediate emotional connection to the properties, helping buyers visualize the home better.

  1. Single Property Website

A single property website is exclusively devoted to one home or property, providing comprehensive information, including high-resolution photos of the specifications, dwelling, address, and map. It is the ideal one-stop shop for a property on the real estate market and provides potential buyers with all the information they need to know.

  1. Real Estate Flyers
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Real estate flyers are an effective tool for marketing properties for sale or rental. With the help of these essential real estate marketing tools, you can customize pricing, address, and other noteworthy qualities of the property along with photos. Our flyers are easily customizable and printable, making them a perfect fit for any stage of the listing process – from the initial marketing to the final sale.


Whether it is a new market you are trying to crack or hoping to sustain in the game long-term, challenges will be spread across your path to success. If you keep a close eye on your real estate listings and invest some time improvising them along with strengthening your marketing strategies, you can witness rapid growth in your revenue and website traffic.

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